Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Some weeks are busier than others - this was one such week.

Howdy y'all!

Tuesday we got a ride with an inactive member to Hot Springs for district meeting.  On the way home, we ate at a place called the Purple Cow.  It's a pretty awesome place!  I got an Oreo milkshake with purple vanilla!  It was great! On the way home we talked with Chad, the member, and seems like he doesn't really affiliate with the church anymore and claims "non-member" so that sucks.  We've been trying to get him back so to hear that kinda blows.  But after that we came home and studied and called a couple people before going to dinner with the Luttrell's.  So this is where the day goes good.  Her son, Jimmy, had his records removed a while ago and used to be pretty hostile towards the church.  But I gave a thought on Alma 50:1-6 on building up our spiritual fortresses continually and he gave a little testimony on missionary work.  He said "what church sends 18-20 yr olds out to teach about Jesus?" And so I took this as an opportunity to testify.  I told him only the true and living church. So I went asking if he had any intentions of joining again and he said he's prayed about it before.  He got an answer that said "mirror me" and was confused on what that meant.  We asked if it could mean "follow me" and he didn't know but asked us to help him find the answer.  So I gave him Mosiah 18 to read and ponder.  Y'all should give that a read! It's awesome!  I really think it will help him find his answer.

Brother Jordan or a Wookie?
Wednesday we went to the senior center again and packed lunches.  They gave us cookies in appreciation!  That was great!  Afterwards, we headed to sister Hill's and we read D&C with her.  It was D&C 10 about what happened to the 116 page manuscript and all of us learned some neat things! We visited a less active family who basically let us know a reason they're less active is cause if the way missionaries are treated.  They think we deserve better living conditions and more miles and they gave a pretty good rant haha.  It does suck how we live sometimes, not many miles and not a lot of money, but it helps us learn and grow and plan for sure!  After seeing them, we planned out the lesson we had with the Wilson's!  We went for dinner and Taylor and I had a taco eating contest.  We both finished at 14 but I also ate the left over meat and stuff on my plate which probably would have added up to 16 so I'm gonna say I won!  Haha.  After dinner, we had a lesson on the plan of salvation and holy cow was the spirit there in rich supply!  I think it was one of my best lessons I've had!  They said it all made sense and talked about comin to church!  Testimony and doctrine truly make a lesson as great as this one was.  So much trials and dead ends for the past 5 weeks and we finally have found success!  God has prepared them and there's something very special about the Wilson's.  I haven't felt this way since Steven Hester and Paula Braxton.

Kai making biscuits and gravy.
Thursday we went to elder millers physical therapy and saw Jessie. We had a service opportunity after that and helped a member clean some stuff out of her house.  We went and got lunch afterwards at this super mediocre hibachi grill food truck that everyone said was super good.  Well as we got done ordering, a truck driver towards us and it was a member who needed us to give his mom a blessing.  So we got lunch and drove out to give his mom a blessing.  Elder Miller gave it and they were super grateful.  We studied and then went to a dinner with a youth in the ward and his friend, Noah.  He has been talking to missionaries before but the youth in the ward power drove a bunch of deep doctrine down his throat so he stopped investigating.  But we got him now!  He's super awesome!  We were ordering and the dude ordered a calzone AND a stuffed pizza haha.  The waitress asked "the calzone or the pizza?" To which he replied, "both!"  Her face was priceless haha.  We talked and got to know him and cleared things up!  Good night! Sister hawthorn ended up cutting our hair as well that night.

Sister Gibbs.
Friday we had a quick weekly Planning cause we exchanged.  I was with Elder Asay.  Good guy.  We went by and trying to contact a bunch of former investigators.  No one answered so that sucked.  We went to dinner at the Hawthorns and she taught me how to make biscuits and gravy haha.  It was awesome! After that we tried a lady in our apartment complex who wasn't home.

Saturday we got the privilege to go to Sister Gibbs service for Brother Gibbs.  She wanted me to be there as she spread the ashes.  That was amazing.  It took a while to get there cause the people we followed didn't know where they were going and we back tracked like 3 times.  We finally made it and Sister Gibbs gave me the biggest hug.  And of course, Brother Jordan came basically dressed as a Wookiee.  I'll send pictures.  We exchanged back and got lunch at McDonalds.  We then tried to see some potential investigators and more formers and they weren't home and so we went with our elders quorum president to see the member we gave a blessing to a couple nights before.  She talked about elderly people stuff with the EQ president, Brother Rubly.  He then took us out to dinner...at McDonalds haha. This is where I had a mess up moment, but before I get to that, we ran into a person from Lonoke who was talking to missionaries...but that was well over a year ago cause that was when Sister Fisher and Jensen were there haha.  We referred them over to Elder Huntington after that.  Well here's where I goofed.  Brother Rubly is a convert, and so he carries different things from his past religion, for example he reached out to hold our hands for the prayer.  Well, it just so happened that as he did that and grabbed my hand I started laughing!  But honest mistake!  As he reached over for my hand, a group of teenage girls behind him were taking pictures of me and my comp!  So I laughed at that!  Well Brother Rubly had a disapproved look on his face after my chuckle....I felt absolutely horrible!  He didn't say anything and we prayed (I prayed, rather) and we went on with a good conversation.  I swear only in my life do things like this happen!  We tried to see a new move in after dinner but she ended up not even living there.

Another Kai Bear sighting
Sunday we had a 30 minute meeting and then a broadcast from Salt Lake to the south eastern region of the US.  It was great!  One of the speakers started off by saying "I started off yesterday mornin by eatin grits and y'all are fixing to hear my testimony" so that was a real shindig!  Elder Bednar spoke as well on repentance and it was like being swept off the earth and thrown into a hoedown of hellfire and brimstone!  He brought so much light and it was crazy!  I hope y'all are makin y'alls repentance DAILY and with REAL INTENT.  But the biggest part I loved was when he said " many people who aren't in the church can give up smoking or other bad habits and turn around for good reasons not look back, but true repentance cannot be done on our own.  We much remember our REDEEMER and realize it's the Atonement that makes our repentance valid!"  So that was a smack!  We can't repent on our own.  We HAVE to include our redeemer.  There is no other way for complete repentance.  Literally no other way.  But that whole broadcast was spectacular!  After church we headed to the Robbins and had chili and stew with bread bowls!  They made some gooood chili!  We had cake afterwards and shared a spiritual thought.  It was great!  We came home and studied and caught up on the area Book.  After studies, we headed to the Wilsons!  It started off great but we didn't really teach anything until Taylor asked about coffee (I brought up my hot chocolate business haha) and so we taught about the word of wisdom.  Then everyone came back to the table and asked a few questions about Alyssa (the member who was with us who is preparing for a mission) and her mission call (that still hasn't come) and then more questions they had after a bible study the night before about knowing our family after this life.  We explained sealings and the priesthood and explained more of the restoration and modern day revelation.  We had planned on stating our purpose and explaining more of baptism, and we at least explained our purpose, that we teach with the end in mind, baptism.  They didn't say anything against it but we didn't invite them at that moment.  We should have, but we didn't.  We're planning on that on Wednesday!  Pray for us and the Wilsons!  We have an amazing feeling about them!

What up, dog?
I love y'all so much and can't wait to hear back!  It's been an excellent week!  Oh and transfers came, were both staying in Glenwood

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

Monday, January 8, 2018

Food, glorious food...and then some more food. This was the week of food.

Stud man walkin'.
Howdy y'all!

Monday we went bowling and played pool.

Tuesday, Elder Miller wasn't feeling well so I cleaned the apartment while he got his rest.

Wednesday we dropped by some formers who weren't interested and then went to do service at the senior center.  We saw Sister Hill for a sec but family made it so we couldn't meet.  We caught up on the area book and saw a couple less actives who were less than responsive. We then had dinner at Sister Hawthorns.

Thursday we had physical therapy and Jessie and Elder Miller taught him a good amount!  He even offered me a donut!  We went out and visited some more less actives and knocked a few...a lot...of doors.  No one was responsive.  Then We went with Sister hawthorn to visit some folks and had some good visits!  We followed her in our car cause she's a woman so that sucked cause we have like no miles.  Then we ate at the Wilson's, investigators, and it was freaking awesome!  We had pulled pork sandwiches and it was fantastic!  We discussed missionary work and the Book of Mormon so that was great!

District time!
Friday we weekly planned and made French toast.  It was grand!  We went out with Sister Hawthorn again. We had dinner at the Bersher's and had some awesome tacos!  We shared the video "staying spiritual fit" and I recommend it!  It's my favorite Mormon message!  Watch it!  You're won't be let down.  We had the kids do a push up contest and it was funny cause not one of the 3 kids did an actual push up hahaha.  It was a great night!

I feel like he is back in New Mexico...
Saturday we went to Murfreesboro for some appointments that fell through so we went around a bit and no one else was home.  We came back and ate at a Mexican restaurant and got dippin dots!  Haven't had those in a while!  We made cookies for members the rest of the night.

Sunday we fasted and had a break the fast that we didn't know about so we ate a ton there and then ate at the Robbins with brother Robbins family.  We had deer chili!  Then we saw a less active and brought her some fire wood and visited a bit.  We went home and then back to our investigators the Wilson's again.  We ate deer burgers and I had 6 of those with hash browns and macaroni with biscuits!  All of it was smothered in gravy so I was a happy boy.  I out ate everyone after having 2 big lunches haha.  I've been eating so much lately.  We talked mainly about missionary work and why we do it so that was awesome.  They love us and were telling us that we need to come visit them when we are home haha.  It was awesome to talk.  It rained a ton so that was tough driving.  I also left my iPad in the Robbins truck so we had to drive all the way back out to their house and get it.  Great day!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild
I do not accept him as my son...

Make it stop!
Someone, PLEASE!!!!

But what if you had the speed of a puma?

The French know how to make toast!

Burning clothing items...a time honored missionary tradition.

And the tie and shirt have been adequately sacrificed.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Welcome 2018, the year of the return...but first, 8 more months of awesomeness!

Good boy!
Howdy y'all!

Happy New Year!  Welcome, welcome Monday morning!

2 Corinthians 5:17
17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Whatever has happened in 2017, let it stay there.  Don't carry it with you. Let the old things pass away and let the new things come with a smile!  Don't be as Lot's wife, "look not behind thee" because this year and this day is the beginning of the rest of y'all life!  Make it count and let it be the best year yet!

This was a lot of trust...
And welcome 2018!  You know what that means?  I go home is Year...never thought I'd be able to say at!  But anyways, How's it do family?  This week was a bit of a slower one but with tons of miracles!

Tuesday we drove to Hot Springs for district meeting.  It was great!  We tried to shop but everything was jam packed cause no one shopped for food last week haha.  We drove back after eating Panda Express.  We tried to see a few former investigators out in the sticks and had no luck out there.  At night driving through some of those places kinda feels like Resident Evil or something, it gets sketchy!

Wednesday we had an appointment for Elder Millers arm for physical therapy.  We did service at the senior center and then We saw Sister Hill and had a great lesson.  The Robbins then invited us to come roast s'mores with the youth.  It was great!  I mean, I got sick from the hot dogs I roasted and the young women (only youth) ate all of the s'mores...leave it to them.  But it was fun!

Cold? We don't stay out of no stinking cold.
Thursday we split wood with the Hawthorns!  That was freaking cold haha.  We then went to our Branch Presidents to help put up a new tarp in his workshop.  We ate and went back home.

Friday we had another appointment for Elder Millers arm.  Well miracle number 1!  His physical therapist is a total stud who's friends with the Robbins and was asking questions!  He wants to learn more and it's freaking awesome!  We're going back for physical therapy tomorrow and we're gonna teach him then as well!  We came home weekly planned and saw a member who had surgery.  Well this sweet old lady has a boxer/pit bull mix and it came running to the car door barking.  Well I stayed in the car for probably 3 minutes with Elder Miller trying to coax me out of the car.  I finally got out and that dog is the sweetest thing.  I mean, terrifying cause he's BEEFY but a total sweet heart.  Sister Cox's granddaughter came out and was all "want to feed him?"  So she brought out treats and we played with the dog haha.  After that we helped bring some wood to a less active and then had dinner at the Robbins and then a Zone skype call.

Ring partners.
Saturday we made it out to Murfreesboro and we were able to get in contact with an old investigator and get a couple new ones!  We had a great lesson with a guy named Jerry.  We went to see his wife, but she was doing stuff.  We looked at her teaching record and saw her husband was totally anti-Mormon...so we think she was keeping out to test the waters cause as soon as he let us teach him and give him a Book of Mormon she came over and started talking to us.  They got new jobs so they don't know heir schedule yet but we're gonna keep daily contact with them!  So that was miracle number 2!  The next lady we tried came to the door and looked through the window and walked away.  So of course I knocked 2 more times out of spite.

Sunday church got canceled cause of ice storms...that never came haha.  But it's been freaking cold!  The Robbins invited us over for a Sunday hike and dinner and that was GORGEOUS!  I'm telling ya, the Ozarks are something to be seen!  I love it!  I'll send pics of it.  But it's been like 30 degrees and 80% humidity lately so I've been so cold.  Dinner was fantastic!  We played a trivia game and talked about our New Years plans.  It was awesome!  Great way to end the year!  And I gotta give my boys in Arizona a shout out for the Win over Seattle!  Atta Cardinals!

Just an American eatin'.
Been a good week and we're excited for this week!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

That's one way to get scripture study done.

And in this corner...

I see your schwartz is way bigger than mine.

Holding his own...
And game over!

How cool is cool?  Ice cold.

Good evening Arkansas!


Peace and love in this New Year.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL...Smoked beaver is delish and Carlos lives.

From all of us, to all of you.

I hope y'alls day is full of love, peace and joy in our Saviors birth!

Isaiah 9:6
6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

John 3:16-17
16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

'Tis the season.
As we celebrate Christmas this year, I beg that we all remember the true meaning of Christmas.  This is all about our savior, the birth of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer who has made intercession with us and the father so that we may return home.  I love him with all my heart and could not be more grateful.

Now as far as stories from this week, there's some good ones!  We had interviews with President and then I got to go see the Rogers!!!  That was awesome!  She remembers me most by my patriotism!  I'm 100% fine with that!  Hahaha.

Carlos and Kai.
Wednesday we had our Christmas Zone Conference and holy cow!  Chris came!  It was awesome to be with Edwards again!  He taught me so much and is one of the biggest influences I had on my mission!  Once I saw him get out of his car I made a bolt for him haha.  I think I almost took him to the ground with how hard I hugged him haha.  It was a good party though.  We only got to wear our Christmas coats for 10 minutes because as soon as president got there he told us to take them off.  But we got some solid compliments!  Haha.  Sayin bye to Chris was so hard!  But he's home now so I'm happy for him.

Thursday we spent all day in Little Rock for a doctors appointment for Elder Miller.  That was fun and a ton of driving haha.  I got some good sleep that night.

Friday everything fell through.  A member drove us 30 miles to Murfreesboro and no one was home so I felt so bad.  Plus it was a torrential downpour sent from Gods fury and anger outside.  So we got a bit wet.  We had dinner at Sister Hawthorne's house that night.  Funny story.  While we were having her text our parents on when to Skype today, she tried to face time my mom and pointed the camera at me hahaha so we had to end the call quick and explain to her why that's a no no.  We also had beaver!  Smoked beaver is legit one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth.  It's like a better pork, but with a beefier taste!  Hard to explain, I'll have to make it some time.

Chris and Kai...er...Elder Adair.
Saturday was a good day.  Only one thing really happened, but that one thing was crazy awesome.  We felt like we should help out this less active family who doesn't have a whole lot and has 6 kids.  So we grabbed all the stocking and gift bags we could find and filled them with old clothes, toys and souvenirs we had and found in the apartment.  We filled the stocking with candy and stuffers and even gave them our mini foosball table haha.  We drove out to give it to them and the looks on their faces were AWESOME!  She was baffled and we gave it anonymously.  I could go on and on about how fantastic it was!  The kids were going crazy and having a hay day trying to guess what everything was haha.  We left with a spiritual thought in Christ and Christmas and I felt so humbled.  Nothin comes close to Gods love for us, but I felt something that day for that family.  Also, shout out to Bishop Garner!  The socks and tie he sent me are off the hook!  I also bought Carlos for a white elephant gift (he's a piƱata) and now I don't want to give him away...

May the Carlos be with you.
Sunday we had sacrament and then went and helped a member named Sister Paff get some fire wood.  We went with the Robbins, the family that invited us over for Christmas.  We made cookies again (and they turned out fantabulous) and then drove to Hot Springs...well a little over a quarter of the way there, in the middle of our conversation about Guardians of the Galaxy, Elder Miller stopped talking, looked in the back seat and asked where the cookies were....so we drove back, keep in mind we're on less than a quarter tank of gas at this point, and got them and made it to Hot Springs.  We went to a lot of people and Sister Gibbs was so happy to see me again haha.  She gave me a big ole hug and told me to come to the spreading of Bobs ashes (her husband).  So we're gonna be doing exchanges that day.  At the end of the night, we drove home.  Well the gas in minimal.  I looked at the range when we were about 25 miles out and it said 20 miles to E.  So I said a prayer in my heart to help us make it to Glenwood cause I wasn't about to break the Sabbath.  Well God answers prayers cause when we got home, we had 5 miles left.  God is real and God is good.  God has always been good to me.

Thanks to everyone who sent me something for Christmas!!  It means the world to me!  Crazy to think that this was my last Christmas in Arkansas.  Hard to believe I'll be home for Christmas next year!  But I love all y'all so much and I'm not gonna lie, I'm so ready to talk to my family again haha.  Peace out y'all!  Have a wonderful Christmas!!  Don't take Family for granted cause you'll miss it when you don't got it!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild
I am not even sure why...
Watch of ages...
The boys in the band.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Hmmm, something happened...shhhh, it's a secret , but cookies were made.

'Tis the season...
Howdy y'all.

This week we had some pretty crazy things happen that we can't really talk about, but we're okay.  No need to fret haha.  But I spent most of the week in Hot Springs!

A fun experience happened as well.  We went to an investigators house and we walked up to a guy screaming and yelling and swearing at this other dude cause his cats were being taken by animal control.  Well the other guy is yelling back "I don't even live here man I'm just working!" And this sets the angry guy off and he starts to go after him and his son pushes him back haha.  So what do we do as missionaries?  We talk to him!  He apologized and invited us in and we had a great lesson on the restoration!  I got to see brother Jordan and Sister Gibbs and she wrapped me in a big ole bear hug!  We talked and we set up service for the next day.  Which was hard service haha.  The Hugentoblers fed us and we talked about Nathan their son who's on a mission.  We were really good friends while I was here.  We did service all day the next day and it was tough stuff.  Moving fence panels and helping another member move.  Lots of heavy lifting.

Ladies, he bakes.
I also made cookies from scratch for the first time in my life!  That was exciting and nothing lit on fire!  We gave them to members who have really helped us out and they loved it! We also drove all the way out to a place called Mount Ida and past it.  We drove like 100 miles so that sucked.
Other than all of that, I got a pair of American flag boxing gloves on impulse.  That was my last purchase of the year for me so I'm happy with my decision.  But yeah, our appointments fell through like all week and we didn't get too much member help so it's been a Gethsemane week but we're pushing through.  Love y'all! 

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild
Elder Adair with Paula and Kelly Braxton.

Elder Adair and kids - on the same level.

He's coming for you Drago...

More of the goodness that are cookies...

The proof is in the batter.
Look at that apron.

Hmmm, boxing vs lightsaber...seems legit.