Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Elder Ogaard has arrived, and other happenings.

Monday I picked up Elder Ogaard and we headed back and unpacked.

Tuesday we started off the day by giving Sister hall, a sister missionary, a blessing.  Then we went to an investigators house.  They're Latino and Elder Ogaard was originally a Spanish elder so they hit it off.  We went Finding and found some other Latinos to teach so that was cool.  Got dropped by some gators and then we went to the Mauldins.  As we got there, they thought they had lost Dayton but she was just hiding in the closet.  It was scary though.  I sped off to go look for her but as we swung back around we saw her with sister Mauldin.  Went to dinner but it went over so we missed an appointment with Louis and rescheduled for tomorrow.

Wednesday we helped the Reynolds move some lumber and went to the library to figure out everyone's mile allotments and key indicators.  Super boring and long process.  We saw the Bensons and introduced Ogaard.  Had Stake correlation and got roasted by the Stake President so that was fun.  Good day.

Thursday we helped Sister Duncan take the top off her jeep and set up a time to see them Saturday.  Went to a house that was back in the sticks and just set up another time.  Cats everywhere and it smelled pretty bad, but that's just backwoods Arkansas.  Taught Clearance and Audra, nothing too big.  We had to get some Mountain Dew for me and Dr. Pepper for Ogaard cause we were freakin tired.  We found a dude looking for Dominic cause he's still Mission.  Lagomarsino's fed us dinner and we saw Steven.  Really got to know him and invited them to have family scripture study and prayer.

Friday we had a meeting for ZL's and STL's so we could get smartphones and Facebook.  It's pretty cool but I just don't know how to use any of it haha.  We saw a few more people out in Kensett and had not much success.  We saw a guy who we thought was Dominic but it was actually a student at Harding.  He wanted to know why people think so weirdly of Mormons and the truth about what we believe.  Went over basic beliefs and he wants us to come back next week.  Got a referral from some elders in Nashville and had a Facebook video session with the elders and he referral.  This dude is currently reading Jesus the Christ and preach my gospel.  By the way, Facebook is a lot harder to set up and use than I remember.

Saturday we saw Braxton again (referral) and found out he can't be baptized cause he will lose his full ride scholarship.  The scholarship requires him to be a fully active Church of Christ member.  So that sucks.  We started reteaching him the lessons.  Tried a few potentials and nothing came out of it.  We taught a Harding science teacher in a coffee shop right outside campus so we got a lot of weird stares but it's whatever cause he's dope.  Name is Luke and he's super young and cool.  He's 23 and a professor.  We went to see Monica at a park but we saw a guy who was visibly distraught and crying into a girls shoulder so we went and talked to him.  Lots of stress and stuff but we helped him feel better and he loved our spirit.  It was pretty cool.  Talked with Monica and finished the night with Steven.  Taught the word of wisdom and in his words "I think it's retarded."  So we had to explain a little more haha.  But he got it.  It'll be long, but he'll accept it.

Sunday we did our weekly planning after church.  We taught the deacons, teachers and priests about mission prep and why it's important to serve.  We were gonna go to a BBQ but we had dinner with the Theimanns and rescheduled for tonight.  Can't wait for that!  We saw the Duncans and he showed us his silencers and all his guns and needless to say I had a great time.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Elder Smith's last ride...it was a busy time for the boys in Searcy...bring on Elder Ogaard!

Spreading the love!
This week we had a mission challenge to invite 3500 people to meet with missionaries and to have 50 companionships talk to 70 people in a week.  It may sound small, but that's huge for the mission!  We usually only invite around 2000 or 2500, so it stretched us!  We saw so many miracles come out of it!  But I've come to expect miracles daily cause God is eager to have us recognize his hand!

Monday we went up to Heber Springs and I got over my fear of heights and had a blast rock climbing with Elder Ullery!  He's actually from Cottonwood, AZ so obviously he's a cool dude!  We BBQ'd with the Duncan's and hiked.  I fell into a creek so that's was fun.  After the Heber trip, we went Finding in Walmart and surrounding places.

Tuesday was district meeting and President asked us to instruct on prayer.  We used 2 talks given to us by the AP's and they were "Improving Our Prayers" from March 2004 Ensign and "Using the Supernal Gift of Prayer" from April 2007 Conference.  I recommend reading them cause they're awesome!  I taught on the former.  Basically the gist was that God will answer your prayers, whether now or later.  It was kinda an eye opener for me in a lot of ways as I was studying on how God really will answer our prayers, but also in ways that we might not want.  We aren't always going to get the perfect answer that's in OUR will, but rather we're going to get the perfect answer in GOD'S will.  Sometimes, no answer is an answer in itself.  I exchanged with Quitman this week and went up there with Elder Ullery and we had a blast.  Did some service and went Finding for a bit and then had dinner at a member's house.  We explained northern Arizona to him and he told us that we're convincing him to move haha.  A kid from the Quitman Ward also got his mission call to the Mesa mission!  Seems like all the kids in the south get called west haha.

Family time.
Wednesday we exchanged back and Elder Smith and I went to lunch with the Easters.  They live in a Church of Christ retirement home, so when we go over and eat, we get some stares!  Church of Christ doesn't like us here.  We're technically not allowed on campus and technically Harding Place (where they live) is campus...but it's whatever cause the Executive Manager loves us.  We do service there a lot.  Brother Easter was a Fire Chief and talked with me about it for about 20 minutes and it was awesome!!  He was a wild land fire fighter and told stories of some crazy stuff!  When we left we went to go see Dominic...well he moved and we have no idea where to.  We knew a general area so we went across town to a place that he explained and started knocking.  We found and taught a lady named Jessica who wanted us to come back, but when we texted her the next day, she dropped us :/ sweet is the work.  We then knocked into a lady named Hannah and she actually goes to school with Sister Duncan!!  They know each other super well and we're gonna try to get Candace to talk with her more cause she was super nice!  We continued on and saved the rest of the complex for later.  We found in an area that was pretty nice middle class homes and found a Jehovah's Witness.  He was 17 but stuck in his ways so we talked about tracting stories with him.  We saw Barry after all at and we got on the topic of guitars and holy crap can this dude play guitar.  He played Thunderstuck by AC/DC just by ear!!!  His wife, Mary, (isn't that cute?  They rhyme!) can sing super good!  But they love us and told us to come back Thursday.  We had dinner and then taught Book of Mormon class.  At basketball, brother Ryan brought a dope friend who I wanna start teaching.  That night we made a video for the Zone on the challenge the mission is having.

Smiles all around.
Thursday we did service at Habitat for Humanity and helped a family move.  We visited a member who was baptized last year and read with her and another member who's getting their endowments this Saturday!  That was cool to hear.  We also saw the Mauldins and went over the plan of salvation with them and had them teach us.  Peyton, one of the boys, got kinda sad cause he fears for his nonmember friends salvation.  We explained how everyone will get a chance to accept the fullness of the gospel whether in this life or the next.  He was still down though.  Barry and Mary had to cancel cause random family stopped in and so we went trying to find Dominic again...still no luck!  But we did find a guy named Quenton.  We knocked and got to know him and taught him about the Book of Mormon and everything and he invited us over on Friday!  We then had dinner with the Rushtons and deuced on over to Steven's.  Well,  JESSICA IS PREGNANT!!  Ya see, she was told years ago that she can't have another baby due to some health issues.  She was super sad about that cause she wanted to have a child with Steven.  But God is awesome and "opened her womb" (Genesis 30:22).  It's super funny cause it got Steven to stop drinking!!  He promised Jessica if she got pregnant he would stop drinking, and it kinda took him for a turn when she got preggers.  After Jessica brought up that promise, Steven said "I only made that promise cause you weren't supposed to get pregnant!"    Hahaha super funny but he's genuine I swear.

She loves her some Elder Adair.
Friday was crazy.  We saw Toney bright and early at 9 am.  He looked way down and asked us to pray that he will receive an answer to a question he's been asking God.  We prayed with him and left.  Weekly planned a bit then went to go see Quenton, who was at work, but his girlfriend was 2 doors down and we talked to her, Daysha, and her friend, LaFraydra.  They were stand offish cause they thought we were a cult...but since we aren't we explained it to her and the Book of Mormon and what a mission is and that we have 1 mom and someday might have a wife.  She also asked if we allow black people in our church...for some reason people think we don't...but we said yes.  LaFaydra told us she is gonna come to church and bring her 2 sons.  We finished weekly Planning after that and then went to Bald Knob.  Saw a member and a guy who wants his records removed but is too senile to remember to ask us, so we just aren't gonna help him do that and instead regain his testimony.  After Bald Knob we headed back to Searcy to go Finding and then we saw the Bensons for a little bit.  Sister Benson told us to come back because brother Benson was sick.  We helped with fixing her car battery...which never got fixed...oops.  We talked about Searcy football with a potential and set up another time to see him as well.  Had dinner with the Bowles and set up some service for Saturday.  After that we crammed some Finding time and talked to literally everyone we saw.  It was awesome!  By the way, the challenge we had was to see who could get the most Return Appointment Attempts (ARA) in the zone, and the Brinkley district won :/ so Elder Paopao and I, with either my new comp or Smith, on Monday are gonna get egged :/

Hey, look up here!
Saturday we did the Bowles yard and got chiggers and a couple ticks, then helped Sister Clemons move.  We met another one of her sons and had a grand ole time.  We saw a huge tortoise that the Beebe Branch president has...his son rides it like a horse.  Hear that Crew?  You got a horse.  Also, my new companion is Elder Ogaard.  He came out with me but he's Spanish so hopefully I get to learn a bit of that!  We've talked about serving together before as a joke but bam!  Here we are!  Elder Smith is headed to Pine Bluff so it's sad to watch him go.  I'm gonna be Zone Leader 1 now...which is terrifying.  We went and got some stuff to clean our apartment with at Walmart (kinda funny cause the fire department was outside at a fundraiser thing...) and found a less active...who addressed himself as "Hi!!  I'm Devin Pruitt and I'm inactive!" So that was hilarious because we got assigned as his home teachers.  We had lunch and went and said goodbyes.  Saw the Mauldins and that one was hard.  We saw the Ryan's as well and sang karaoke with them.  So that was dope.  We went to dinner with the Duncans and it was the time of my life.  We drove the Jeep with the top down and sped off to dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  It was awesome!  We ended the night with pictures with them.

Da boy's last ride...
Sunday started out with cleaning again and getting ready for the transfer so we had time to see all the people we needed to see.  Church was awesome!  I mean, LaFaydra didn't come...no one did...but the Gonsers came!!  That's huge!  They even brought an inactive friend!  There was good talks and Elder Smith got to bare his final testimony so that was cool.  We said goodbye to everyone and we were going ALL day!  Person after person haha.  Lots of sad moments but Elder Smith is off to a great place!  Pine Bluff!  It's ghetto and a mini Memphis, but what better place to die!  In the mission...not actually die...hopefully.  But it's awesome!  We're going to see quite a few people next week so we hope for awesome stuff with Elder Ogaard!  Can't wait for this next week!!

It was a pretty awesome week!  It really showed how many people we can talk to and how crazy lengths we went to to invite haha.  Elder Smith and I were inviting people at stop lights and pulling up next to people super creepily and it was a blast!  Elder Ogaard is super hyped up and spastic so we're gonna slay it this transfer!!  Love y'all and can't wait to hear back from ya!!

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Mmmm, eggs.
If this doesn't make you smile, you're broken!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I do declare, my son has become one with the south!

Go Hogs!
Monday we went fishin!  Elder Smith caught a couple gar and elder Thurgood caught a catfish.  That night at Walmart, we ran into 2 women who had met with missionaries before and wanted us to come back!  We later found out one is a friggin less active!!  Elder Smith and I also did face masks.

Fisher of men by day, fisher of fish by P-day.
Tuesday we had district meeting.  I instructed on planning and why it's important and the new way our president wants us to plan.  We sang happy birthday to President Hansen afterwards.  We saw Dominic for a bit and then went to sister Mauldin's house to get her some ice.  After we got her ice we talked a bit before the kids got home from school!  We talked with them some more and we had a good time.  Monica was a good visit!  She made some fried chicken and we ate a bit and read with her and sister Henley.  Monica just took out her endowments a couple weeks ago and sister Henley is about to go!  We went to the Ryan's again for dinner and had some great discussion and she gave elder Smith the best skin care treatment you can buy for free!  It was just a little bit, but still.  We saw the Duncan's after dinner and boy...it was awesome!  He made us grilled chicken wrapped in bacon!  It was bomb!  Also, Cave City watermelon is the best watermelon I've ever had!  That city is like super popular for it!  Russell gave us fishing lines and lures to use when we go fishing next.  Prayers were answered and things are going so great for them!

Sometimes guys need facials too.
Wednesday we saw Toney but he was sick so it wasn't a long meeting.  We were gonna head out for some for some fishing finding, but we both felt super uneasy about going so we didn't and went and did service for Habitat for Humanity for a bit.  People here in the south are very bad at pronouncing anything, so as we were talking to a lady, she said she has a nephew who's Mormon and who's going on a mission to "o-ray-gone!"  Hahaha it's great!  We helped move an investigator for the sisters and then went to pick up Dominic for Book of Mormon class.  After the class, I shotgunned a Dr. Pepper with elder Smith cause why not.

Thursday was my year mark in the field!  Exactly 1 year ago I entered good ole Arkansas!  Anyways, we had MLC and some HUGE things are coming to the mission!  We're getting smartphones and Facebook!  After MLC, I shaved elder Goaslind's chest with "ALRM" haha.  When we got back we had dinner with the Draney's and then we saw Louis!  We had a discussion on the 3 degrees of glory and we brought up D&C so that was insane cause it's hard enough to get people to accept the Book of Mormon as scripture haha.

Friday we weekly planned with the Cabot elders and then interviewed an investigator for the Beebe elders to be baptized!  We played catch with the kids (members) while elder Smith interviewed him.  He passed!  Oh and I cut my own hair that morning too.  Thanks mom for the package!  Love the suit!!  We finished up some planning and headed out to the Mix's for dinner.  They were baffled when they heard we didn't have a lot of southern foods back home haha.  They can't live without it!  And neither can I!  I also had the BEST green beans of my life!  We headed to the Lagomarsino's  and talked with them about life and helped them have a good night.  We played with the kids a bit and they invited us over for lunch the next day!

Saturday was great!  We had lunch and the most home-like Saturday morning ever!  We ate home made pizza with cartoons playing in the back as we talked about scouting and life!  Not gonna lie, got a little trunky!  Then we went to Elvin's baptism!  It was great cause his son performed the ordinance!  We headed back to the Lagomarsino's to get elder smiths ipad.  While there, I got caught up in making a frog and Arkansas A in Little beads that you melt together...kinda reminded me of playing with Ella!  Nadia, the daughter, reminds me so much of Ella it's scary!  She even likes those Lala Loopsy things.  Weird.  But we left and hunted down a gator we met and taught at a hospital.  He was discharged and we didn't know where he lived so we looked him up in white books and after trying a few houses we found his!  He wasn't home, but we still found it!  We went to the Bowles for dinner and then saw Toney for a bit.  He's better and wanted to come to church.  We ended off the night by writing the weekly email for the Zone.

Sunday was good!  Dominic came to church again and was welcomed by everyone!  He makes friends fast!  Talked about his date the whole time to "join with y'all and get right with gawd!" I love the guy but he's high maintenance haha we had to chase him everywhere as he talked with everyone.  We had a skype call with the AP's and STL's about a mission challenge to talk to 3500 people as a mission this week.  We're way too down to beat that number!  It's the biggest number we'll ever hit if we make it!  We had dinner with a member who lives in a shop that was converted into a home!  When I say shop, I mean like a garage shop haha.  It was awesome!  He was a fire fighter and showed me pics and all this stuff and I can't wait until I can do it too!  We went to the Duncan's again (Candace and Brody came to church!!) and had a dart war with Brody and his friend and Russell joined in too haha it was awesome!  We had a great night as we invited them to come hiking and tailgating with us today! They were sooo down!

Well, like I said, we're off to have a great day!  I'll get back to y'all later on! Can't wait to hear back!  We're going hiking, tailgating, waterfall watching and playing sand volleyball and other stuff a we grill hot dogs with the Duncan's and the district!  Love y'all!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What a great time to be in the Searcy Zone! Don't forget: giggin' frogs is cool too.

Monday we just went around town and fished for a bit...I gigged a frog but I only got his back leg so I shook him off and let him go.  I lost a prong in a fish as well :/

Tuesday we had district meeting and I instructed on attitude and obedience and how they go hand in hand.  I found a really cool definition for attitude. It's "a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in ones behavior."  It's kinda funny how if you have a good attitude of love and respect towards the Savior and His gospel, you're gonna wanna be obedient!  It's almost like God had a plan haha.  Afterwards, I exchanged with Elder Miller and went to Beebe for the day!  We saw a few people and taught a few lessons!  One of the guys that they ran into and gave a Book of Mormon to actually read what they asked him to read!  When he went to get his BOM, elder Miller and I looked at each other and started to do a quiet freak out!  We were dancing and and whisper shouting "YES YES YES!"  Haha it was awesome.  Had a great lesson with Him before heading in for the night.  I went on the exchange to help boost attitude and love and after talking to elder Miller, I think we left the exchange with a huge success!

Wednesday I was picked up and taken to leadership Training meeting for the day in Little Rock.  It was long but really good!  We talked about making District Meetings feel like sacrament meetings and how to treat our missionaries that we're in stewardship over.  It was so great!  We're fixin to have a blossoming zone!  As we looked over our last weeks key indicators, we realized everyone but a couple companionships increased in all aspects by a tremendous amount and we are all teaching solid people!  What a great time to be in the Searcy Zone!  After we left, I exchanged again with Elder Anderson in Cabot.  He's Elder Paopao's greenie and he's awesome!  We did 12 week training and I got to know him for the rest of the night!  He's from Highland, Utah and is super awesome!  I love the kid!  He played baseball and football and I can't wait to keep getting to know him.

Larry, Larry, Larry!!!
Thursday Elder Anderson and I went and did some service for the Beebe branch president.  He owns a pet shop so we helped unload the shipments of dog food, rodent bedding and all that good stuff.  It took a while!  There was 5 pallets full of this stuff!  As we unloaded the last of the last pallet, we see another truck pull up and as I put the last bag of dog food down, they roll another full pallet out haha.  So we finished up and they took us out to eat.  We exchanged back and went almost immediately to dinner with the Ryan's.  After that we saw Louis for a few minutes before he had to go then we saw Steven.  We got him a large print Book of Mormon and he said we're his favorite missionaries to ever come around and that he wants us to bring him all the pamphlets he has so he can study haha.  I love that guy so much haha.

Friday we weekly planned and it again took forever as we planned out every hour of every day.  We saw the Mauldin's and hung out with Brayden, Peyton and Hayden.  After about a half hour we went out to Judsonia and had dinner wit the high priests.  We met a lot of family of the Browns and fished with one of the brown brothers.  He caught a 12 inch 4 pound bass in the lowest, crappiest looking pond on the property haha.  It was a good lookin fish!  There was a black kid there who was friends with a brown kid and he wanted to hold it but couldn't seem to gain his gut as every time he tried to grab the fish, he freaked out and said it would bite him haha.  He finally held it and was screaming the whole time they were trying to get a picture.  Black people have the absolute best reactions ever haha.  We went back to the Mauldin's so we could see the whole family.  They need a lot of support right now and if y'all should shoot come prayers their way, that would be much helpful and needed.

Like most, there really is no explanation...
Saturday we dropped off Stevens pamphlets and headed out to Bald Knob to contact some people.  We saw a kid the sisters referred to us a while back named Jesus, but he was mowing his lawn so we couldn't talk to long.  We then saw a lady named Grace who we knocked into and gave her another BOM cause she lost hers.  We gave her some words of encouragement and left to go see another guy named Lynnwood.  Well as we talked to him, we found out he's a member!  He's an inactive who's like 82 and hard to understand as he talks.  Well we didn't find this out until Sunday from a member who knows him, but he wants his records removed...so we are debating going back so that we don have to remove this man from the Book of remembrance...anyways, we saw another lady who's a less active and she loved us!  We got assigned to be her home teachers as well as 10 other people haha so we dropped by and talked for a bit.  We went by visiting people until dinner with the Howard's.  We then went and saw the Duncan's.  They're in a super rough spot and could also use prayers.  Sister Duncan is very upset right now due to relationship stuff and it was so hard to see.

Sunday we obviously went to church, but we finally had some company!  Dominic came!  He even stayed for all 3 hours AND watched a member baptism afterwards!  He loved it!  He kept talking about his date for the 23rd and how much he can't wait.  We were skeptical about him at first, but he's getting better!  I've never had someone so solid that's so sketchy haha.  The ward was awesome as fellowshipping him and he had a wonderful time!  We were invited to the Sherwoods for dinner and santa vaca!  Their house is HUGE!  They gave a basketball court, treehouse with electricity and a TV, a pool, a courtyard and everything you could ever imagine!  It was AWESOME!!  We had cheesy chicken again and it was fantastic.  When we were done, we went home and made brownies for the dinner with Steven and Jessica.  We went over and had deer and tater salad and beans.  It was sooooo good!  That's how we ended the night.

It was a full week I'll tell ya that much haha.  We had a lot of fun and taught a bunch of lessons!  Definitely a week for the books!

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Can I be your second wife? ...and other tales from Arkansas.

LDS Zonebies...beware their words!
Monday we went turtle hunting but had no luck...we saw Louis and found out he's a Church of Christ preacher, so that was neat.  Also got a few concerns out of him and talked to his other Church of Christ preacher friend.  Super non-contentious actually.

Tuesday I went to Brinkley with Elders Hall and Thrasher.  Elder Thrasher came out with Elder Dawson, so that's cool.  Elder Hall goes home with Edwards and Smith.  We rode bikes all day and went to dinner.  We met a lot of cool people!  Elder Hall is hilarious and a really good trainer.  Elder Gonzales went with Smith back to Searcy.  It was a solid day.

Jessica, Steven, Nikki, and Denton - The Gators
Wednesday we headed back to Searcy and saw Dominic and taught him the Law of Chastity.  He is very slow of comprehension so we explained it like 10 times and then quizzed him on it.  He got it though!  We then went to the Benson's, a less active family, and talked to them for a bit and went over the plan of salvation with them on a big piece of card board.  It was awesome cause they had like 4 friends over and 2 of them want to learn more.  Their names are Barry and Mary (funny) and they're married haha.  They loved the plan of salvation cause Mary had an uncle who committed suicide and every preacher she went to told her he's on hell.  So she loved the fact that God judges the heart of a person.  It was touchy but she loved it.  They gave us cheesy chicken spaghetti and it was AMAZING.  We ate it super late though after Book of Mormon class and basketball.

I don't think those frog legs will be enough...
Thursday we had district meeting, and now the Zone Leaders are District Leaders as well, so we got to instruct again!  It's been about 4 or 5 months since I've instructed at a district meeting haha.  I instructed on extending commitments and got Elders Thurgood and Miller to do a handstand and sing happy birthday to Sister Hall with opera singing by using specific commitments.  It was freaking awesome!  I exchanged with Elder Thornton for the day in Quitman.  He said he loved my instruction cause I know how to have fun and teach at the same time.  We did a lot of service for a member and then showered and went to dinner.  Ended off the night by trying by some less actives and looking at the view.  Heber Springs is gorgeous, reminds me of the west!

Friday we exchanged back and headed back to Searcy.  Lots of driving!  We planned for a bit then went by some gators who weren't home and then tried a couple less actives who weren't home as well.  College is starting back up so it's tough catching people.  Also, the stores are flooded with people now.

Random and awesome!
Saturday was crazy...in the morning we went to Beebe for the flea markets and a Blitz and I got a dope American flag knife!  I also got to talk to some different people at the flea market haha.  We went to Walmart and got some gig heads so we can go frog and gar gigging.  We just gotta get sticks. We came back to Searcy and saw Dominic.  He remembered what the law of chastity is!  Just not what it's called haha.  We taught the word of wisdom and had the same lesson of repetition haha.  But he got it!  We also believe he thinks he's not allowed to even hold hands until marriage...might wanna address that haha.  Then the night got weird

Do you think this Elder can be "Dear John'd"?
We saw Clearance and Audra Williams and they had a friend over who had just gotten picked up by them cause she was in a fight and was pretty bruised up (possible broken knuckle and a black eye).  Well she wasn't too talkative and then like a light switch, she just spewed out her whole entire life story...but let me tell ya, I will never say my life is hard ever.  She's been through some tough mess, including when she was 12, she had to clean up the suicide scene of her father...who also molested her as a child.  And then she told us how she drove upon the scene where her brother was hit by a truck on the freeway where he was pronounced dead, BUT the guy survived!  This is also the same brother who held their mother at gunpoint and told her to drive 90 mph into a tree...yeah, so anyways, she tells us all of this and then her attitude starts to brighten and then out of no where she gets SUPER flirtatious!

This is for his mother...sarcasm is a wonderful thing!
She brought up polygamy (of course) and then looks me dead in the eye and says "can I be your second wife?" and I died a little inside...and on the outside cause I laughed so hard.  Like it was a funny compliment, but then she got real weird and proposed and asked "for real though, can I marry you?  There's a church right down the street!  I'm only 26 and you're 19 it's legal!"  She then kept comparing me to Calvin Klein and I was baffled.  It didn't help that Smith kept egging it on either.  So we ended the lesson and she wanted a prayer and then stood by me.  Here in the south, they hold hands while praying, so of course she came and held my hand.  We left and Smith told her she would be able to sit by me at church...well she never came so I guess that was an answer to my prayer that I didn't want to see her again haha.

Hump Day goodies from Ky to Kai!
Sunday was awesome!  Brody Bills, Candace Duncan's son, wanted to sit by me and church and so we sat and sang together and he loved it.  I explained the reasoning for the sacrament and he sat and listened.  Then after church, We saw an investigator who spoke Spanish with the first counselor.  They hit it off and he explained the Book of Mormon and everything.  It was great!  Then we saw a less active who has been going to a baptist church with his wife.  He said we can come by whenever.  Bishop fed us dinner and it was great!  He got me trunky talking about how he "married his best friend" and all this cute stuff so I sat here like, dang...haha.  I showed the video "staying spiritually Fit" and it was awesome!  I recommend it, Northridge is in the beginning of it...just saying.  But we then went to a part member family's and it was great!  It's actually a fiancĂ© to a less active and their 2 friends.  They were joking and talking and we shared the restoration with them and they told us to come by next week for smoked deer and all we gotta do is bring dessert, score!  The fiancĂ© is the most interested and his name is Steven, I want him to be baptized so bad.  I can't wait to go back!  We got along great and connected really well.  It was fun and he read all of the pamphlets that we gave him and loves the Book of Mormon.  He goes "I hate the Bible!  It's too hard to read!  But the Book of Mormon, it's [explicit] awesome!"  Hahaha. They swear a lot, but they mean well.  It was a freaking good day!  Oh and also Sister Zollinger passed a kidney stone so they didn't come to church...so that blows for them.

It was a very successful week, I loved it!  Lots of good stuff happening here and I can't wait for next week with all the awesome people we're teaching.  Love y'all.  Can't wait to hear back.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Star Wars is dope, tarantulas aren't...Edwards and Adair ride again...HUMP DAY!

Kai and Elder Miller
Monday we went fishing.  I caught a little small mouth and that was it.  Freakin' Smith caught 2 crappies and 6 bass!  But he also stepped in a seed tick nest.

Tuesday we saw Dominic and learned he has some concerns haha.  He needs some monetary assistance haha.  We saw the Foust family and had a good discussion!  We're gonna try to answer more concerns next week.  We just figured out stuff for a stake correlation the rest of the night.

Wednesday was Zone Conference so we got to hear from President and Sister Hansen as well as the AP's.  Elder Cowley had a great instruction!  He told us to ask ourselves, "Why did I come out on a mission," and "Why am I still here?" Those kinda hit me and made me think pretty darn hard.  That was the one thing that really stuck out to me as we then talked about the importance of finding.  We instructed on making finding spiritual and finding by the spirit.  My instructing is trash so I couldn't tell ya how it went.  We had interviews and a stake correlation meeting.  Good day.

Brotherly reminders rule!
Thursday was my year mark!  Been 365 days since I entered them Provo MTC doors!  Been weird to think its already been that long!  We went on exchanges with Beebe and we were able to set a date with one of their investigators and teach a recent convert.  Good day.  We exchanged back and then went on another exchange with Jacksonville.

Friday we got to tract in the rain, which turned into blazing humid heat.  So that was fun.  No one answered and we exchanged back and went and saw Louis and had a great lesson on the spirit world.

Saturday was pretty dope, it was my technical hump day. We planned a lot for the Blitz with all the missionaries coming up and cleaned up around the apartment before heading out to see Dominic, who wasn't there...so we invited every investigator we could to Stake conference that day through calls and texts!  No one showed...but we did all we could.  We went on the blitz and I went with Elder Edwards!  We can't do an exchange with them due to mile cuts, so we just blitzed.  It was great!  Got some new potentials and had a blast catching up!  We went to conference where Elder Barron and I talked a bit, I sure do love that kid.  It was good.  5 other elders stayed the night that night due to distance so we had a grand ole time.

Does my butt look big?
He did see a tarantula and all...
Sunday was cool.  We had Stake conference again and I felt a little out of place as no one really talked to me, member wise and missionary wise, but I was able to stay awake.  We came back early from conference cause our ride wanted to beat the rush, so we missed the missionary social :/ but it's okay cause we got lunch!  But we got back and planned a bit and saw a member named Brother Benson and boy is that guy hilarious hahaha.  Lots of great stuff and we invited him to church and had a spiritual thought and his friend walked in and asked if we could teach him and his wife!  We also got in contact with a potential who said we could come by.  We then headed out to dinner with the Free family.  They have a bunch of turtles and animals.  He also has a bunch of Star Wars stuff so he's dope!  He also has a tarantula so I never went to the back room again.

Well we're going turtle hunting today so I'll be a bit busy so I'll get back to y'all when I'm done!  Love y'all tons and see ya in a year!
It's a kitten fish...

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Monday, August 7, 2017

I'm a farmer and I have 10 moms and have trained my whole life for this...

My favorite picture from his mission to-date
Monday was transfer P-day so we went to Little Rock where we had to let go of elder Goaslind as he went ZL in Russellville.  So that was sad, but not NEARLY as sad as I had to watch elder Hill go home...that one killed me...but I found out that the lady elder Hill and I found and elder Speck and I taught (I only taught a couple lessons) got baptized last Sunday!!  So that's awesome!

Tuesday was pretty normal.  We had a great lesson with a family we found a couple weeks ago, we taught the restoration and the spirit was so strong!  They had a lot of questions about prophets so we stayed on that topic for a while.  They're a church of Christ family who are actually very open.  They invited us back next Tuesday.  We had to type up and send off some things to the office so that was lame.  We did a little bit of finding but had no success.  We went to Taco Bell for dinner and we had given a Book of Mormon to a lady there a few weeks ago and she was there so we taught her random principles throughout our dinner and she was asking questions and so we got her email and are gonna be helping her with LDS.org and Mormon.org stuff!  Also a member came in and got to watch us as we taught haha.  She offered to buy us food but we had already eaten.  Then a sweet old lady gave us her tacos cause they were too spicy for her.  She didn't want to take lessons, but she gave us food!  And that's good enough sometimes right?

I have no idea...
Wednesday was rough.  Every single one of our appointments fell through, so we had to scratch and scrape to find and teach people but didn't see too much success in it.  We saw the Mauldin's and I was able to play a guitar for like a minute as another member walked by playing his haha.  He just got a signature Ed Sheeran guitar for like a quarter of the price and that thing was NICE!  We then went to a thrift store and walked around a bit because appointments fell through.  I found a Vader that was like 3 ft tall and debated buying it.  I didn't...but the temptation was real.  We finished up some more busy work for the office and ate and went to Book of Mormon class.  We finally got to correlate with our ward mission leader cause he's been gone for a month or so with his rotations at the hospital.  The doctors in the ward are super busy all the time so it's tough to correlate and talk to him.

Thursday was pretty full.  We saw a less active and threw down on coming to church and the wife actually came!  He even gave us some referrals.  We contacted referrals again and then we taught Louis again but we mostly talked about Africa and the fall of Adam and Eve.  He's from Africa and he told us after our missions he will welcome us into Africa haha.  So dad, you down for Africa? (Dad edit: I guess the rain's down in Africa...sorry I couldn't help it, it's the first thing that came into my mind - God bless you Toto.)  As Shakira says, "it's time for Africa!"

Little Dayton is way too cute!!!
Friday was a LONG weekly planning again.  We stopped by Toney (investigator) and he hurt his back that day but we got to talk with him for a while.  He's reading and said he had an answer to his prayers that he needs to come to church!  We went to Chance's house to teach him and his girlfriend and we think we ran into her...other male friend...She was home alone while Chance was at work and was super cold towards us when a guy from downstairs said he would be over in a few minutes...so that was awkward.  We also saw the Mauldin family again and were able to sit and talk and commit them to come to church!  Her older daughter was there and doesn't know anything about Mormons.  Well she thought us missionaries were raised on a farm with 10 moms and trained up to be missionaries...yup.  That, I think, is the most hilarious view of Mormon missionaries I have ever heard haha.  She was so confused when we talked about our hobbies like fishing and sports and having lives and going to college haha.  It was a great visit though!  I got to pray with Dayton (the baby Mauldin) and she is the cutest little thing haha.  I'll send the pictures sister Mauldin took!

Mini Vader is my friend.
Saturday was definitely a day.  We had breakfast at a members and then went to see a less active who might start coming back to church!  Also We went through a lot of potentials and had little success, but it was awesome cause we were able to see a bunch of people that we lost contact with.  One guy we saw, Clearance (Dad edit: yes it is really spelled "Clearance")...I think I've talked about him before, but he's insane haha.  He was going off on how he has 5 baby mamas and how his son is gonna be just like him and how he's racist towards black people and all this stuff that Elder Smith and I were crying laughing while he was talking.  I've started a Clearance quotes page haha.  He was telling us how we need to get married and get girls cause we're not meant to be single past age 18 haha.  Oh, and while talking about his baby mamas, his wife was right there...who explained how she gets along with most of the baby mamas but one haha.  We also learned slang ways to talk about money and different names for different amounts.  So that's dope.  We got to see Terry at the hospital and he's been out of it with all the meds he's been on so it wasn't long of a visit.  We saw Chance...yeah his girlfriend was messing around with some other people and he broke it off and drove her to Memphis and left her there with some family hahaha.  We talked with him for a bit and he's doing great, but he got a concussion at work and so we left with a prayer.

Makes total sense...right?
Sunday was fun!  We stopped by Toney's and the Mauldin's before church.  Toney was still hurting but was super sad he couldn't come to church.  We invited the Mauldin family and THEY ALL CAME!!  It was awesome!  It was a good fast and testimony meeting!  We got to see a guy named Donald for a bit but he had stuff to take care of so we went and saw a few potentials with no luck.  We went to Bald Knob about 8 miles out of town to contact some referrals and found 2 new people!  As we were talking to someone we got a call from the sisters saying they had someone for us named Dominic.  We called him and it sounded as if he just wanted money, but as we met with him he is so cool.  He is trying to find a job and wants to leave all bad influences at his ghetto apartment and doesn't smoke or drink cause he hates the affect it has on people.  He even asked to come to church and Book of Mormon class!  We're seeing him Tuesday.  We had dinner with a family and then visited the Duncans.  They're funny and their dogs are so riled up all the time so as we step in he door, we're bombarded with puppy kisses haha.

This week was so good, Elder Smith and I are getting along so great!  I hope all of y'all had a great week and I also hope y'all felt the love of Christ and Heavenly Father!

And as I bid farewell until next week,
2 Corinthians 13:13
13 All the saints salute you.

Love y'all!  Can't wait to hear back!

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Shark Week - there was lots of REALLY GOOD stuff happen this past week! Coincidence? I think not!

How can anyone say no to these guys??
Monday we went hiking on a place called Sugarloaf!  You have to rock climb up it at the last part so it was awesome!  Sister Hall decided to jump to a plateau and couldn't get back so she had to climb down and up again with all our help.  But it was great!

Tuesday we went to Brinkley's district meeting and it was great.  Elder Gonzales is a great district leader!  He goes home in September but is probably the least trunky missionary I know.  I exchanged with Elder Paopao and we had a blast!  We saw a less active and tried a bunch of potentials but no one wanted to hear it.  We went with a priest who was super funny and knew a lot about the missionaries in this mission.  We went out and got pizza cause it was late and we were starving before we headed to Volleyball, we each ate half and headed out.  We won like 4 games of volleyball so that was dope.

Wednesday before exchanging back, Elder Paopao and I got more pizza and then we went to go see a guy who served in the mission that Elder Smith's hometown is in.  He even served in the town he's from hahaha.  They talked a bit and caught up on people there.  We came back and went and gave a blessing to a girl who was in the ER and then headed to Book of Mormon class and taught for like 10 minutes before having to leave for a lesson with bishop.  The guy wasn't home so we went and got smoothies haha.  We then had a Skype conference call to end off the night.

Thursday we had MLC and I gained huge respect for President Hansen.  He threw down on disobedience and had a few great quotes that made me very happy!  Haha I got to see Elder Edwards again and Elder Pickering!  He was on exchanges and got to come.  We role-played knocking doors and I guess my approaches aren't as spiritual as people would like...I started off one with "Hi!  We're the Mormon missionaries and I only have 1 mom!"  So I guess I need to be better haha.  We came back and gave another blessing to a guy who's not a member, it was awesome!  After the blessing he was in tears thanking us and we gave him a Book of Mormon and he asked us to keep coming back.

What most people think happens at a Mormon church...
Friday we moved a new couple into the ward, they're dope!  He served his mission in Poland and was telling bunch of funny stories.  He's in rotations at the hospital here for a couple years.  Then we had a long weekly planning session so that we could plan if Elder Smith leaves.  We walked that day and found a bunch of new people to teach.  One in our apartment complex who told us to come by every Friday!  We saw a couple investigators and went finding again and found a dude named Denny while he was working on a car.  We talked a bit with him then his friend pulled up who told a rather...odd backstory haha but he then told us we don't need to read the Bible cause the "bible is in us!"  Which is easily rebuked by John 5:39 but it's whatever haha.  We saw the Mauldin's and they gave us surprise pizza!  Just so you know, that was my second or third actual meal this week haha.  We haven't had much food lately but we make due, I had a lot of bacon and milk haha.

It's good to have friends!
Saturday we helped move a family out of their house.  That was fun cause they gave us $15 to subway!  We also found out neither of us are transferred!  Elder Smith is officially my second companion I've had for more than 1 transfer haha.  My first since elder Edwards...my trainer haha.  But we got the subway and then hit the road and found a couple new people again.  It was such a successful week with new investigators!. We went and taught a returning member's girlfriend.

Too cool for school...but not for a mission!
Sunday was great, we got a gator to come to church!  We were expecting like 5, but 1 is a huge success!  It was that members girlfriend so that's awesome.  She stayed for all 3 hours and loved it!  Sister Duncan came too!  It's her first time in so long.  We had a potluck afterwards and I slayed the food haha.  We saw Terry, he's the guy we gave a blessing.  He reminded us it's shark week so I got super sad...cause I can't watch it haha but it was on in his room so we talked about shark week and set up another time to see him on Tuesday.  We went to a referral from the sisters in a sketchy part of town...we tell the sisters to not go there for their safety cause people here are very rude and disrespectful to women.  But we went and he wasn't there but we talked to a lady who...liked women...but she asked us for money so we gave her the million dollar message of the restoration haha.  We visited the Duncan's and had a great time as we talked.  I love them so much haha.  Elder Goaslind is being transferred as a ZL in Russellville.  That was Elder Edwards' last area haha.  But it's sad to see him go.  He stayed the night last night to save miles for the trip to Little Rock today.

Love this kid's smile!
It was an amazing week!  I loved it and the work is picking up so much!  We can't wait for this transfer and I hope and pray that Elder Dawson is trained in my zone!  I love all of y'all and can't wait to hear back from ya!

Also, don't try to rationalize sin, cause "rationalizing is knocking on the doors to hell!" -  President Hansen

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Pioneer Day update...apparently it's not a big deal in Arkansas, but heat is.

Missionary fuel...it may have also given them "Fuel."
Monday we ate over at a less actives house and had great conversations about the navy and army and his whole family is super funny.

Tuesday we had district meeting so we went to Cabot for exchanges as well.  Elder Stratton is going home next week, so he wanted to do the mean pig challenge.  What that is: a food challenge on a pulled pork sandwhich that is so spicy, it was made to make you throw up.  He got 4 bites in and called it quits.  His eyes were watering and his nose was runny and it was hilarious hahaha.  So many of us went to watch.  We also found a lady who was a former RLDS member but thought it was bad and wants the truth and asked us to come teach her!  We walked a bit and didn't find anyone until we had Book of Mormon class where we taught the plan of salvation to a gator.  It was cool cause we used the videos on LDS.org and they work so great!  She totally had her answers to her questions.  We played volleyball afterward.

Hmmm...looks suspicious...
Wednesday was cool.  We found a new gator for Jacksonville elders and returned in time for a dinner with the Easters.  She needed a blessing as well because she was going to see a Church of Christ preacher and teach him about our beliefs.  She wanted help with knowledge on what to say so I hope her blessing helped!  They live somewhere called Harding Place, it's a church of Christ owned old people home where we get weird looks.  Well, we laid sod for them last week and help them a lot so the executive manager there gave us Minister Meal Cards.  Basically, we can eat for free at any time!  It's awesome!  We had BOM class and I got to play Laman in a skit!  I'll send the video.  We played basketball and had a good night.

Thursday we went on an exchange with the Quitman elders.  It's one of our more worried areas, so we went to boost them.  Not much happened, saw a less active and a couple others who didn't answer.  Life of a missionary.  It's a tough area, but not as bad as it's made out to be.  We went to Walmart that night (yes mom, I got my shaker cup...it has the star spangled on it) and ran into a couple guys from Utah!  They didn't wanna hear our message, but they were cool.

Soooo close, but missed it by that much!
Friday started off with exercise in the morning.  Quitman plays disc golf in the mornings so I got to go with them and a member.  I suck at it...but it was fun!  I got back to our area and weekly planned and made cookies for members after trying some people and eating dinner.  Literally no one was home.  Not one answer.  Well, actually we did get one answer.  It consisted of the lady opening the door, laughing...then said no and slammed the door.  Rough day.

Saturday was actually really taxing.  We walked all day and it was 99 degrees but the heat index said it felt like 110.  So we got super dehydrated and tired.  We just got rejection after rejection after rejection haha.  It wasn't the best day.  Lots of things just didn't go our way, but it's okay!  It didn't break us!  We had some tender mercies where some people came and gave us rides and lots of people gave us water.  So that was really cool.  We saw the Gonzer family again and they want to get back to church!  They want us to get their son on a mission.  He plays guitar so I'm gonna try to connect with him on that.  Shout out to Miranda for breaking my 14 week dry spell of letters!

Pretty boys.
Sunday was another day of desperate finding.  We found 3 new people!  One was the husband of the lady from California last week, he's super cool.  We're hopefully going back later this week.  He gladly accepted a Book of Mormon and to learn more.  We have been trying a lot of our potentials lately and so we started knocking the areas around them.  We found a guy who is a Church of Christ member, but accepted a Book of Mormon and a return appointment.  We also found a lady chillin with her dog and we taught the restoration and got an appointment as well.  Bishop Webb had us over again, he is from Arizona so we talked a bit about stuff back home.  It's been so cool how many people are from there!  We also gave cookies to another member family named the Ryans.  They're super cool and their daughter has a thing about slapping butts and slapped mine haha.  Her mom was so embarrassed haha I had to explain how it's totally a normal thing in our household and it was just super funny!  Their other daughter made us a banana pudding pie by herself, it was so good!  Fun fact, the Ryans had their honeymoon in Sedona and spent their first Sunday married in a church in Flagstaff!  They also got and watched their first movie as a married couple in flagstaff...Cool Runnings haha.  It was funny the little details that made me laugh.

Don't we all?
Not a bad week!  Tough, but we saw some good miracles.  I'm worn and tired after every night and I'm exhausted right now, but I'm gonna keep on truckin!  Love y'all guys!  Can't wait to hear back!

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Yeah that's right, west coast, west coast...Cali representin' in the AR. Searcy servin' 'em up strong!

Monday was fun!  It was my 11 month!  We went fishing and then taught Louis again!  He invited his wife to take the lessons and Bishop Webb made it out with us!  We had a great lesson and he brought up his main concerns and we helped as best we could and he's having us over again tonight!

Tuesday we laid sod and shoveled dirt for the old folks home here in town!  It's Church of Christ owned so we got some good stares haha.  We helped with that for a while (5.5 hours of 90 degree heat and high humidity) and talked to a guy who was in the army.  He helped us and we talked as he told a few dope stories.  Can't wait for my chance!  I also have come to the conclusion that I never get tired.  I may get winded and sore, but I will not let myself get tired.  Haha I told myself that all day and I just kept goin and goin!  After we did the service, the manager of the place had us talk to him and he wanted us to come over to his house and help him with some work cause he saw how hard we work!  Odd thing, I love yard work...like a lot haha (Dad edit: Who are you and what have you done to my son??).  Lots of experience in elder Smith and I and I guess my love for it has just increased.  We let our bodies a rest a bit and tried by a few people who weren't home.  We stopped by the Mauldin's and had a great lesson about the great apostasy.  Dayton just melts my heart.  Her hugs make me so happy!

The gang's all here!
Wednesday was lots of meetings.  We went to the leadership training in Little Rock and it was good instruction.  We got a new key indicator to show that we actually work when other numbers are low.  It's return appointment attempts.  Basically whenever we leave an invitation to anyone regardless if they say yes or no.  But that helps.  I talked to elder Speck a bit and the people in hot Springs I guess miss me a lot.  A few people said I was one of the best missionaries to be in that area, so that made me feel like I wasn't as useless as I thought I was in that area.  We were taken to a Chinese buffet by a member in Beebe and poor elder miller had an upset stomach...really upset.  So we had to get him some "clean up" juices haha (Another dad edit: I have no idea what this means and I am not sure any of us wants to know).

I shall call him, Jeremy.
We had district meeting on Thursday because of the MLT.  We went to ours and then Brinkley's.  It's about an hour and a half away.  But before heading out that way, we were asked to go to a funeral and be pallbearers for a lady who not even the bishop knew was a member...so that was fun!  Very hot, but it was good.  I was with Elder Anderson for an exchange and we got along pretty well!

Friday was a full day in Brinkley because it was better for miles to exchange back on Saturday.  I got eaten by mosquitos and sweated off like...10 pounds haha.  Saw a few people, not a lot of success.  We knocked on this one door to give someone a bible, and we heard "who's knockin on my door?!"  So we give the "Jesus people" response haha but no one answered.  We got back and grilled some burgers and talked a bit and had a good conversation.  We're getting along a lot better than before!

They were feeling a little flat. (boom, dad joke)
Saturday was full of freaking what the heck moments!  First, a problem arose, but it's being taken care of, it sucks, but it'll be fine.  We were on our way back from Brinkley when we decided to take the route through the Dagmar Swamp land, let me tell ya, swamps are my favorite.  Something about the Cypress trees and water and wow!  It's just so pretty!  But after that, God rebuked us for doing that, cause our tire popped as soon as we got out of the park haha.  We changed the tired in the blazing heat.  I've never sweat so much in 10 minutes!  We just took off and put on a tire and I was dripping!!  But we made it back and was invited to a high priest social and dinner!

Look, water...and thumbs!
So this is where the night gets crazy!  Sister Clemons pulled us aside and told us there is a couple she wants us to teach.  She found them and gave them a Book of Mormon and restoration Pamphlet and got their first names and general area of where they live.  They just moved here from California and that's all the info she had, so she said good luck cause the sisters also know about them!  So we ran out to find them!  Also, just for more motivation, she offered pizza to who finds them!  So we go out and search for cali license plates and after searching everywhere, elder Smith said he felt prompted just to pull over and as soon as he started, I saw the plates and shout "CALIFORNIA!!  THEYRE HERE!!" Haha.  So we got out and knocked as if we just tracted into them and they let us in and offered us water.  We got to know them and they're from LA, but she went to school for medicine at ASU and U of A!  How crazy?!  They knew Mormons who served missions and knows a bit about the church and so we left thanking them cause they were still unpacking but told us to come back.  As we leave, I asked their names...well here's the twist...IT WASNT THE PEOPLE SISTER CLEMONS TOLD US TO VISIT!!  Totally different people with the EXACT same story!  How freaking awesome is God?!  Haha.

I go to 'That Church' on the corner...
So we left to go Finding again and said a prayer for success and a miracle as we prayed over where to go.  Well we knock most doors and near the end we find a lady.  She was cool and all, but we felt there was more.  She wasn't the miracle is what we felt.  So we left and we're kinda confused on what to do, so we decide to knock one more door.  Well this Arabian lady came and asked who we were, well Elder Smith thought she said something in Spanish so he says 'somos missionaros!"  She promptly said no and slammed the door!  Hahahaha I thought it was the miracle that I didn't laugh out loud right there haha.  So after accidentally offending this poor lady, we walk a bit out of the neighborhood and down the street and as a car pulls up, we talk to them.  Two black ladies, but one left and said not interested.  So we talk and teach the first discussion with one, and the other came back out suddenly very interested.  So we taught her as well and they told us to come back!  So we found our miracle!  But one more fun part, the second lady came out and was just eyeing Elder Smith hard.  Smiling and listening intently, she tells him he has the "cutest most real smile!"  So I laughed and agreed!  She kept checking him out and told us she wants my Book of Mormon, even though it was tattered.  So we left feeling good and laughing back to the car and as we walk, bishop pulls next to us and tells us to come over for lunch on Sunday.  So Saturday was by far the most eventful day of my mission!  Haha 10 out of 10!

I thought Kai said he liked yard work...project!
Sunday was good, nothing big.  The people who "promised" to come to church didn't come, but it's okay cause I had a good time at church.  After church, we went to lunch with the old Stake President!  That was cool cause he offered to come out with us and told us he's gonna have someone for us to teach, solid!  Then we weekly planned for a bit since we couldn't on Friday due to exchanges.  We went to dinner at the Lagomarsino's and played a card game with the kids.  I won, of course.  Sister Lagomarsino was texting Elder Ortiz and we talked with him for a bit.  That was dope!  We then headed to see a couple people...who weren't there...so we went to Bishop Webb to get a tick out of Elder Smiths head haha.  We tried to get it earlier but his hairs kept getting in the way and the head stayed in.  So I got to watch a mini-surgery!  We finished weekly Planning and did our calls and took care of stuff before we headed to night night.

It was a week full of miracles and I'm so glad it happened!  I definitely have a strong testimony that God will answer our prayers.  It may not be in that instant, and it's gonna take some work, but they WILL be answered.  Just remember that miracles are always preceded by faith and action.  So, I will leave you with one scripture before I send this email.

Here's your sign.
Hebrews 13:1
"Let brotherly love continue."

Testify Paul!!  I love y'all so much and can't wait to hear back from ya!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

Thy have gators in Arkansas...and crocs!
I hear banjos, frogs, and and old hound dogs baying...