Monday, April 23, 2018

I'm intrigued...laughing so hard you puke and security system salesman that is not a returned missionary...interesting.

He's pretty proud of his corduroy jacket.

Howdy y'all!

Tuesday we walked to a referral who wasn't home.  We decided to try a dude in the neighborhood by him and met a security system salesman from Utah.  That was funny.  Definitely not Mormon, but nice guy.  We walked home and talked to a good amount of people and had dinner at the Bushka's.

Yeah...the jacket again.
Wednesday we tried to see Markus.  He said he was on his way out and asked if we could come by on Friday.  So we left to see Jabari but he wasn't home, so we walked to the church and got lunch and then Brother Logue picked us up and we went to visit Brother Bailey who was in the hospital.  He was in surgery when we got there, so the entertainment while we waited was Brother Logue rippin into Elder Robinson about his maroon pants.  We still have no regrets on buying them.  We left the hospital cause we had a dinner and we went to the Smiths.  They're awesome.  We played with his 2 yr old son and built things with these magnet building stuff and his 1 yr old daughter would destroy it within seconds.  It was adorable.  We had Book of Mormon class after that.

Because you always wanted to eat crayons!
Thursday we had district meeting and exchanged.  I went with Elder Paopao in Benton.  It was awesome.  We went park finding and talked to a guy who thinks preachers should preach about saving the environment and all is tree hugger stuff, it was great.  But after that jazz, he told us there should be one church cause were was one Christ and Elder Paopao and I got excited!  We explained the restoration a bit and asked if we could come to his home and get his number.  Well he shot that down and gave us the usual excuse of "I never know when I'll be home."  Well, that's why we asked for his number...but it's whatever.  So we kept walking and we left to go to do service for a part member family.  Well, as soon as we leave, of course that's when people decide to go to the park...but we did the service and cut down trees and vines and pulled out a few trees cause were men.  In the midst of us trimming, pulling and cutting, we found a nest of 2 baby birds.  We cut around them and try to keep that little tree up. turns out (the non member husband looked up if we could move the nest), if you mess with the surroundings at all around the nest, the mom will abandon it...and we messed with the surroundings.  So, to repent, we took the pulled up trees and sticks and stood them up around the tree to look like a forest type of deal again.  So hopefully those baby birds didn't die!  We went to correlation afterwards and then got pizza.  It's kinda tradition for Elder Paopao and I to get pizza.

Who's the good doggo?
Friday we exchanged back and weekly planned and tried to see Markus again.  He wasn't home...again.  We went around finding to no avail and then Paul took us out and we ate and washed his car.

Saturday we went out with Paul and his grandma fed us burgers.  Super nice family.  We saw Tom.  He wasn't able to meet cause of work, but he asked for our facebooks so we can talk to him whenever!  It's crazy how cool this technology works.  Before we got Facebook, we maybe got asked for it like 6 times, but now that we have Facebook, I feel like we get asked every day for it!  We saw Brenda after that and had a great plan of salvation lesson.  We met her husband, Bernard, and he is super nice.  Turns out, they're moving to Missouri in a month or that sucks.  But it's okay because they asked us to find the missionaries in that area haha.  We saw David and boy do I love that man.  He has a dog named max, who's a huge German Sheppard, and he is the biggest baby.  If I am trunky for anything, it's Titus and a dog haha.  We got to know him more and why he is investigating.  He let us hold his guns and he let us hold a .50, and I won't lie, I think I peed myself a little.  His .300 blackout was freaking awesome too.  He also has a Remington 700 that made me pee a little more.  So yeah, I had a great time.  Paul took us out to eat at Larry's pizza and then on the way home, Elder Robinson made him laugh so hard he threw that was funny.

Yous the good doggo!
Sunday we had a good church service.  David came!  We went to the Adney's where they made breakfast!  It was awesome.  We then got taken to the Bishops where we had a meeting with a couple recent converts and David!  We watched a conference talk called He will put you on his shoulders and carry you by Elder Uchtdorf in April 2016.  I recommend y'all give it a listen!

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Monday, April 16, 2018

And it came to pass that he moved to Little Rock and begat a cowboy...okay so no actual begatting occurred.

A shout out to Elder Miller!

Howdy y'all!

Well this one ain't going to be too long.  This week we mainly got to know the area and saw some people.  My new comp, Elder Robinson, is a stud.  I would recommend him to any female.  He's a cowboy from Idaho.  He did rodeo and all that jazz in high school so I already love the kid.

Monday we had a lesson with Sharon and it was awesome!  We taught the restoration and it was so spirit filled!  I was so upset that I was leavin cause she is getting baptized!  (Cross your fingers)

Tuesday we transferred.  We drove around Little Rock waiting for the Spanish elders to get there.  We drove to the apartment and ate dinner and I unpacked a bit before going to dinner with a member named Brother Thaxton.  He's awesome!  He used to live in Scottsdale so I like him even more.  We played basketball with him and another member to end the night.

Wednesday was whack.  We did all of our shopping and I got a haircut.  That's about all we did until we ate with a member named Paul and then went to Book of Mormon class.  We taught it and it's super different than all of the other ones I have done.  Hard to explain, but it was still great!  Paul then took me on a tour of the area.

Thursday was full of service!  We went and helped Brother Tobler (in the bishopric) help move a friend.  It was great!  I love the guy and we had a lot of fun.  We came back and the bishops wife asked us to accompany her in bringing food to a high school softball team.  So we did that and THEN we went and helped another member get a hutch that he bought.  We moved it and I guess we impressed the lady or something cause then she told us they are moving and asked if we could help them move!  It was great!  So we will do that sometime
within the next few weeks.  We unloaded the hutch (and a table with its chairs) at the members house and ate there.

Friday we called a ton of people to set up times to meet with them.  We went out walking and tried to contact some people and then walked to the church after no one answered.  We got pizza and walked back to see a guy named Marcus.  He has a background of Baptist but has gotten into believing in science, so he has some good questions haha.  We just went for the throat and told him to pray and ask God if he is there and he will answer.  We explained the first vision as well.  He is so cool though!  Brother Haws, who took us, played in the NFL and is really cool.  He is also freaking huge.

Saturday came and we went out with Paul.  But before that we had to wait for the office elders to bring me a desk cause I was using a ghetto church table that was tiny.  We went to help pick up at a swap meet at the church and got a dope tan corduroy coat.  We went out with Paul and saw 16 people!  2 really stuck out, and that was Tom and Brenda.  Tom has such an open mind and took a Book of Mormon and was all "I take no ones word, I study for myself" and when he said that I about fell off his porch!  So we're seein him tomorrow!  Brenda was a bible referral looking for Gods love.  Well, we shared the restoration and she was in tears!  It was so amazing!  We had dinner and all that and it was a good day.

Sunday I gave a talk in church on how the Book of Mormon is the key to conversion.  I thought it went pretty well!  We then drove to Conway to sing at the musical devotional.  It was good!  I had fun!  I got to talk to Elder Dawson and Miller and Barney and Barron.  It was grand!  I love those guys!  After it was over, I gave Elder Barron a blessing and it was awesome to feel the spirit work with me.  We drove home and basically just went to bed.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

And he's off to Little Rock! Been a long time in Glenwood, now for a fresh start in the LR.

Howdy y'all!

Hard goodbyes.
Monday we I got egged cause I lost a challenge of inviting people to church.  I invited 10 when I said I would invite 14.  But in my defense, I still invited more than I think everyone in the district!  I now know that eggs also don't break as easy as I thought.  Them suckers welted me up.  We went mini golfing afterwards and it was great!  I also forgot to mention, the Nasilai's last week fed us on Monday and it turns out, one of their sons served in the Century Gardens ward in Mesa!!  How awesome is that?!  We talked about the McGhans, the McKinnons and all them!  It was awesome!

He loved this area.

Tuesday we had district meeting and Elder Asay came with me to Glenwood for exchanges.  We just did service for Jimmie and holy cow.  I ain't never seen so many ticks.  We stepped on this one dirt pile, and I ain't lyin, ticks came out like ants.  There was at least 15 ants on EACH of our boots.  We ran up the hill (we were picking up trash for a hoarder) and brushed em off and then literally bathed until we were wet in bug spray.  Thank my Father that worked.  Ticks ain't nothin to mess with so that was scary.  We had dinner at the Luttrell's to finish the night.

Wednesday we exchanged back and did service at the CADC and saw Sister Hill.  Good visit!  We then went and did farm work at the Harris's.  We picked weeds and tilled the ground of their garden and then went around picking up a ton of big ole sticks.  It took a good 2 or 3 hours!  I have never had so much fun doing service for someone!  I also thought pretty highly of my self after I found a good sized log and broke it 3 times by throwing it down and stomping on it.  No ax needed, like a man.  I'll send pics.  The Harris's fed us some of the best burgers I have had afterward.  We went home and sat back cause we were sore haha.  But so worth it.
Model...looking to the future.
Thursday we went with Sister Hawthorn and saw Denise.  She was busy and couldn't meet so Sister Hawthorn took us back and we changed and did service for her.  We drove and got some chicks and then came back and butchered, gutted and fixed up her roosters.  That was AWESOME!  I mean, they stink pretty sore, but it was one of the coolest things!  I also now know what it means when people say "run around like a chicken with its head cut off" cause we got one and holy moly.  That thing must have jumped and flang itself 10 yards.  It was awesome!  She fed us some good biscuits and gravy with eggs and bacon when we were done.  I'm tellin ya, this week is full of mission high lights.

Wow...just, wow.
Friday we weekly planned and went out with Sister Crow.  We saw Sister Jacobs again and talked about the resurrection and the Celestial Kingdom.  She asked Elder Miller if she could keep him again and I chuckled...a lot.  We saw Sister O'Neal and I got a picture with her in case I get transferred.  We talked and set up some service for when she moves.  Also, Mom, when we go to Denver in November, we are visiting her. She lives just outside of Denver.  Make a note.  Sister Crow took us to a new Chinese Restaurant in Mt. Ida and it was pretty good!  I've never ordered ribs for an appetizer before until then.  They put some Chinese twist to it though and it was...different.  But not horrible!  We drove back to Glenwood and got in contact again with the Hearns.  They actually set up a return appointment and we talked with Russ for a good 5 minutes!  He has the most radical pony tail/mullet and I want it.  We ended the night after that and took some rest.

Now that's country.
Saturday was good!  And by good I mean it was a "Sweet is the work!" Day.  We went out in the 35 degree weather with high humidity due to the prior storm (its thunderstorm season) and so it was tough.  We saw Sister Lenz for a little while before she kicked us out so we could see others before it got too much colder.  No one was home, sadly.  We tried a good amount of people, but to no avail.  We came back and ate some and studied before heading to the Robbins for dinner and a Skype call with the district and the zone leaders.  It was a great call!  Elder King is by far one of my favorite missionaries!  It was a call on being an Ammon, not a Samson.  I did a deep study on Samson and turns out, he is one of the most tragic stories in history.  He loved the world more than his calling as a Nazarite (not Nazarene, nazarite is means full consecration to the Lord, he being the only one ever called a nazarite for life) and gave into his own desires and only defeating the Philistines when he either wanted revenge, or for personal reasons.  He had God given strength and a calling to free Israel, but failed due to selfishness.  Ammon on the other hand, was as consecrated as they come!  If y'all read Alma 17-20, you'll understand why he is one of the best missionaries of all time! I also got transfer news.

All tuckered out.
Sunday was a good day at church!  I said good bye and packed everything up.  Some of those goodbyes were hard!  I never thought I would miss Glenwood so much!  It started out so rocky and hard and ever since has been an uphill sprint, but I cant express how thankful I am to have served here!  We had a break the fast lunch and then went home and packed.  We went to the Robbins for milkshakes and goodbyes and then the Hawthorns.  Sister Robbins got the milk bucket kicked over for tickling the cows utter hahaha!  I don't think I've seen anyone so scared.  Howard thought it was the funniest thing too.  We took pictures and had a stellar time.

Like I said, I'm leaving!  My new area is Little Rock with Elder Robinson!  He's a great guy and I like him a lot!  It's also time for me to lose my beer gut as we're now in an all bike area!  I can't wait!  I might go home from here, so I'm excited to work it like there's no tomorrow!  I love y'all!  Thank y'all so much for the prayers and love y'all send my way!

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He strong!

Tilling the ground for the next round.
Walking away in service.


Yeah, yeah,'s way late (April 2 email), but we were on vacay!

Howdy y'all!

It was a pretty good week this week!

They call him Gator.
Monday we went to an alligator farm and played with gators and fed baby goats.  And no mom, I did not steal one...yet.

Tuesday we had district meeting and I went on an exchange with Elder Barney.  We saw Jerry and had a pretty scattered lesson, but we got down to the point and explained church and sacrament and invited him to read the Book of Mormon every day and pray about it and Jospeh smith every day.  He agreed as we left.  We had dinner at the Luttrell's and had a stellar meal and spiritual thought on Gods love for us and Conference.  Jimmie said he would pray about reading the Book of Mormon so that was cool.

Wednesday we did service at the CADC after exchanging back.  Sister Crow took us to Sister Jacobs.  Funny moment: Sister Jacobs asked Elder Miller if she could have him.  She is very fond of him.  Very.  We then had dinner at Sister O'Neal's.  She had a tough week again but she said we uplifted her.  She again told me to burn my journals cause I write the stories she tells us.  Not happening! 

Kai is looking huge...impressive, son.
Thursday was great!  We finally saw Denise again after about a month or so.  She was in the moving process for a while (she's moved in) and was super busy.  We gave her another Book of Mormon cause she lost hers packing.  We invited her to Conference and she was happy to watch!  Sister Hawthorn is doing great with contacting her.  We saw a less active family who let us in and they were super fun!  We had a good visit with Sister Hill.  She was having trouble keeping her kids from disrupting, but she was able to feel the spirit and understand what we read.  She asked us to teach David this week!  We then saw a lady named Sharon who is VERY hard headed.  Not gonna lie, very prideful when it comes to how much she thinks she knows the Bible.  We just told her that we ain't here to sell out religion and if she wants to know, keep reading and keep praying and watch Conference, otherwise, the answer will never come.  Humility is the key to heaven.  We hopped on over to the Harris's for a sec and set up service and then ran over to another Sharon.  She was super nice and told us we can teach her!  We set up a time tomorrow to teach her the first lesson!  She was excited when we brought up Conference and she was gonna try to watch it when all the Easter festivities were over.  We taught about the Book of Mormon and gave her one.  We had to speed over to dinner, as we were already super late, with the Barnett's.  Good visit with them!  We got home and we're able to rest from the day of speeding around.

Friends forever.
Friday we planned and then got a call to help a members non member daughter with some yard work.  We moved a bunch of old, wet, gross clothes from a shed to a burn pile, along with other random things.  Pretty great!  She wasn't interested, but she and her mom fed us a little home cookin!  We then got home and changed for dinner with our branch president.  Going there, eating and coming back takes like 3 hours cause he lives so far out, so that was the end of that.

Saturday we drove to Conway for an appointment for Elder Miller.  We watched Conference at the Routt's.  They're freaking hilarious!  If I ever serve in Conway, they're my Go to.  What an amazing opportunity I had to hear Elder Wakolo!  I was so giddy!  (He told us on Friday that he was speaking so I already knew).  When he said the missions name, I squealed like a 10 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.  And when he said "Everyday, everyday, everyday" I about let loose some bodily fluids.  And THEN, when he started off with "I rejoice with you in the gospel and doctrine of Christ" I quoted it with him and couldn't wipe the grin off my face.  Never have I been more inspired by a man who I am not in debt to (Christ) or related to!  I hope y'all know have a small glimpse of why I look up to this man so much!  I can't wait to see him and hug him again!  What a disciple!!  A true, loving disciple of Jesus Christ.  As we drove to Hot Springs for Priesthood session, I couldn't help but quote him!  What a day to remember!

If you know the story, you know the joy.
Sunday was just as fantastic!  Hearing of being a true disciple through pure love motivated me for better, harder work as I work towards the tail end of my wonderful mission.  And then Elder Uchtdorf, BEHOLD THE MAN!  How inspiring!!  I cannot explain with enough joy grateful I am for a loving savior!  It's been a rough transfer for us here in Glenwood, but how grate is my joy to be able to be on the Lord's errand!  What better thing to do with my life could there be?  I'll tell you what, absolutely nothing.  As Alma says in Alma Chapter 26 (my favorite chapter) verse 16, "I cannot say the smallest part of which I feel."  Oh how great the plan of our God!  He is my God and your God.  My Father and your Father.  In the Book "The Count of Monte Cristo," there is a man who has been wronged and framed for a crime he did not do.  He starts to plan out his revenge to a newfound friend, a wise and old man.  This man tells the young man, "do not commit the crime for which you now serve the sentence, God said, vengeance is mine."  This young man then tells him he doesn't believe in God.  My favorite quote of this whole thing is then said, "it doesn't matter, he believes in you."  Isn't that wonderful?  God believes in each and every one of us, no matter how bad we falter and no matter how bad our faults. 

God the Father and Jesus Christ, His Only Begotten, live.  For He is risen.  This I know and this I stand by.  Forever and always, He reigns supreme.

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District love.

Ride 'em Gator!

Shake time!

Monday, March 26, 2018

You just have to soldier on and serve, it's about overcoming trials.

These words really...
Howdy y'all!

Been another week.  Better in some aspects, but still a tough week.  We're surviving though.

Tuesday was a good district meeting.  We exchanged and I went with Elder Asay. I went to Hot Springs and it was full of service.  We helped move some furniture for a members parents.  They aren't LDS, but they were very kind! The members I think were actually from Missouri!  Super nice people!  My wrist got tore up from a cabinet, but I'm alive.  Next we went to rake leaves for the David's.  Oh how I love the David's!  I didn't have it on Tuesday, but Sister David makes the best cheesecake hands down.  After raking, we went and visited Sister Gibbs.  That was great.  We helped exercise her dog so they would sleep and not bother Sister Gibbs at night.  It was great to see her again!  She looks so much happier and upbeat now that she's fully active!

I do what I want.
Wednesday we exchanged back and as I got out of the car, I recognized something about Elder Barney (who was with Elder Miller) but couldn't tell until I got closer.  The dude was wearing my Donald Trump tie!  And as we were about to leave, he gave me back one of my watches!  So of course, I had to give him the good ole pat down to ensure he didn't thief anything else from me.  Little ruffian.  We did service at the CADC again.  Sister Crow took us out and we saw Sister Hill and found out we might be able to start teaching her son.  He is 8, so it's not a convert baptism, but she is a convert and he hasn't ever been to church, so hopefully this will help get her active again! We then drove to see Sister Jacobs, who is very fond of Elder Miller.  After visiting with her, we went out to Sister O'Neal's.  Boy is she a hoot.  She told me she is going to take and burn all of my journals at include her cause I write down all of the funny stories she tell us.  To be fair, she writes about us too, so I call it even.  She wants us to come over for dinner on Wednesday and have Elder Miller talk only, cause he's "too quiet."  It's a shame though because we are exchanging on Wednesday so I will be with Elder Barney....oh well, more pizza for us.  While there, she was telling us of how much she loved having us over and told us (without knowing of past weeks) that we should know that if we don't baptize anyone or see success, that we can know thaws uplift her weekly and that we have a profound impact on "sweet old ladies like [her]."  So that was a refreshing thing to hear with recent events.  After we left her, we tried to see the Hearns, but they weren't home.  We had ourselves some dinner and called it quits for the night.

Ray Stevens comes to mind...
Thursday was tough.  We painted the Luttrell's bedroom for a good few hours and had lunch at their place.  After that we had to rush home and change to get to an appointment, at which, we found the Bible referral we had was a 17 or so year old girl alone with her 2 siblings (no older than 7).  So needless to say, we gave them he Bible and we were quick to leave.  Sadly, though, we failed to ask when her dad was home to see if we could teach them all.  We'll probably go back next week to see how they like the Bible or something.  After that, we left to the flea market to look for people to teach and a new journal because I have filled my 2 and need a new one.  No one talked with us and we left empty handed with no journal or investigators.  We met a guy on our home teaching list at McDonald's and talked with him for a good hour or so outside on the chairs. We got to know the guy more and he got to know us and he has some service for us to do at his place soon.  It would have been a great visit, which is was, but there were some high school kids that were swearing up a storm and being super annoying right next to us.  Frankly, I was more annoyed at the fact they were spending their spring break at a McDonald's in Glenwood.  But we had a good visit and went home.

Dogs love Elder Adair.
Friday we weekly planned for FOREVER.  But we planned out some great things for next week and we hope to have a lot more success.  We went over what we need to do to find and teach because our teaching pool is non existent right now.  So lots of walking next week.  To rest our brains, we headed to Hot Springs for volleyball.  We invited so many people, but no one from Glenwood came.  So we played with the Nasili family and the Stevens and a few others.  It was great to see my seconds family again.  Oh how I missed them.

Saturday we went out to contact a bunch of formers and potential to no avail.  No was was home.  Literally not one on a Saturday.  We decided to do some finding in a trailer park we found.  Well, literally every single trailer, and I mean literally every one, was a Latino family who couldn't speak a lick of English.  I tried in my broken Spanglish to make something work, but nothing did.  We went walking after going to the church for a bit and talked to a few people, but no one was interested.  One of our potentials walked to the window, looked out and made eye contact, and walked away.  So yeah, if I could sum up the day in one sentence, it would be that.  Anyways, we ate dinner and called it a day.

And then there was this...
Sunday we had a good day at church.  Fran was baptized and confirmed.  We couldn't go due to time of baptism, but it happened.  We taught 3rd hour to the young men, and by that I mean the nonmember boyfriend of our branch presidents daughter.  He's a cool kid.  Has a Book of Mormon and agrees with just about everything we taught, which was the Atonement.  It was pretty great.  We're hoping to see him again and ask if he wants to be taught.  We went to the Robbins, came home, studied and took a walk cause we were kinda moping in self pity, but all is well.  It started to thunderstorm.  So we went back home and ate dinner.

So, in response to this past week and the trials that we had, I have just one scripture to share.

Philippians 3:13-14
13 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,
14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Apparently this is a gift to themselves?
Yeah the week sucked, but no sense dwelling in it.  I mean, Luke 17:32, remember Lot's wife, she looked back and became a pillar of salt.  No thanks.  All is well here.  Success in the pending future awaits me.

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I knew this because Jeff Foxworthy.

Monday, March 19, 2018

A knight in shining armor is a man who has never had his mettle truly tested.

Howdy y'all!

I'll just start off by saying this was a very trying week.  Probably the most trying of my mission.  I'm doing better, but it was a tough one.

Monday we stayed in Glenwood and went everywhere in 2 hours and I napped the rest of the day.  We had a good dinner at sister Hawthorns and had family home evening with her and the Bershers.

Baby doggo.
Tuesday we had district meeting and lunch at the Rogers.  On our way back, we dropped by a referral from Sister Lenz, her son Kirk.  He was cool!  Has strange beliefs about the illuminati and all that type of stuff, but nevertheless, he's a firm believer in Christ and God and he invited us over the next Sunday.  We came home and studied and went to see Jerry and Sonja.  We had a great lesson on the restoration and it went beautifully. Well, on our end.  He had some questions and we answered to the best of our abilities and we ended.  We had dinner at the Luttrell's to end off the night.

Wednesday was easily one of the hardest days of the mission.  Fran dropped us to be taught by the sisters in Hot Springs and was pretty rude about it and it left Elder Miller and I dumbfounded and I will not lie, I was pretty distraught.  We were bewildered by it and I was so taken back and all we could do was sit down and wrap our heads around it.  We put our heart and soul into teaching this woman and to be so rudely dropped, it kinda made me mad.  It's just hard when you give your all and get nothing in return. We went and saw a few members with medical issues with Sister Crow to try to get our minds back in place.  Well as we were driving, Sonja texted he telling us Jerry didn't believe what we said about Joseph Smith and so that sucked.  But good thing is, she still has a testimony.  We were still super upset cause we felt like it was a great lesson.  Sister Crow took us to see Sister O'Neal after that and I'm glad she did cause Sister O'Neal and her stories and spirit always cheer me up.  So after that visit I was a little more happy.  We got pizza and went home.

Hey look, more doggos!
Thursday we saw Michael with Sister Hawthorn.  He told us he is going to be in Little Rock for the next month and he didn't agree with Joseph Smith.  So we testified and showed him the First Vision video.  He still wasn't buying it so we testified again of the Book of Mormon and how that will help us know Joseph Smith was a prophet.  He was a little better, but still not sure.  So we left and lost him as an investigator for a while.  Sister Hawthorn took us to the Caddo Cafe and ate lunch.  Afterwards, we got rear ended while backing out.  So that was great.  After it was all settled, we drove to Little Rock to get our cracked windshield replaced.  We walked to Target to pass time and I had to get new shoes cause mine are tore up.  As we walked back, we talked to a guy and gave him a Book of Mormon and he was super happy to get one.  He was homeless and had a BOM before, but he lost it in prison.  We drove home and ate to end the day.

Friday we exchanged and I went with Elder Barney.  He's dope from Gilbert, Arizona.  We were In the sticks trying to locate and contact a bunch of less and inactives.  We were able to get the information for a couple and even walked on the highway for a mile or so in search for a house.  We found it, but it was covered in no trespassing signs and had a locked gate.  So we left and will send a letter later.  We had dinner at the Pabst's home in Hot Springs Village, about 40 minutes north of Hot Springs.  They drove us back and we went to a gas station with wifi to do a tablet audit and there was a guy jamming to guitar and singing.  We enjoyed it and talked with him and got his info and invited him to church.  He accepted and was super happy to talk to us.  He told us our presence just made him happier and he felt a difference.  He sang to us and it was great.  We left and went home.  I wish I remembered songs to play, or else i would have played and we could have had a jam sesh.

Razorback sewer...seems right
Saturday we exchanged back and did service for a member in Hot Springs.  They're Tongan and super awesome.  They invited us over to dinner on the 26th so we're going to have a district P-Day and eat there next week.  We helped them build their house.  Elder Barney and I marked electrical wires to the rooms.  They took us to eat at a buffet and we came back and Elder Miller and I drove back to Glenwood.  We stayed in service clothes for a sec longer and Sonja asked if we could help take down a yard sale they had.  So we helped with that and set up another time to answer any concerns Jerry may have.  We're going over on Tuesday to do that.  They fed us burgers and we left and studied.

Sunday was good.  Church was great and the Robbins fed us.  They're the highlight of my week by far.  They're so loving and care for us as their children.  Sandy made us some sort of shredded chicken slider (I got to shred the chicken, so I'm basically the one who made the meal happen), but it was sooo good.  I don't know what was in it, but it was succulent.  They then made us milkshakes by mixing chocolate and mints chocolate chip.  It was so amazing.  Then they did this like experiment thing to figure out our love language with people?  It like falls between service, quality time, gifts, physical touch and words of affirmation.  I got quality time and physical touch.  That scared Elder Miller cause I always try to hug him and now he understands why.  We came home and studied and had a lesson with Kirk.  Just so y'all know, Bush did 9/11, illuminati rules the world, we are dead to the government and we have a secret bank account with our social security number.   Oh, and Hollywood drinks baby blood and eats kids.  Crazy stuff.  But I love the guy to pieces.  He asked for a Book of Mormon and we explained it and Jospeh Smith.  We were at his moms house for this and Sister Lenz was so awesome at explaining why we need the Book of Mormon and how it will change his life.  She bore powerful testimony and were going to be going over on Tuesday as well to teach him and hopefully a lady that lives by him.  We walked home and ended the night with dinner and a card game.

We had our ups and very low downs, but we're alive and pushing through. We lost some gems, but hopefully we can turn some new people into diamonds.  As hard as it was for me this week, I know there's better things laid up in store for us, whether it's a baptism or not, we will work for our King and give it our all.  If I can say one thing from this week, it's that it isn't over when you lose, it's over when you quit.  And someday, this pain and suffering will make sense.

D&C 121:7-8
7 My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment;
8 And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes.

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

Dad Edit: A knight in shining armor is a man who has never had his mettle truly tested. 

Serving a mission is hard, sometimes harder than you can imagine.  There is so much pressure to baptize and when that hasn't happened for 19 months it can be debilitating.  It doesn't help that you are constantly told how much your leader baptized and how he expects baptisms and praises everyone who has one.  It puts a lot of pressure on someone who is serving faithfully and working hard.  However, such is life.  All you can do is get up, go to work, and give it your full effort.  As a dad, I feel the pain.  He puts on a happy face for his letters, but inside he is struggling.  Please pray for him to find peace and solace.  Help him to understand the good he is doing and that it isn't all about baptisms.  It is really about planting the seeds and tending the garden. If after your time in the field is over, someone else reaps the harvest you have sown, then your job is done.  I love you Kai Bear, keep your head up and move forward in faith.

Monday, March 12, 2018

"To belittle is to be little" - Grace Baptist Church Sign

Howdy y'all! Doesn't Grace Baptist have the best signs?

Preparing dinner...
Monday we went to Hot Springs for the last time.  We were told to stay in our areas for P-Day with our companions besides the once a transfer district and Zone P-Days.

Tuesday we went to the CADC and walked around the town a lot.  No one was home, but we got in contact with the Hearns again!  They were super sick though.  We also got a hold of an inactive member, Sonja Kelly, and we started teaching her husband, Jerry!  We just answered a few of his questions and he loves us!  It was a wonderful visit!  We walked home (we didn't see Shiloh...we were in the same trailer park) and had dinner.  Brother Rubly then came over and we gave him a ride to see Sister Myrick.  We helped her put in some light bulbs and left a message and went home.

Wednesday we got to see Fran again!  We got everything sorted out to where we will teach her, but when she is baptized, she will attend the Hot Springs ward and be fellowshipped here by members and missionaries.  Anyways, we taught her the plan of salvation and she loved it!  Sister Crow was amazing with her testimony and words as well!  Fran is fasting to quit coffee and is progressing beautifully!  We visited sister Jacobs.  Since Brother Jacobs passed away last week, she's been having it rough, but she was happy with us there.  She again told us she didn't want us to leave.  We left a thought on the spirit world and offered any assistance.  We saw Sister Hill again and read with her.  Sister Crow bought us some good pizza afterwards.  We went to young men's and had a game night.  Might I say I'm a pro at charades.

These are not the droids we're looking for.
Thursday was Zone Conference. 

Friday we went out with Sister Crow again.  We went to Brother Jacobs funeral and had another wonderful lesson with Fran.  We taught the Restoration with a more interactive twist.  I did this a ton in Memphis and haven't really done it since (Shout out to Elder York). I drew a church on a piece of paper and told her to blow on it.  It of course blew away.  So I put a bible in top of it and told her to blow it again.  Didn't go no where.  So I explained that's a church without the priesthood and prophets and apostles.  Without those, it cannot be the true church.  As said in Ephesians 2:19-20 and 4:11-14.  To backup those, we go with Amos 3:7 and Hebrews 13:8 to show Gods pattern of prophets.  Anyways, we all grabbed the paper and ripped it.  After Christ and his apostles were killed or exiled, the church crumbled due to doctrines of man and loss of priesthood.  So now there's a bunch of churches with different doctrines.  We then explained the restoration and calling of Jospeh Smith and it was powerful!  She wanted to keep the paper with the church on it! Haha.  After Sister Crow again bore testimony, she brought the spirit in so much and Fran was in tears.  She asked us for a blessing for some medical issues going on.  I don't think I've given a more spirit led blessing than that.  She told us that she felt immediate relief and was so grateful.  After seeing her, we saw Sister O'Neal.  Let me tell you, besides my grandmothers, I have never met a more funny woman!  She has stories upon stories upon stories that make you laugh til you cry!  Sister Crow took us home and we got ribs and enjoyed the night in peace.

What kind of hot dog prepares itself to be eaten???
Saturday we started to weekly plan but then we got called to help Brother Rubly move some mattresses.  So we went and then ate at a place called the OK cafe and let me tell ya does it live up to its name haha.  Pretty mediocre if you ask me.  We came home and showered cause the mattresses weren't exactly...clean or house friendly.  So we got all dolled up and went to Sonja and Jerry's again.  We taught the plan of salvation and holy cow this dude is AWESOME!  He wanted us to show him some of the doctrines in the Bible and I'm so glad I have good studies cause we were able to show him in his own bible those doctrines and he was so baffled and was so interactive!  I love this guy!  He agreed with our doctrine and is so happy to have us over!  When we got done, we got some gas and felt like we should see Sister Lenz.  We went over and she was home!  She's like never home due to work and her farm so it was a miracle!  She gave us a referral for her son and she told us that she thinks that's the reason we caught her at home!  And now for the fun part.  She was asking about the apocrypha and the illuminate and aliens and I was sitting there like, I can't wait to meet her son (he was asking her about all of this).  Haha.  But he just started becoming interested in religion so it's an open door hopefully!  We're gonna try to see him tomorrow!

On the Lord's errand.
Sunday we had a good church service and afterwards we went to the Robbins and had a great discussion on love and charity and service with both the Robbins parents!  It was amazing!  We got home and I got hit by a train of tired.  I've never been so exhausted.  I laid down for 5 minutes and accidentally fell asleep for an hour and a half.  That's the longest nap I've had on my mission.  Actually, besides me being sick in November of 2016, I have only napped like twice.  So the time is catching up to me haha.  But I was able to get up and study a bit (I read an Isaiah chapter in the Book of Mormon for 5 minutes and understood it perfectly after a tiring nap, so if I ever hear someone say they don't have time for scriptures I call bs). We then went to Sister Hawthorns for dinner and she made some good pork roast! 

It was a great week with so many miracles!  So far Fran is praying over a baptismal date!  Hopefully she will feel the sprit enough to want to do it soon!  I love y'all!

Kings Do King Things
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Ruff, Ruff

Ah...root beer, it washes the ribs down so well.