Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sometimes Tacos 4 Life is all you need...and Eggos, lots of Eggos.

Howdy y'all!

P-Day gangstas, rollin'.
Tuesday we had district meeting and were supposed to go on exchanges but Elder Asay got sick so we didn't.  We went to Mt. Ida with Sister Crow and saw a couple families but our best visit was with an elderly sister named Sister O'Neal.  She is super funny and I love hearing her stories.  We got home and studied and Jimmy brought us BBQ sandwiches.

Wednesday we did service at the CADC and then saw some home teaching families and one of them made us dinner and we talked about church and their son's missions and it was great!  We went around the area trying to see some formers but none were home or not there.  We got in touch with a potential and we're seeing them this Saturday.  We had dinner and called it a night cause Valentine's Day kinda takes out missionary work as people are spending time with their spouses, or in Arkansas' case, baby mama and daddies. 

Touch my Eggos, you die.
Thursday we went out with Sister Hawthorn.  We went to Murfreesboro and only talked to Denise a bit but she was sick.  We then drove back to Glenwood and saw a lady named Frankie Adams.  The sisters used to see her but she's really busy.  She is so cool!  We taught the restoration and she had a couple questions about the Book of Mormon that we were able to clear up.  She said that we are really good at answering questions so that's good!  We tried to see a members niece, but she was sick so we talked to her "hubby" as he called himself.  We then saw the Harris family (members) and set up a cottage meeting with them so that will be fun!  We ate at Sister Hawthorn's to end the night.

18 months, burn pants. Seems legit.
Friday we drove up to Little Rock for Elder Millers last check-up appointment.  We blitzed Conway and talked to some cool people.  One guy of course tried to tell us our religion was wrong and that there will be no more Gods, not us nor him and all this jazz and then slammed the door and gave us a scripture to read that didn't quite prove his point...but we kept on and I connected with a guy who plays guitar for his church and we talked to him for a bit before he had to go.  Conway is pretty awesome!  We ate dinner at Tacos 4 Life and then saw some home teaching families.  We talked to this one couple and the whole time we were talking, their dog was just licking the lady's foot with all his might.  It was pretty funny cause she just acted like nothing was happening.  I tried not to laugh and Elder Miller just kinda was staring at the dog.  We went to Walmart to get me some contact solution and ice cream and we called it a night after playing a game of Skip-Bo.

Somehow the tough looks don't play out...
Saturday, Elder Miller, went to another appointment with one of the medical guys for the mission named Brother Routt.  His family is awesome!  I talked to his wife while Elder Miller met with him.  She has a Snapchat group with some old missionaries I knew, so she let me say hi to Elder Thomas and Elder Ortiz so that was fun.  They then took us out to eat with the Conway Elders at a place called Beebe's.  It was super good!  We drove back home and ate dinner and weekly planned the rest of the night.

Because Older.
Sunday we had some really good talks at church.  Alyssa gave her farewell talk as she leaves for her mission today.  It's sad cause we got pretty close!  But then President Palmer (of the Stake Presidency who is in the branch) talked and he told us if you can get along with your companions, you'll be a great spouse.  So yeah, that happened...my poor wife.  But we taught Sunday School for about 15 minutes on our purpose in life and then we brought a cake to Alyssa and ate it with the Robbins and youth.  We went to the Robbins's afterward and celebrated Jessie's birthday with lunch and a few games.  We got a balloon stuck on the ceiling and I'll send the video of how we got it down.  It was a stellar day as we talked to Jessie and he's now in 1 Nephi 21.  He messaged us later on with questions concerning some things in the Book of Mormon.  We answered to the best of our abilities but it seems we will have to meet face to face with him to address some of the things.  Oh yeah and Chad came to church and said he wants to serve a mission!  That was huge!  We all surrounded him and hugged him.  He has a few struggles, but such is life!

I love y'all so much!

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There was no explanation for this...I don't know what he is doing.
What's up, hot pants?

Monday, February 12, 2018

Hot springs, raccoons, tweekers, and lots of other good missionary moments!

Howdy y'all!

So Monday we took our car in to the shop to fix the tire and we had to stay the night in Hot Springs cause they didn't have the tire.

Tuesday we had a breakfast at the Griffins in Hot Springs and took part of their missionary correlation.  We actually were able to help as I knew some people from when I was there!  We then had district meeting and it was great!  Brother Jordan caught a raccoon in the roof and so that was fun!  Got some sick selfies.  After District Meeting, we went to the Rogers for lunch!  That was awesome!  We got our car and drove home and then studied and went to the Luttrell's where we had a lesson with Jimmy.  We had a bit of a good discussion on him being re-baptized.  It was great!  He didn't commit...but he said he would pray about it.

Back in Hot Springs...see past posts for reference
Wednesday I woke up with a stye that freaking hurt.  I slept a bit more while warming it with hot water and a towel.  Then we went to the CADC and then to Sister Hills.  We came back and I took care of my eye again while studying.  We had dinner at the Wilson's and they fed us taco burgers!  They were great!

Thursday we went out with Sister Hawthorn to Murfreesboro and no one was home.  We got Sonic and headed to Mike's house.  We drove there and had a wonderful plan of salvation lesson!  We tried to commit him to baptism but he said he would pray about it.  It's hard to set baptismal dates lately.  But we came home and started to walk around and see if the home teaching families we were assigned were home.  None were, in fact, they were abandoned and the people near have no recollection of them.  We think one of the ladies we talked to was the lady we were looking for because she was in shock when we got there and kept looking at our tags.  But it was whatever because as we walked back we talked to a guy named Charles who was really cool!  We talked about our beliefs and he gave us his and was super cool about it!  I thanked him for talking to us and thanked him for not cussing us out like how we usually are.  He told us to come by whenever because he would love to talk.  Then we went to the Rubly's for dinner and talked with him about the home teaching visits because he's our elders quorum president.

What's love got to do with it?
Hot Springs and a hide-a-bed
Friday we went to Delight and had the most interesting experience.  We went out to look for a referral and we found the house.  Pretty backwoods, but they weren't home so we left a card and started to drive away.  Well as we drove, a lady popped up outta no where and flagged us down.  We got out and she said her daughter was a member and she wanted us to see her so we followed her to behind the house we just knocked on to his little shack like house.  I felt a little weird about it, but we went in and of course the mom calls her daughter who's 29 and she comes out in just a robe (but it wasn't all the way tied up and she wasn't wearing much) and then the mom leaves and we're standing there like uh, we gotta go.  But the girl kept talking and talking and asked what's new with the church.  So I said we got a new Prophet and asked who the last prophet she knew was and of course she says Gordon B. Hinckley.  So I came to two conclusions...she's either been stowed away in this shack for 15 years, or she's just very inactive...I wouldn't put it passed the first option.  But she started talking about how the world needs more voodoo and that she felt something crawling on her face and kept picking at her face.  She was tweekin' pretty bad was our guess, and then she kept asking if we saw flashing lights.  Well at that point I was singing in my head Lenny Kravitz "I got to get away, I wanna flyyy awaaayyy!"  So we said a prayer with them and ran to the car.  We drove and ate lunch and just kinda laughed the whole situation off but then we realized they have our number and church address.  So yeah, freaky moment of the week.  We studied and tried to see some other people and went to the Wilson's.  Teresa and Steve had to leave so we just had a game night and taught about temples and eternal families with Taylor and Buffy!

Look ma, a raccoon!
Saturday we had an AMAZING lesson with Jessie!  We taught the plan of salvation and he basically rehearsed everything to us.  We didn't even need to be there.  He is so prepared!  Sister Robbins came with us and she bore such a powerful testimony.  I can't believe how awesome it was!  He has been reading and is in 1 Nephi chapter 7 and was telling us all the stories he read and was acting it out!  Holy cow, I love this man!  He took us all to eat at a fish buffet (with some of the best fried cat fish I've had) and we talked and had a great time.  We did out weekly Planning on Saturday cause we were in Delight on Friday.  I had a great time that night trying to watch a new student orientation video but Glenwood had terrible connection and the dumb thing wouldn't pull up.  So that wasted an hour before we had dinner.

Bradley Cooper was not happy.
Sunday Mike came to church!  Also we taught the young men (Tony) about why we have adversity.   It went well, I think.  We had a break the fast and then come home and studied and went to the Wilson's.  Alyssa came with us and it was great.  We showed the new video of Elder Uchtdorf talking about how God sees the whole picture even if we don't.  We explained commitments and why it's important to keep them and why we ask them to do certain things, like come to church and read the Book of Mormon.  It was definitely spirit led!  Alyssa had some amazing input as she explained church to them.  She's gonna make a fire missionary!  We came home and just kind of talked about the lesson and life and went to bed.

Because sometimes you gotta golf.
It was a great week!  We had some good lessons and I was definitely able to feel the spirit a lot more!  Let me tell y'all, the spirit is real.  I felt his presence so much this week and it's amazing how just a feeling in your heart (which was undeniable and stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime) can make you know and understand so much.  I'm so grateful for this church and all of the good that comes from it.  I don't care what people say nor do I care how I am treated.  It's not making The Church not true, it's not making my testimony dwindle, in fact it builds it up.  I love this Church with all my heart.  It's Christ's Church with him at the helm.  I will not doubt it, I will not question it.

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Monday, February 5, 2018

Flat tire, but inflated hearts!

Howdy y'all!

This was a pretty good week!

Tuesday we went out with Sister Hawthorn to see some people in Amity and Murfreesboro.  We saw Sister Hill and then We saw Richard Collins again finally.  We dropped him a while ago but ended up teaching the word of wisdom again and giving him a priesthood blessing to help him stop smoking!  We saw Denise Godwin as well and taught a really good plan of salvation!  She loved it and wants to be with her family forever!  We went back to sister Hawthorns and had dinner with the Bershers and it was good.

Who doesn't love Girl Scout cookies?
Wednesday we had Zone Conference so we woke up at 4 to get there on time haha.  We had some really good role plays and learned a ton!  We had interviews and they were stellar.  When we got back to Hot Springs, we were picked up by David Palmer and went to Buffalo Wild Wings.  We tried to teach our spastic waitress but she was too hyped up.  It was her 5th day on the job and let us know at many times.

Thursday we did service at the CADC and did some work haha.  We swept and did the frozen dinners and cleaned out the pantry.  We then had a study then I filled out scholarship applications and college stuff.  I was able to memorize 7 full scripture references that day!  That was good! We had enchiladas at the Hawthorns that night.

Cowboy Kai making a reappearance
Friday was good.  We had weekly Planning and then Sister Crow took us to Mount Ida and we saw a couple who want us to come back next week and tracked down a less active who didn't live where the address was.  We saw Sister O'Neal and she's a talker!  In a good way!  She's funny and talked about her family and how it's going through a rough time.  We shared Ether 12:6 about faith and hope and how it will all work out in the end.  We then got dropped off at home and as we drove to Amity to see the Wilson's, my luck decided to kick in and we ran something over that caused a loud thud and then as we got to Amity, my tire light went on.  So I knew at that moment, there was something wrong.  As we pulled into the driveway, I looked at the now flat wheel.  We the donut on with Taylor and Steve and the hole was the size of a pencil in the friggin thing.  So we ate tacos (I only had 7 or 8 this time but they were thicker and bigger) and had a lesson.  We read 3 Nephi 27 with them and explained how Christ established his church in America and how his Church should be named after him.  It was awesome!

Honestly, why not?
Saturday we were able to see a home teaching member that we were assigned to.  Her name is Sister Lenz and she is a sweet heart!  Hard working old lady who loves the church but due to work she can hardly make it.  She wants us to start reading the Book of Mormon with her.  Sister Hawthorn picked us up and drove us to Little Rock for Stake Conference and it was great!  Lots of great talks!  President Palmer talked about King Benjamins address and how every soul who heard it never fell away but the very next generation would not follow the teachings given by King Benjamin because they were too little.  He then asked "who was in the wrong?" Well it's quite simple, the parents.  They heard it and lived by it, but they never taught it to their children who were too young to remember.  They never had family home evening or scripture study.  They took what they learned and held it in.  So when we hear the prophet or read the scriptures, we have to teach it to those who we are entrusted to care for.  For me, it would be the people in my area.  For y'all, well ate personal.  Who do y'all need to teach and lift with the holy Word of God?  We drove home and got back around 10:30 or 11.

Happy companions, these guys are loving it!
Sunday we woke up early at 5 and went to Stake conference again.  Good stuff again!  Sister Hugentobler gave a talk and it was phenomenal about how God may be trying to get a hold of us, but our connection might not be strong enough to pick it up.  It was awesome!  She then said "your choices you make effect your eternity."  Wow.  Isn't that profound!  The choices we make today, can effect where we stand in the eternities.  It was a great conference!  We drove back and had lunch and spent the afternoon with the Hawthorns.  Her family was over so that was neat.  We got home and enjoyed our super bowl Sunday tidying up the apartment and writing this letter haha.

Another sock monkey smolder...
I love y'all so much!  I hope y'alls week was as grand as mine!  Just know that I know for a certainty that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Is Christ's church once again restored to the earth by Joseph Smith.  It's not just another church.  It's THE church.  God isn't just a God.  He's our father.  He loves our souls and He loves us and knows us each individually.  Isn't that nice?  There's hope.  Hope for a brighter world and hope for a better future.  No one is alone with God and no one loves you more.  I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Elders Uchdorf and Holland in the house...Inspiring messages from Apostles of the Lord!

Howdy y'all!

Well this week had a ton of driving and a ton of time not spent in our area, so there wasn't too much excitement throughout the week other than a couple lessons had with some investigators.  We finally got the OK to go with some 2 single elderly women to do missionary work and so we did that this week and saw some people but nothing too much exciting to go in the weekly cause it was all short visits.  But something I DO wanna talk about if the visit from Elder Holland and Elder Uchtdorf.  Holy cow.  If y'all thought they were awesome on TV at conference, y'all gotta hear them in person.   They lit the place on fire!  Elder Kleibengat came back as well and that guy I hope will be an apostle someday cause I can listen to him speak for forever.

On Saturday, we heard from them just as missionaries and then there was a Saturday evening meeting as well, but that was for the young adults and we couldn't go :/ but that is alright cause they were just as fueled up on Sunday morning.  But on Saturday, Elder Kleibengat spoke on being the best that we could be and leaving it all on the field.  He said he was so impressed with how much we have changed and come closer to Christ since his last visit and he kept on praising us haha.  Elder Uchtdorf then spoke and the Silver Fox hasn't aged a bit.  That man is an apostle of the Lord, y'all know that when y'all hear him speak, but when I shook his hand and heard him give a personal testimony in person, directly to us, I knew in a completely different way.  Ain't no one taking that from me.

While he was doing his beginning introduction he talked about not being in the First Presidency anymore and he said "and now I'm again sitting between Elder Bednar and Elder Holland, WOW!!!"  Haha it was hilarious.  He gave us a sermon on the Holy Ghost and even though we may stumble through our words (which happens quiet often) it doesn't matter, because through the Holy Ghost, our words are perfected in Christ and carried to their hearts.  Now, Elder Holland.  That man is fuego in Conference but the emotion he shows and the hammer he slams down is 100% real and there is no fictitious word that comes out of his mouth.  He is an apostle.  I know this and I will never doubt that.  He gave the most heart felt sermon on staying true to the Gospel.  He let us know his deep love for us and his deep love for Elder Uchtdorf (by the way, my dream is to find a woman who loves me like Elder Holland loves Elder Uchtdorf cause there is a DEEP bond with those two).

He went on to tell us how we may lose sheep, that it's a given that not everyone will return to God, but we CANNOT lose the shepherds.  He warned that we will never go back to who we were before our missions, we can get worse and sink lower, but we will never be the same again.  He said this one simple phrase that hit me harder than any other phrase before, and it knocked me to the ground.  "Heavens investment in YOU is an eternal one."  God didn't invest in me all those years for me to give up and fail a mission or fail in life or anything.  He's invested an eternal investment for me to be great and to bring Him His children back and to feed His sheep.  He told us to be "who those who are rooting for you think you are" and that one stunned me for a second.  He "taught with power and authority of God" (Mosiah 17:3) and left an imprint on my soul.  Just as a side funny note, he threatened to "hurl [himself] into the Arkansas River" if he keeps hearing of returned missionaries going inactive.  So yeah, my favorite apostle threatened suicide if I go inactive, how about that for motivation?

Sunday was no less greater than Saturday's meeting.  We got there early (by the way I woke up at 4 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday to get to these things on time so I'm tired) and sat there for a couple hours and practiced our choir cause we sang in conference.  That place was STACKED full!  Like I felt like I was in Utah for a bit!  We got to sit on the stand behind the Apostles and our ride, the Robbins, asked us to get a lock of hair from each of them haha.  We didn't, just for the record.  Elder Kleibengat spoke again and shared his conversion story (which is a miracle in itself) and then went on about the two biggest pains we feel in life and in the eternities, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.  Both can be eternal if we let them.  He went on saying how we have repentance and we must grasp the Atonement and be really good at repenting because if god wanted us to be perfect he would have created us that way.  He didn't, there's no growth and we would have no trial or test.  He doesn't want us to be perfect, he just wants us to give all of ourselves to him.

Elder Uchtdorf spoke again and this man compared an Arkansas newspaper to the Gospel!  He talked about lifting where we stand and not waiting for the church to put out an initiative to share the gospel.  Oh and people in Germany call Arkansas "Ark-Kansas" hahaha.  Elder Holland gave a huge throw down on supporting the missionaries and expressed his deep love for us again.  It was AWESOME!  He then talked about how we can never know more than we know, that's just impossible, but we can always gain more reasons to know.  That's pretty deep haha.  He gave an amazing testimony of Christ as well.  Y'all know how whenever Elder Holland gets emotional, he raises his voice a little and it kind of sounds like he's quivering?  Well it's even better in person.  He went on to ask us "do you think you're the only who's had a bad day?"  And then used the John Gospel of Christ in Gethsemane and asked "do you really think that no angel, God or human has ever felt like you have felt?"  Then he let the sad truth sink in to all of us as he explained how Christ cried out for another way but continued on for his love for us.  He said "you know in life, sometimes there isn't another way.  But we had BETTER pass through that trial better than we were before."  Woah, hearing it from just 15 feet away, I was speechless.  He ended with 3 lessons we are to learn in life:

Lesson 1 - We're the ones on trial, not the gospel, Godhead or truth.
How do we hear the truth and how do we respond to it is what's on trial.
Lesson 2 - Do what you can - mark 14:8
We cannot do more, but we shouldn't do less.
Lesson 3 - Love each other
By this, men shall know we are disciples of Christ.

And while on our way to an appointment yesterday, I got pulled over for having a bike rack without a bike on it.  But I didn't get a ticket!

I've never been so spiritually fed and exuberant!  I want to real quick go back to the phrase "Heavens investment in me is an eternal one."  I looked up the definition of "investment" and found a definition that took me for a turn.

"The commitment of something other than money (time, energy or effort) to a project with the expectation of some worthwhile result."

God has invested in us His time, His Spirit, His Son, and all that we have, with the expectation, not a hope, but an expectation, that we will be a worthwhile result.  It's not ours to reason why or to waste this precious time we've been given.  Everything we have, are or whatever it may be, belongs to God in the long run.  We are on loan and we are a Heavenly investment with an eternal turnout if we use it correctly.

I love all of y'all so deeply and can't wait to hear back from y'all.  Just know that I know, there is a prophet on the Earth, who leads and guides not just the church, but all those who seek the honest truth.  He has 12 apostles and together they hold all the keys of the kingdom and are Christ's chosen disciples.  I will not doubt it, I will not question it.  The Book of Mormon is more than a book written to make us feel good and to believe in Christ, but rather, it is the very word of God and the very keystone to the truth within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which is THE church Jesus Christ established 2000 years ago.  Our Savior, Jesus Christ is the head of this church and with Him and through Him, are we to once again return to and love with our Heavenly Father.

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Volcano toilet, bowling, root beer floats...oh, and missionary work.

Howdy y'all!

He did send a pic of the scoreboard, it's legit.
Monday we went bowling as a district and I legit bowled a 166!  That's never happened!!  So that was cool!  We had dinner at the Hawthorns and it snowed!!

Tuesday the snow was gone haha but we went to the President Nelson broadcast and it was awesome!  It was just us in the chapel and Sister Hawthorn but it was good.  We made root beer floats afterward and watched the YSA devotional from Sunday that we missed. It was awesome to hear from the Uchtdorfs!  We came home after trying to visit some people and we studied.  After studies, Elder Miller went to physical therapy and taught his physical therapist again!  We got his address and Facebook and invited him to church!

Sometimes it feels like this when you door knock.
Wednesday we went to the CADC and then cleaned up our very messy area Book haha.  We have forgotten to update lessons and had to do it in bulk for a couple hours.  We had Companionship studies and then went to the Wilsons for dinner and a lesson!  We had a really good one on priesthood and the importance of church and our purpose as missionaries.  As much as we felt the spirit, they gave the same reply..."maybe we'll surprise you one day and come!" So that killed me inside.  We did though, find that Taylor, the son, was very responsive and answering questions and asking.  So we're gonna try to get him to the young adult session of Stake conference on Saturday (there's a surprise at the end of this email on why this is gonna be HUGE! -Trump quote-).

All tuckered out...
Thursday Elder Miller again had physical therapy and we talked again and invited to church again and he was excited!  We went out with Sister Hawthorn and saw a lady named Sharron.  She was pretty bashy and wouldn't accept our answer when she asked where the in the Bible it talked about the Book of Mormon.  We gave her Ezekiel 37:15-19 and with 2 Nephi 2:4 that explains how Lehi is a descendant of Joseph of Egypt along with the "sticks of Judah and Joseph" in Ezekiel.  She then said "but where is that in the Bible" so I'm not gonna lie I wanted to throw a conniption fit, but I then led her to John 10:16 and 3 Nephi 15:21 (other sheep I have which are not of this fold) and that didn't do much.  So we bore testimony and left.  We then saw a members dad names Michael.  He was cool!  We taught the restoration and invited him to church!  After him, we got lunch at the Caddo Cafe and it was great!  We got fried pies!  10/10.  We saw a member and she really just talked about all of her cats that she has had and how she accidentally killed one by dropping a TV on it and I won't lie, I almost let out a laugh but I held it in.  She was almost in tears, but come on, doesn't that sound like something in a cartoon??  After we saw her, we headed out to dinner at Sister Hawthorns and watched "the testaments."  It's a good movie!  It's About America during Christ's life in Jerusalem with a little extra stuff!  When Christ comes at the end, it is Sooooo awesome!  I can't even imagine what it would be like to be able to meet him face to face!  I can't wait!  Also, a member of our branch got her mission call! She's going to Boise!

Capping the volcano.
Friday we legit weekly planned for a lot of hours.  We just couldn't seem to figure out what a couple of our investigators needs.  We studied and then the worst thing ever happened.  I went to go to the bathroom and when I flushed, the water rose to the top of the friggin bowl!  So I grabbed the plunger but that didn't work.  It started to go down slowly but then didn't fill back up.  So genius me flushed it and it then over flowed and flooded the bathroom!  We had to get to a lesson so we put towels down and left. We went to a restaurant where we met with and found the concern of Noah.  He has too much respect for the church and doesn't join cause he feels he can't live up to the standards.  So we cleared that up explaining the Holy Ghost and all that.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to church!  When we got back, I changed out to get dirty to figure out what was wrong with this toilet.  So I start looking on Facebook with what could be wrong.  I'm still plunging and then I see someone had the same problem and it said to warm water and put baking soda and vinegar in it.  So I start to warm water on the stove.  Well I then saw that Dawn dish soap helps too.  So I poured dawn dish soap down the toilet and left to the church cause I had to again use the bathroom, but I couldn't let this out in a water bottle.  So we left and came back and flushed the toilet and WHOOP!  It worked!  Elder Adair - 1. Toilet - 0.

Saturday was the slowest day of the transfer.  All of our plans fell through before 11 am.  We saw some less actives who said they're less active cause she wasn't let into the temple for a wedding...well we asked if she had a temple recommend and she said no and that it shouldn't matter cause she paid tithing.  Well that torked my shorts a bit and explained why you need a recommend and all this but they wouldn't have it and won't come back.  So we just bore testimony and left again.  So we went to the church and called and called and called and no one would answer or was busy.  So we went to the flea market and tried to talk to people but no one was really there or responsive.  I bought a reel for my fishing pole and then the lady asked me where our church was and so we explained it and then she said "hmm" and walked away.  We ate dinner and called more and nothing came of it.

Sunday we had a good church meeting.  Michael showed up!  That's the first time some one has come to church for the 7 weeks we have been here!  So that was great!  We downloaded the Book of Mormon app on his tablet and made the print big so he could read it!  After church, we headed to the Palmers for lunch and they made a friggin feast!  It was like thanksgiving all over again!  They made the most tender deer meat I think I've ever had.  We sat and talked and then we were driven back home and talked to their RM son named David.  He's dope!  He told us about his mission and we talked about things that paralleled from ours and his.  We then went to the Robbins for dinner and talked and had a good time discussing some things and then played a game of the monopoly card game with them.  They're so freaking awesome!

So earlier last month, we got told that we're having an apostle visit us on the 27th of January!  Well, this week we got the news that that isn't true...we're getting TWO!!  Elder Holland and Elder Uchtdorf are coming to talk to us!  When I saw that I about dropped bricks in my pants!!  2 of my favorite apostles are coming and I'm so happy just to even think about it!

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 Dedication to the root beer float photo shoot:

Root beer floats were made
They were toasted...

They were enjoyed...

And enjoyed...

...apparently not properly enough...


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Some weeks are busier than others - this was one such week.

Howdy y'all!

Tuesday we got a ride with an inactive member to Hot Springs for district meeting.  On the way home, we ate at a place called the Purple Cow.  It's a pretty awesome place!  I got an Oreo milkshake with purple vanilla!  It was great! On the way home we talked with Chad, the member, and seems like he doesn't really affiliate with the church anymore and claims "non-member" so that sucks.  We've been trying to get him back so to hear that kinda blows.  But after that we came home and studied and called a couple people before going to dinner with the Luttrell's.  So this is where the day goes good.  Her son, Jimmy, had his records removed a while ago and used to be pretty hostile towards the church.  But I gave a thought on Alma 50:1-6 on building up our spiritual fortresses continually and he gave a little testimony on missionary work.  He said "what church sends 18-20 yr olds out to teach about Jesus?" And so I took this as an opportunity to testify.  I told him only the true and living church. So I went asking if he had any intentions of joining again and he said he's prayed about it before.  He got an answer that said "mirror me" and was confused on what that meant.  We asked if it could mean "follow me" and he didn't know but asked us to help him find the answer.  So I gave him Mosiah 18 to read and ponder.  Y'all should give that a read! It's awesome!  I really think it will help him find his answer.

Brother Jordan or a Wookie?
Wednesday we went to the senior center again and packed lunches.  They gave us cookies in appreciation!  That was great!  Afterwards, we headed to sister Hill's and we read D&C with her.  It was D&C 10 about what happened to the 116 page manuscript and all of us learned some neat things! We visited a less active family who basically let us know a reason they're less active is cause if the way missionaries are treated.  They think we deserve better living conditions and more miles and they gave a pretty good rant haha.  It does suck how we live sometimes, not many miles and not a lot of money, but it helps us learn and grow and plan for sure!  After seeing them, we planned out the lesson we had with the Wilson's!  We went for dinner and Taylor and I had a taco eating contest.  We both finished at 14 but I also ate the left over meat and stuff on my plate which probably would have added up to 16 so I'm gonna say I won!  Haha.  After dinner, we had a lesson on the plan of salvation and holy cow was the spirit there in rich supply!  I think it was one of my best lessons I've had!  They said it all made sense and talked about comin to church!  Testimony and doctrine truly make a lesson as great as this one was.  So much trials and dead ends for the past 5 weeks and we finally have found success!  God has prepared them and there's something very special about the Wilson's.  I haven't felt this way since Steven Hester and Paula Braxton.

Kai making biscuits and gravy.
Thursday we went to elder millers physical therapy and saw Jessie. We had a service opportunity after that and helped a member clean some stuff out of her house.  We went and got lunch afterwards at this super mediocre hibachi grill food truck that everyone said was super good.  Well as we got done ordering, a truck driver towards us and it was a member who needed us to give his mom a blessing.  So we got lunch and drove out to give his mom a blessing.  Elder Miller gave it and they were super grateful.  We studied and then went to a dinner with a youth in the ward and his friend, Noah.  He has been talking to missionaries before but the youth in the ward power drove a bunch of deep doctrine down his throat so he stopped investigating.  But we got him now!  He's super awesome!  We were ordering and the dude ordered a calzone AND a stuffed pizza haha.  The waitress asked "the calzone or the pizza?" To which he replied, "both!"  Her face was priceless haha.  We talked and got to know him and cleared things up!  Good night! Sister hawthorn ended up cutting our hair as well that night.

Sister Gibbs.
Friday we had a quick weekly Planning cause we exchanged.  I was with Elder Asay.  Good guy.  We went by and trying to contact a bunch of former investigators.  No one answered so that sucked.  We went to dinner at the Hawthorns and she taught me how to make biscuits and gravy haha.  It was awesome! After that we tried a lady in our apartment complex who wasn't home.

Saturday we got the privilege to go to Sister Gibbs service for Brother Gibbs.  She wanted me to be there as she spread the ashes.  That was amazing.  It took a while to get there cause the people we followed didn't know where they were going and we back tracked like 3 times.  We finally made it and Sister Gibbs gave me the biggest hug.  And of course, Brother Jordan came basically dressed as a Wookiee.  I'll send pictures.  We exchanged back and got lunch at McDonalds.  We then tried to see some potential investigators and more formers and they weren't home and so we went with our elders quorum president to see the member we gave a blessing to a couple nights before.  She talked about elderly people stuff with the EQ president, Brother Rubly.  He then took us out to dinner...at McDonalds haha. This is where I had a mess up moment, but before I get to that, we ran into a person from Lonoke who was talking to missionaries...but that was well over a year ago cause that was when Sister Fisher and Jensen were there haha.  We referred them over to Elder Huntington after that.  Well here's where I goofed.  Brother Rubly is a convert, and so he carries different things from his past religion, for example he reached out to hold our hands for the prayer.  Well, it just so happened that as he did that and grabbed my hand I started laughing!  But honest mistake!  As he reached over for my hand, a group of teenage girls behind him were taking pictures of me and my comp!  So I laughed at that!  Well Brother Rubly had a disapproved look on his face after my chuckle....I felt absolutely horrible!  He didn't say anything and we prayed (I prayed, rather) and we went on with a good conversation.  I swear only in my life do things like this happen!  We tried to see a new move in after dinner but she ended up not even living there.

Another Kai Bear sighting
Sunday we had a 30 minute meeting and then a broadcast from Salt Lake to the south eastern region of the US.  It was great!  One of the speakers started off by saying "I started off yesterday mornin by eatin grits and y'all are fixing to hear my testimony" so that was a real shindig!  Elder Bednar spoke as well on repentance and it was like being swept off the earth and thrown into a hoedown of hellfire and brimstone!  He brought so much light and it was crazy!  I hope y'all are makin y'alls repentance DAILY and with REAL INTENT.  But the biggest part I loved was when he said " many people who aren't in the church can give up smoking or other bad habits and turn around for good reasons not look back, but true repentance cannot be done on our own.  We much remember our REDEEMER and realize it's the Atonement that makes our repentance valid!"  So that was a smack!  We can't repent on our own.  We HAVE to include our redeemer.  There is no other way for complete repentance.  Literally no other way.  But that whole broadcast was spectacular!  After church we headed to the Robbins and had chili and stew with bread bowls!  They made some gooood chili!  We had cake afterwards and shared a spiritual thought.  It was great!  We came home and studied and caught up on the area Book.  After studies, we headed to the Wilsons!  It started off great but we didn't really teach anything until Taylor asked about coffee (I brought up my hot chocolate business haha) and so we taught about the word of wisdom.  Then everyone came back to the table and asked a few questions about Alyssa (the member who was with us who is preparing for a mission) and her mission call (that still hasn't come) and then more questions they had after a bible study the night before about knowing our family after this life.  We explained sealings and the priesthood and explained more of the restoration and modern day revelation.  We had planned on stating our purpose and explaining more of baptism, and we at least explained our purpose, that we teach with the end in mind, baptism.  They didn't say anything against it but we didn't invite them at that moment.  We should have, but we didn't.  We're planning on that on Wednesday!  Pray for us and the Wilsons!  We have an amazing feeling about them!

What up, dog?
I love y'all so much and can't wait to hear back!  It's been an excellent week!  Oh and transfers came, were both staying in Glenwood

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

Monday, January 8, 2018

Food, glorious food...and then some more food. This was the week of food.

Stud man walkin'.
Howdy y'all!

Monday we went bowling and played pool.

Tuesday, Elder Miller wasn't feeling well so I cleaned the apartment while he got his rest.

Wednesday we dropped by some formers who weren't interested and then went to do service at the senior center.  We saw Sister Hill for a sec but family made it so we couldn't meet.  We caught up on the area book and saw a couple less actives who were less than responsive. We then had dinner at Sister Hawthorns.

Thursday we had physical therapy and Jessie and Elder Miller taught him a good amount!  He even offered me a donut!  We went out and visited some more less actives and knocked a few...a lot...of doors.  No one was responsive.  Then We went with Sister hawthorn to visit some folks and had some good visits!  We followed her in our car cause she's a woman so that sucked cause we have like no miles.  Then we ate at the Wilson's, investigators, and it was freaking awesome!  We had pulled pork sandwiches and it was fantastic!  We discussed missionary work and the Book of Mormon so that was great!

District time!
Friday we weekly planned and made French toast.  It was grand!  We went out with Sister Hawthorn again. We had dinner at the Bersher's and had some awesome tacos!  We shared the video "staying spiritual fit" and I recommend it!  It's my favorite Mormon message!  Watch it!  You're won't be let down.  We had the kids do a push up contest and it was funny cause not one of the 3 kids did an actual push up hahaha.  It was a great night!

I feel like he is back in New Mexico...
Saturday we went to Murfreesboro for some appointments that fell through so we went around a bit and no one else was home.  We came back and ate at a Mexican restaurant and got dippin dots!  Haven't had those in a while!  We made cookies for members the rest of the night.

Sunday we fasted and had a break the fast that we didn't know about so we ate a ton there and then ate at the Robbins with brother Robbins family.  We had deer chili!  Then we saw a less active and brought her some fire wood and visited a bit.  We went home and then back to our investigators the Wilson's again.  We ate deer burgers and I had 6 of those with hash browns and macaroni with biscuits!  All of it was smothered in gravy so I was a happy boy.  I out ate everyone after having 2 big lunches haha.  I've been eating so much lately.  We talked mainly about missionary work and why we do it so that was awesome.  They love us and were telling us that we need to come visit them when we are home haha.  It was awesome to talk.  It rained a ton so that was tough driving.  I also left my iPad in the Robbins truck so we had to drive all the way back out to their house and get it.  Great day!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild
I do not accept him as my son...

Make it stop!
Someone, PLEASE!!!!

But what if you had the speed of a puma?

The French know how to make toast!

Burning clothing items...a time honored missionary tradition.

And the tie and shirt have been adequately sacrificed.