Monday, March 27, 2017

The first dog bite is always the apologetic mic drop. peace out.

Is this improper or respectful?
What is good my dudes?!  This week was full of physical pain haha.  I went on 2 exchanges this week with Elders Garn and Goaslind!  Tuesday we did some service for a guy named brother Nolan!  He's back and forth between 2 houses so he's not always around but we were able to help him and another member fix up a house on the lake that he's going to try to rent out!  Nothing like manual labor and shovels to put in rocks and gravel!

We saw a lady named Kay Everett and she's sick!  We've taught her a lot and she loves it when we come by!  Although her dog did get me haha.  It was growling and ready to pounce but I saw Kay inside so I ran to the door and the dog got my foot haha.  But all is well in Zion, just a little tooth mark on my toe!  Them little terriers will getcha!


I got to do solo service as well!  I moved five 86 pound cabinets by myself from a trailer, onto a dolly, down a dirt hill with bumps and rock, up and into a shipping container that the member turned into a shooting range haha.  I made 3 trips and did it all by myself cause no one thought it would be good to help but oh well!  My forearms and back should be yoked in no time haha.  We then got a challenge on Thursday to helped someone carry their groceries from a store and we did it!  The lady was freaked out but thanked us anyways!

I'm feeling Samuelish right about now...
I've started to take tallies of amount of times females yell at us, honk at us, flirt with us, reach outside of the car and try to touch us and also how many people just yell out, "YEAH MORMONS," from their car haha.  I'm racking up on tallies!  Each one of those happened like 5 times or so each last week.  Why I never got this amount of female attraction at home?  I've come to a Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, most people look decent, BUT in Memphis, there was no such thing as a well dressed man or boy or anything, so we were automatically #1 stunners, and in Hot Springs, everyone is very country and rough(ish) so again, well dressed and talking about Christ is #1 stunner haha.  Of course I'm sure they were all trying to talk to my companion cause he's adorable...;).

Rain and white!
We then talked to a Guy named Jeff who was super sick!  He knows everything about a missionaries life!  He even knows about P day and when it ends hahaha.  He's super chill and even had us teach his friend the first discussion!  We're seeing him tomorrow!  I can't wait!  And yesterday we had a record day of investigators to church!  6 investigators came!!  It was awesome!!  While on exchanges, Elder Goaslind and I got caught in a huge rain storm!!  We were soaked from head to toe!  While we were at a stop light waiting to be able to walk, a car pulled up with 2 girls who tried offering us an umbrella, but by that time we were already soaked and had no need for it, so we declined haha.  Let me te

ll you though, they would be good missionaries because they were very persistent!  The light turned green and they drove away but it was funny that they really wanted us to take that umbrella.
A district that goofs together...

This week I really cracked down on myself and finding because I'm being WAY too timid and afraid to talk to people, but I talked to Elder Edwards a few days ago and a little pump up later and a quote really hit me and got me in the right mood!  It was "Doctrine understood changes attitude."  And holy crap is that right.  When we truly understand the doctrine of what we teach and how we should really act, it changes us.  I still need work, but I'm getting there!  This week we're going to start doing fun things to find!  We're going to try to carry around a fake microphone and ask people what Jesus has done for them haha.

So I leaked some info earlier, I'M STAYING IN HOT SPRINGS WITH A NEW COMPANION!!!  Elder Goaslind was mad because I'm with his favorite companion he has had haha.  He loves trump and America so we're going to get work done!  He was also a quarterback!  His name is Elder Hill!
Nevermind...I guess they don't stick together! :(
I also was released from District Leader!  Thank goodness!  I mean I feel bad because I really did NOT live up to expectations, but I'm glad because now I can go back to just being a missionary and not having to worry about other companionships or district problems!  So I'm so happy!  It taught me some good lessons though!  Like patience for one and defining your humility.  I mean, I'm still Kai and I'm still king of the freaking world, but I'm a little more humbled ;).

And just a reminder, I'm halfway to the Mission 40!  The average weight gain out here is 40 pounds so I might come back fat hahaha.  I can't wait to not be recognized, but I can also wait because the mission is dope!

Well I sure do love ya guys!  Get at me for more adventures of Elder Adair!  Will Elder Adair and Elder Hill get along?  Can they raise the bar and totally kill it?  Will Elder Adair ever get better looking?  The world may never know the last one, BUT TUNE IN NEXT WEEK FOR MORE!!  PEACE OUT, IM OUT! *drops mic* *walks away* *comes back and dusts off mic because it doesn't belong to me and I felt bad for disrespecting church property* *repents*

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down...


This week was pretty dope!  We did a lot of service this week!  We were finally able to make it out to a place called Malvern this week!  It's in our area but our area is HUGE.  It's about 20 or so miles out so we can only get there like once a transfer.  Anyways, we hunted down some less actives with a member and saw some people that we needed to see.  One's name was Angel and she was PUMPED to see us!  She had met with missionaries in the 90s but they were transferred I guess cause all of a sudden no one came by anymore.  She was calling around and looking but couldn't find us and lo and behold we show up!  She's dedicated too!  She's going to start driving to hot springs to meet with us!  

Men? That's stretching it a bit...
We had the St. Patrick's day parade here!  I guess it's the worlds's on a tiny road but managed to take an hour because of how much distance was between each float haha.  We found a couple people who used to be members and they were so nice to us!  Also get ready for this...we saw Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air so I guess you can say I'm too cool. 😎. And I also got a bead necklace from a Dallas cowboys cheerleader...giddey-up hoss.  We also had Zone Conference and they basically threw down on getting along with your companion and boy...I got chastised.  Haha.  We also saw these people waving around confederate flags and I got a picture of them.  They were smiling and waving back at us haha I was so happy.  

Two truths in this life - the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bacon.
Today we went hiking (hence why this is so late and cause my companion felt we should wait...yeah) and it was so fun!  Sadly, there are a few issues within the district that I need to address with everyone this week.  I'm gonna hold a mini intervention to clear things up cause I'm like Dr. Phil or some gangster like that.  It's gonna fun haha.  I'm even going to bring a clip board and fake glasses.  

We got a reactivation this week...well the spirit did, that is, cause we're basically little puppets.  But anyways we finally got him to church for the first time in some years and he said it was so amazing and that we will see him every week! Or until he's called back to the Middle East for his job. (Secret stuff we can't exactly 100% know about, isn't that sick?!). 

Welp, there is this...
We said goodbye to sister Hugentobler yesterday and that was the most depressing thing ever.  She used to work in the mission office and always is by the missionaries,  She's the biggest sweetheart! She lives in Moab and left today :(

That's really it for this week!  It's the last week of the transfer and I'm pumped to get out and kill it!  I've had to sleep in proselyting clothes this week for not following-up on some things haha.  Oh well!  I love y'all so much and I'm sorry if I can't reply cause again, not a lot of time today!  Tune in next week for more dope adventures of Elder Adair!  Tood-a-loo my loves! 

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Sometimes a boy has to rest comfortably.

The Plan!
It really is beautiful...almost looks like Flagstaff looking down from the observatory.


Monday, March 13, 2017

Be though healed, my child...and get out da funk while you're at it!

Not sure where he got this pic since this church is in Georgia!
Whus Güd my compadres?

My week was kinda normal.  I mean, I definitely did NOT kill Bambi (yes, we [his parents] hit a deer this past weekend), but I did find some pretty fun ways to find people!  I went on exchanges twice this week, with my Zone Leader Elder May and Elder Goaslind.  Elder May and I had a solid lesson with Dr. Carroll.  I found it, he got really logical and kinda bashed it very logically and intellectually.  Elder May...was shaken...he was really freaking out afterward.  But something that was really funny was the fact Dr. Carroll gave me a blessing hahahaha.  He got up and said "I need to pray over you" and started to try to cure my twitching...he said "God line up his cells so that they may work and heal him NOW!" And guess didn't work hahahaha.  Proves the power of the priesthood.  I admire his faith, but boy should he have read Matthew 7:22-23 :/ It was so funny.

Follow-up to last week,,,successful insertion!
I got SUPER trunky yesterday and I won't lie, we didn't do much.  I was disappointed with myself for letting it happen and Anderson was mad too.  It was a lot of lounging around and talking about home with the other elders.  It was bad and I got super chastised by the spirit for it.  We worked it out though and made a bunch of goals to simmer down.  Elder Anderson got a little goofy this morning and kept driving away as the other elders tried to get in.  "You have to stop with the small pranks," is what I was told by him yesterday (karma), so I told him that he was being childish and he just chuckled (again, if you pull pranks you better be ready to receive them Elder Adair).

Nothing you can do when your stuck in a couch.
I also had my first baptismal interview.  It was cool, different, but fun!  I passed her, but the spirit  chastised me again due to something she said, so I called one of the mission presidency and he came and talked to her and she was baptized!!  That was sweet!  The sisters have been teaching her for a while so that's awesome!

I read a quote a few days ago and it said "come what may, and love it!" I loved it because it goes with my favorite hymn, I believe in Christ!  "I believe in Christ, so come what may" I love it because it shows me to just accept what happens to me because Christ made it so no matter what happens to me, I'll always have happiness and joy in the end!

I think he loves this book...I can't complain.

Hop, hop, don't bunny.

I love you guys!  I can't wait to talk to you guys!

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Grand Macs, the KKK recruitment effort, and spreading love - not hate - in Sports Clips...

Someone please explain this to me...why?

Howdy my dudes!  This week was pretty bad number wise, but it got better and my mind is pretty much at ease.  So it was walk week and for some reason, nobody was outside.  Maybe it was the fact we were under tornado watch all week and it was storming, but I guess people just don't desire Christ as much as they say :/.  But we talked to some pretty cool people and had a few really good lessons!

I went on exchanges with Elder Garn, my MTC companion, and we killed it!  I took it upon myself to finally grow a pair and talk to EVERYONE.  There was a guy in his garage and he was doing something so I told Elder Garn to give him a card.  He's a bit on the shy side so he declined the challenge.  So I wasn't going to pass by without talking to him.  I walked into this guys garage and tapped on his shoulder.  He was old and couldn't hear very well without hearing aids, but we explained who we were and talked to him about his church.  Surprisingly, I guess Methodists believe in "nothing."  Yup.  I asked what he believed in and he told me "oh nothing.  Jesus and God!" Haha gotta love the south!  He thanked us for what we do and we went on our way.  It was pretty funny.

Oh, hey, look a normal pic!
I stumped this guy in a bash.  I hate bashes, but holy crap was this funny.  He's a gator (investigator - they aren't actually teaching anyone from University of Florida - they are beyond saving) who thinks god is a spirit and Jesus and God are the same.  He's read D&C and the Pearl of Great Price and thinks they're inspired (he also believes he knows more about the church than most members...rolled my eyes very far back on that one) and so I asked if he believed it was scripture and he said it makes sense.  So I politely asked him to read D&C it, it's a good one.  He didn't know what to say and got mad when I told him to pray about it.  The member with us was freaking out and telling us how awesome it was.  We took him out to dinner afterwards cause he's kinda poor and he's alone most of the time.  He loved it.  Gary Faught.  I love him so much haha.

Yes, shame on y'all!
We also have this Super solid investigator names Mrs. Roach (heather but she prefers Mrs. Cause she's very into titles and respect).  Super awesome and wants to be baptized and so do her sons....but her husband is a...Lamanite...he told her she can't take Michael and Joseph to our meetings anymore and even stalked us as we were walking to her it's a sketchy situation that we're trying to fix and avoid.

Elder Anderson are getting along great after we worked a few things out this week - I'm learning how to resolve conflicts. Haha.  Also, the WML is completely pissed at me haha.  I laugh because he's stepping out of line.  He wants us to fill out paper reports on often they come out with us, feed us and give us rides and who they refer us to.  We felt uneasy about it because he's keeping tabs on things that are unnecessary and it's not even church standard.  So we talked over it as a district and didn't do it.  He wasn't happy.  Oh well...we even called one of the mission presidency, president Jones and he knows Devoux pretty well (30 years haha) and understand our situation.  He told us to not fill it out and that he will talk to Devoux haha.  Score 1 for the elders.  Sadly it's a competition.

Welp, it is Arkansas afterall...LOL
That's really it for the week!  It's been a lot better and the Zone Leaders are like my best friends.  The other elders also were able to break their 15 week streak of no one to church!  I'm so proud of them!  They worked so hard this week!  I love when my district kills it and gets better numbers than me for some reason.  Not as a competition, but to inspire them.  I'm doing district meeting tomorrow on Success.  So I'm pumped for that...of course I haven't prepared it yet but hey, have I ever been good at that?

I love y'all!  I hit my 7 month mark this week so that's insane!  The days are combining together and it's scary how fast it's going!  But I love every second of it!  Oh and sports clips may be expensive, but goodness...I think I saw my future wife there...totally worth it cause she cut my hair....I never realized how terrible I am at talking until she tried to converse with me...yeah missionary mode turned on quick.  Haha anyways.  Have a great week!


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Death...but a delicious death!

This must have been for his mother!
Insert your own caption here...

The hate is strong with this one...