Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Snakes in a cactus, ribs, alligator, Memorial Day!

Happy Missionaries!
Monday was pretty dope.  We went to the Stevens's (as always) but this time he BBQ'd chicken and steak!  But while he was grillin', Adam, his son, and us missionaries and another guy who was there played a game of football and let me tell you, it was sooo needed.  We played in church clothes in a field and I got a little dirty haha.  Worth it.

Tuesday was pretty normal.  District meeting was good, the STL's came.  We went to see a guy with Devaux but of course he couldn't meet then and rescheduled for Wednesday, so Devaux took us to get some gyros at a Greek place.  We then went to Walmart and got stuff for service finding.  The sisters didn't text in and didn't call or answer their phone, so we called the ZL's and the STL's to let them know.  They're supposed to be in by 9:00 but at 9:45 they didn't answer and phone went right to voicemail, so we headed out to go check on them.  Keep in mind they live about 45 min to an hour away.  As we were getting ready they finally called...well...they had turned off their phone and forgot to text in.  Speck was having a panic attack.

Those ribs though...go better with smolder.
Wednesday we went service finding and I can't believe how prideful some people are.  We offered like 15 people to wash their windows or help with their yard for free and literally all said no they can do it by themselves...correct me if I'm wrong, but if 2 young guys capable
of doing work ask to work for free, I would put them to work.  As we were walking, we got chased off by a mad, foaming pitbull.  No one in the south keeps their ruthless mutts on leashes or chains so they go roaming and attacking for no reason.  I pulled a knife on it and got ready to defend my own, but it backed off.  We also talked to some dude who tried to destroy our testimonies with his logic on how religion is evil and drags people to hell and then used a misunderstood scripture to tell us that and so we tried testifying but he wouldn't allow us to because it doesn't matter what we think...I was pretty silent the whole time (so that I didn't blow and rail on him) and he took it as I was receptive to his BS and pointed at me saying I will remember his words and follow his advice...that torqued my shorts...very fierce.  We legit told him to have a good day and I walked away very fast.  He said a roadside prayer with us and asked god to lead us in the right path and I about walked away.  I'm telling you my patience is getting pretty strong.  But good thing, Devaux bought us ribs so that outweighed some of the bad!  We also found a huge snake and got a kitten.  Pretty weird freaking day.  But my feet were shot and I was pretty upset with Satan.

Snakes, why did if have to be snakes?
Thursday was better.  Less happened and not much besides walking 8 miles to the church, doing family history and playing volleyball.  Richard couldn't come to Volleyball cause one of his friends went to the hospital and he went to help him.  Good day at volleyball!  We had a blast!  My legs are broke, my foot arches are shot, but hey, I'm still kickin' haha.

Friday was very very VERY hot.  Humidity is picking back up and so is the heat.  Gary Faught, a member we haven't seen in a while, got back in contact with us and took us to see Mike and we had a great lesson!  He's still struggling with word of wisdom, but we are making a plan with him to help him!  We were able to help him see the light in the dark, that Christ suffered so that we could repent and not be bound by death or affliction or sin.  We read Alma 7:11-13 with him and he was baffled!  To ensure he keeps reading, we had him put his Book of Mormon on his pillow to remind him to read every night.  He wants to join the church so bad!  Brother Hooper, the member he lives with, had some great input and I think he is gonna help rebuild his fire!  We've had some District problems, but all will be well in the end.

For some reason a smile just won't do...
Saturday, we actually had a miracle!  First off, we were in the apartment for a while because the office elders came to drop off the OTHER elders microwave, but they came and chilled a bit.  Elder Jennings, Elder Nielson's old companion, told me that he will bring the bench set for me to my next area when I'm transferred haha.  So it's Gucci having office elders as friends haha.  But we went out walking and I had an idea to go talk to a lady Elder Hill and I found a while ago.  She was so happy to see us and was asking questions and asking us why the church.  Why our church over others?  We explained how Christ set up his church and got to the Book of Mormon and she asked how she can get one.  Without thought I shot mine out and said "by taking this one!"  Pretty loudly haha.  It was actually really funny that we all started laughing haha.  She told us that she needed to pray about it after reading and pray about what we say and elder Speck and I literally jumped and squealed as little school girls and said, "Perfect, we were just about to tell you to do that!" Haha.  After that we went and moved some members, the Fortes, with Micah.  Micah and I kinda did most of the work, but it was good!  I found out I truly am better at real world Tetris than most people!  I still feel like the amount of times I've moved someone out here, is still less than he amount of times I have moved just from city to city haha.

It seems this was a delicious meal.
Sunday was bland, in fact, pretty lame.  We had an amazing church service and had some amazing talks about freedom and liberty and service!  This was the closest I've come to crying in sacrament meeting on my mission.  No investigators came because Tawana got the stomach virus, Mike didn't show and Richard was with that friend...probably.  Haha anyways we had a great church time.  We had a member stick up for us in missionary work in priesthood.  For some reason, people brought up how baptisms and work is declining and how there's more missionaries but less success.  They bring it up a lot...but this guy (from Arizona, he's sister Fortes's brother) stood up and said it's not the missionaries's fault it's happening, it's not a failure, but rather more people are being converted for the right reasons and it's creating more converts instead of members.  I wanted to stand up and hug him so hard.  It made some people feel so dumb.  Good.  We made scones, pancakes and eggs for lunch and we downed it so fast!  They were soooo good!  Then like 3 hours later We went to Devaux's for dinner and had alligator and pulled pork sandwiches.  I'm getting so fat.  I love it!  I gave a thought on John 15:13 and 2 Nephi 1:7.  It got intense.  I got pretty emotional about it cause I take Memorial Day pretty seriously cause it's not just a day for parties, BBQ's or fun, but for remembrance for those who fell in sacrifice for us, out of love for their country and us.  We then went to Bro. Jordan's and I got his tea recipe!  Finally, it took me forever to get it.  And no mom, it's not the bad tea, it's herbal.  I'm in the south, I have to like tea.

Southern scarecrow...not keeping the snakes out!
Guys, today on Memorial Day, don't just use it as another 3-day weekend. Don't use it for a party or BBQ.  Remember those who fell for us.  They didn't even know us and loved us enough to leave behind THEIR family, THEIR comfort, THEIR lives and THEIR freedoms, so that we could enjoy ours.  If that's not something to remember and to celebrate, then forget

 every other holiday besides Easter and Christmas.  Literally, "greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."  Don't take this day for granted, but use it to pay respect.  Have fun and enjoy your day, but remember those who can't enjoy today because of the price they paid for it.  I love y'all, don't ever forget that!

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Monday, May 22, 2017

The mission is coming fast and furious now and the spirit is strong with this one.

Love when my kid patriots out like this!
Monday was pretty boring, just sat at the church all day.

Tuesday we had district meeting and it was pretty good!  Afterwards, we were gonna go and do some finding before heading to the Rogers for lunch, but I felt like we should go see another member instead.  Well, when we got there, she told us to come in and immediately broke down and asked for a blessing.  We gave her one and she was so thankful and was just thinking about calling us right before we came by.  So that was really cool and I definitely felt the spirit there.  I feel like I'm getting more and more in tune with it!  After that, she said she noticed my tics and then went to the back room and gave me a whole bottle of doterra oils haha it's called serenity, it helps calm the nerves and it works!  Later on we made cookies for bishop for letting us call from their stuff on Sunday and also for brother Devaux and miracles happened!  We got referrals and then got a call from another member telling us a less active is going to be at volleyball!

Wednesday we started off with brother Devaux and visiting the referrals and both were home and willing to listen!  One was a less active who is going to come to church and the other is a former named Richard who is also gonna try to come haha.  The LA is a son of a former and we didn't even know!  The gator though, was really...interesting haha.  But hey, Gods children right?  Devaux pulled in clutch and bought us milk and sausage after the meetings...so it's looking up!  Lots of tender mercies coming our way!  We did family History for a little bit as well.  After dinner with a super cool member, who wants to fellowship and home teach more with us, we went to mutual.  That's something an earlier comp never let me do for some reason.  We were in referral heaven!  The 1st counselor offered to take us home teaching with him, we ran into brother Hooper (friend of Mike) and set up an appointment with him, and then got a Book of Mormon request from a member for a friend!  ...who speaks some Indian language...so kind of a score?  Haha.

Thursday elder Speck went to a leadership meeting, so I got to go on an exchange with another elder named Elder Sandman.  He's from Phoenix!  We had a lot of fun!  Talking about football and the draft and all this other stuff as we walked!  We got wings for lunch and walked some more!  It was super cloudy and humid and ugh, the weather will getcha out here.  I just hope I can hack the summer without dying!  We had volleyball after elder Speck got back and it was pretty good!  Richard came!  He loved it!  He has a glass eye from some experiences of living the street life and he took it out and put it back in and it was so legit!  He has some crazy stories!!  But the members there took him in and he had a blast!  He said he'll be coming to church and we even got a ride for him!  While I was with Sandman, I got some pretty dope glasses!  Of course they're the star spangled and they're legit the best thing ever.

Mission genealogy.
Friday we went and saw Richard and it was amazing!  It all went great, but then he told us that at volleyball, he overheard some people gossiping about him and when I heard that I almost blew a gasket...I think I know who it was and I want to let them know how stupid they are, I was sad.  Anyways, he said it didn't bother him cause he had a great time and loves the Mormon religion.  We also saw Mike and had a great lesson with him as well!  We shared the plan of salvation with him and in order to help him keep the word of wisdom, we swore off sugar as he tries to quite smoking and coffee!  So this should be fun haha.  We also brought cookies to the elders quorum president that night, but he wasn't there...his wife told us that he is a diplomatic security agent and is with Trump right now...no big deal hahaha that was so cool to hear about.

Saturday was pretty slow but we had a DOPE lesson with a member referral named Tawana!  She was super into the lesson and got super emotional after we cleared up repentance and forgiveness for her.  She told us that she wanted to cancel the appointment but the spirit just would not let her and she was so happy and glad that she didn't cancel it!  The member with us, Brother Wray, was so great!  That was the best lesson I have had with a member present!  He is a full fellowshipper and asked if he could give her rides to church and be her guide when she needs help!  After that we went to the young women's spaghetti dinner/dessert auction.  The food was great, but the auction...best thing I've been to.  So Devaux gave each companionship $50 to spend on food, specifically Sister Hugentobler's Carrot Cake, but elder Speck and I aren't eating sugar anymore, so we did what any other sugar free missionary would do...we spent all $50 on brother DeLong's BBQ sauce...yup.  I have no regrets.  The other elders did the same.  Oops.  Some people though, were dropping some serious dough on these desserts!  That carrot cake went for $150, 2 banana cream puddings went for $110 and $105 and a couple other things went for like $90 and $85!  It was redonculous!

Sunday was probably the most trunky day I've had haha.  For sacrament, there was a talk on promptings and agency, which led the speaker to talk about college and meeting her husband.  Then in priesthood it was on eternal marriage and the teacher had everyone share how they met their wife and then talked to...the single brethren (the elders) about how we need to prepare for it.  So that was fun.  We had dinner with Devaux and then tried a less active trying to bring him dinner, but his apartment was super locked down and wouldn't let us in, so that's legit.  We ended the night with having the other elders over for a bit as they grabbed some things and I called Goaslind and it was very much needed haha.  I miss that kid so much!

This week was full of miracles and I had an absolute great time!  The areas heart had been softened and I'm doing great!  Members are starting to warm up and I have actually been way upbeat!  I love y'all and can't wait to hear back from y'all!!

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A VERY late post from 5/15/2017...my apologies.

Southern Gents.
Monday we rough saying bye to Hill and Goose, but I'll be able to call and text them so I'll be fine.  Also I found a tick on me and so that was an experience.

Tuesday we went to the Rogers' and did some service for them.  We painted their shutters and it was awesome!  Really hot outside but it was fun!  I got burned again but it's whatever.  Then we went to lunch at Pizza Hut and guess what!  Right after our waitress lady took our order, she got our water and then went outside, got in her car and left...hahaha it was so weird!  But I mean, if 4 devilishly good looking guys walked in and I was her, I would have to leave too.  We went around trying different people but no one answered.  We ate at a members house and had a really good time!  We ate some bomb ham and then had a good little lesson and challenged them all to hand out a pass along cards by tomorrow!

For all the moms.
Wednesday we did a lot of store finding.  We went to a shoe store and no one offered to help us or talk to us, so we left and went to a Book store and found a Bible section...and you're not gonna believe what we found...we legit found anointing oil...the amount of priestcraft that goes on here is redonculous.  We also found the "action bible" which is the Bible in comic book form...THEN all that was there was NIV, NKJV and ESV bibles.  Literally, I think we found 3 KJV bibles.  The south is crazy.  And right on the other side of bibles were adult books...yup.  We went with the other elders after that to do some family history at the church.  I indexed for about 2 hours and so my head started hurting and we left.  We went to the mall later on too and again no one wanted to talk to us.  We talked to one lady at another shoe store but she shot us down and told us she doesn't believe that way.

Looking good.
Thursday we walked and scouted out an area to go family history finding and then came back for comp study and lunch.  After that we went and walked that area again, expecting to see more people, but we didn't, so we "dropped" family history cards everywhere and stuck some pass along cards in telephone posts.  Hopefully a miracle happens and someone finds one and wants to learn more.  Holding onto faith for that one.  We went to see Mike but he for some reason wasn't home so we went and saw brother Devaux to introduce Speck.  We played volleyball again that night and it was good.

Well, there you have it!
Friday we went through part member lists and visited some less actives.  No one really answered but we were able to receive a referral from another area and it said to visit asap.  So we turned around and got there in 15 minutes and caught her right before she was leaving!  Funny because she said she is almost never home because of her job so I have no doubt God is preparing her.  Then we went and made corsages for the single mothers in our ward!  It was actually really fun and they looked bomb!  Later that night we went to get water at the spring, and this dude and chick were keeping their distance as we were getting water for like 10 minutes.  Well, as soon as we get in the car, Mr. Man decided to grow a pair and say "where's your *swear word for poop* at?!"  And proceeded to flip us off.  Well we drove 3 feet and got caught at a light and he was no longer Mr. Man!  He was quiet and trying to talk to his girl who actually said hi to us.  Yup, tucked his tail after he realized we weren't going anywhere.

Supporters unite?
Saturday was full of hard work.  We did service for a Russian who we helped a while ago last transfer.  Elder Speck and I started off moving cinder blocks (like 50 of them) up a hill to make space while the other elders started the shoveling of dirt into wheel barrows and running them up a hill and dumping them.   When we were done we helped with that.  In all, we shoveled and dumped for 5 hours or so in the blazing heat.  We were beat.  After that we went home, showered and checked for ticks and then had another lesson with Dan.  He still had more questions about Lehi's Dream, so we had another hour long discussion on that.  Later on we saw brother Jordan and talked a bit with him and then went Finding in the mall.

Love the patriotism!!
Sunday was amazing!!  Great day at church and then had a companion study on how to stand our ground against stumbling blocks in our area.  We then went to the Hugentobler's for dinner and they gave us stuff to Skype on at the church!  As my parents know, I had an amazing time!  It was probably the high light of my year so far!  We challenged the Hugentobler's after that to handout 2 restoration DVD's with the first 3 lessons pamphlets and a pass along card in them!  So we'll see how that goes!  They fed us some good spaghetti and then Danish Dessert stuff.  It's strawberry jello stuff with cream and crushed pretzels!  It was so good!  I had so many slices!  We went by a couple less active families but no one answered #MissionaryWork.

In all, this week was a good week.  Not the best missionary work wise, but we did some good things.  Lots of service haha.  I got a nice tan though!  So that's a plus!  I want all of y'all to start reading the Bible because it may not be as perfect as the Book of Mormon, but dang does it spit knowledge and pure doctrine.

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Apparently this is what the south does...relaxes you.

Wondering if Robin Hood is around the corner.

Da Boys!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Yet another transfer, losing a good hombre (can I say hombre?)...and more adventures from the south!

Just the good ol' boys...
This week was yet another walk week, number 4 in a row.  My legs and feet are absolutely dead.

Monday again we went to the Stevens and had a good time.

Tuesday was rather fascinating.  We went walking and finding; this guy from a car dealership called us over and so we went.  He asked what was the reason or reasons people thought Mormons are weird and he told us to "only speak by the spirit" (like 4 times).  He asked us for a Book of Mormon and gave us his standpoint with everything.  He told us to start telling everyone we meet that "the water floweth from my mouth like a rock" and to read 2 and 1 Peter backwards....yup.  Then he kept saying he is Peter and his brother is John.  Odd guy, but good talk.  We then went to Malvern with a member and found a cool lady who met with missionaries in the 90's and wants us to come back.  We also might help her husband with his cattle.

Never meaning no harm...
Wednesday was our last Zone Meeting ever.  And guess how it went?  Well I'll tell ya.  Devaux came in and told the zone leaders don't be late on ending and then we were 3 min over when it was all said and done and he came in demanding that we leave then and there.  Well, the ZL's had gifts for us (t-shirts) and we also had to take a picture (requirement from President Wakolo) and Devaux has the audacity to tell us that we're not taking a picture and that we're leaving.  I told him basically and plainly that he's not in charge of the zone and that we are staying for the picture because we answer to president, not him.  He wasn't happy, but he let us stay.  After all that we came back and it was pouring rain hardcore!  We couldn't go out so we fixed up the apartment and worked out.

Thursday was National Star Wars day, so that was cool.  We went with Devaux to see a less active, who just so happened to be one of our former investigator's son.  She was happy to see us and gave us hugs and told us her son was asleep so we'll go back another time.  Weather here flips so bad.  It was raining and cloudy so we stopped in Walmart while walking to beat the weather and contact in there for a bit.  We played volleyball that night and it was fun.  Micah Stevens and his family was there and that made for a good time.  Micah's extended family was there and the kids with them kept recording us missionaries on their phones and being silly.  The dad kept telling us to "be humble" cause people there "haven't played before" and "there's girls here."  I would have had sympathy and listened....but all the girls there were volleyball players and us guys have never played!  So we were hitting it a little hard but they were beating us down!  So every time he said to humble, we would pet the ball and say "be soft little one" and smack it as hard as we could.
Beats all you never saw...

Friday was tough.  It started off with a very short weekly planning session and a companionship study.  We then went and saw Dan and studied Lehi's dream with him.  It took about an hour or so, we wanted to be thorough.  Then I had to write something up for president at the church so we did that and then came back to the apartment to get our sticks and head out for the 13 mile walk to a less actives house.  About 8 or 9 mile into the walk we saw a tender mercy of the lord, and let me tell you how tender it was.  This member, I feel horrible cause I don't remember her name, pulled up and asked if we needed a ride and so obviously we accepted, but that's not the best part.  We weren't even driving off yet when she asked if we wanted ice cream and water...this sweet lady took us and got us ice cream cones and water and we talked about missionary work for about 20 minutes!  She drove us to the members and we had a good talk.  He's going through some CRAP!  I can't really say cause I don't want to just expose his life, but in a gist, he is no longer in a relationship.  He's taking it hard and it's showing.  But we were able to talk him into calling and meeting with the bishop on Sunday.  We then were picked up by the other elders (thank goodness) and then we went to dinner with the Rogers!  After that we stopped by to say goodnight to brother Jordan.  I got home and wobbled into the shower and then to bed.

Been in trouble with the law...
Saturday was balls to the wall all over the place.  First, we got haircuts and I took a buzz cause it's getting hot and my mane was all over the place.  After that we walked to Jeff, about 4 miles away only to find he wasn't home.  So then we tracted all the way to the church 5 miles away from Jeff's.  We found another tender mercy as a sweet old lady pulled off the road and gave us some drinks cause it was hot.  It's good to see things like that when the world just seems so mean.  We then went to the church to get WiFi to figure out some stuff.  We also found ice cream, so we took some.  But can you blame us?  We walked to the moon and back, I think that deserves ice cream.  We then came back to the apartment with the other elders to get ready to find out about transfers.  We had spare time so we played Uno for a bit.  Elder Hill is leaving to Midtown, the area right above Memphis 2nd.  Not going to lie, I was sad.  I hate that I'm losing another close companion after only having him for 6 weeks.  I hate being done after only one transfer.  My new comp is Elder Speck.  I don't know much about him.

Since the day they were born.
Sunday was the average transfer Sunday.  We went and said bye to brother Jordan, Micah, and the Devaux's.  Devaux fed us dinner and then we deuced to Micah's.  Before we got there he called us and informed us we were gonna help a friend with a problem...so we got there and hopped in his truck and drove to this storage unit.  Well the problem this guy had was he had pulled out his boat and it caught the garage door thing and tore it out!  We helped fix it as best as we could so they had a lock for their jet ski's haha.  They were super nice and thankful and told us if we ever wanna take the boat out we can just give them a call haha.  I told them I'll take them up...in 15 months...hahaha.

Well today we woke up at 4 to get to north Little Rock before 6:30 so we could send off elder Hill.  I think this is one of my hardest goodbyes, well, tied with Elder Edwards.  It's only been 6 weeks and I feel like it's been a year long friendship.  It breaks my heart but I'll survive.  Luckily we have phones haha.  It's also sad seeing elder Goaslind leave.  We've become super close as well.  But I'm hopeful for this transfer!  I love you guys!  Have a great week!

Straightenin' the curves...
And P.S.
I'm writing this in a car that's jam packed full of luggage.  I'm telling you if you need a lot of stuff packed up in a small space, missionaries are the guys to call!  We're Tetris masters who are comfortable in any situation haha.

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Someday the mountain might get 'em, but the law never will!
Flattenin' the hills...

Friday, May 5, 2017

Day by day by day...survived the storms...and some typical missionary frustration.

Monday night we went to the Stevens for dinner and we had a great time.  We talked for a pretty long time and he's so cool.

Tuesday was a disaster.  First, a very bad district meeting, then we got chastised by a member for having a dirty car.  Our car was dirty cause we haven't driven it in a while because we've been walking and because we're out of miles.  I just smiled and said we'll clean it and then he had the audacity to tell us to clean it then and there and he was gonna watch.  Elder Hill said not a chance and we'll clean it later.  Then he kept going on and on and so we just left.  Because we are out of miles we have to walk for the next two weeks...tough lesson learned.  Anyways we got boots and I look dang good in them.  We got them for more than half of normal price!  We also saw Mike and it was awesome!  We taught the plan of salvation and he absolutely loved it.  He was having a bad day but was so upbeat and happy at the end.  We then went to Dixie Cafe for dinner.

Wednesday was definitely a day I'll remember.  We couldn't do much cause it was pouring rain and the streets flooded.  Elder Hill needed a new mattress so the office elder brought him one.  They all go home soon, Elder Arbon for example goes home next Tuesday haha.  So we talked with them for a bit and went to lunch at Dixie Cafe...can you tell we like the place?  We were hydroplaning in the truck with a trailer on the whole way there and back.  We then went and visited Brother Jordan with the other elders.  He's an older, single guy.  He's pretty lonely And so elder Hill and I wrote him letters thanking him for all he does, because literally nothing would get done in the ward without him.  We played cards with him for a couple hours while it was storming and talked.  He needed it.  I'm sure it meant the world to him.  If making someone's day a little better and more enjoyable, I'll stay with them as long as I need.  I'm called to serve, and as long as I'm helping and lifting burdens or spirits, I'm doing what God wants me to do.

Thursday was...something else...I have never felt so baffled in my ENTIRE life.  Never.  We talked to someone who made me feel like I needed to reevaluate the whole human race.  We walked to Jeff's to invite him to volleyball and get his new number and as we were talking to him this black dude named "Black" decided to come by.  Jeff kept telling him to go back in his house but nope...he came over to tell us "the truth."  He basically went on and on about how Jesus' name is fake and has no meaning cause his real name is "Youseff" and that it is found in the Bible, which is incorrect.  But no matter how much proof we had against him, he said we were wrong.  Then he took us for a round on how we worship on the wrong day and yada yada yada.  Proved him wrong again but his heart was set.  Then of course he brings up how Jesus was black and how Moses was also black and Blacks of the USA are the "real Jews."  We were nice and sensitive at first but his denseness made us be pretty brutal while using the True Word of God, the Bible, to prove him wrong yet again.  And that caused us to veer into how Adam was black and how whites came from black people who had albino children...and right now you're probably very confused, but you read that 100% correctly...and I apologize for taking some of your IQ away.  After all this was said and done we talked a bit about normal stuff AND THEN this guy literally went off on how the earth is flat, we never went to the moon and that 9/11 wasn't terrorists, but we attacked ourselves...again, you read all of that right.  Out of all of this I'm just glad that I was able to have enough sense and the Bible knowledge at hand to take this guy out even though he didn't understand any of what we said.  It definite built my testimony that:
1. The gospel is true and will go on with or without you
2. I am not the dumbest person on earth.
Also I'm upset cause the Panthers got my favorite player...McCaffery.

Friday was pretty slow.  I got my cowboy hat.  Elder Hill and I had a fit planning out our baptism for this Saturday.  I guess it's not custom in this ward to have a memorable service because "we focus on the ordinance" like what the deuce?  Mike Sanello is entering into the kingdom of God, making one of the biggest decisions of his life and its going to consist of a 15 minute service Sunday morning with one prayer, one hymn and one talk that's 3 min long...yup then dunk and go to sacrament.  I feel it should be a bit longer and more memorable for Mike.  Brother Jordan had us over for lunch and that sweetheart got me a carrot cake cause the dessert he made had walnuts in it...and the carrot cake had them in it too haha I just picked them out and ate as much as I could haha.  We then got back in contact with Mrs. Roach who's husband has been keeping her from seeing us.  I guess he's warming up a bit so that's good!  Mike had to cancel cause of work so elder Hill and I discussed other matters in the car.  The days are getting hotter and more humid so life is gonna start getting...much much harder...

Saturday was just walking and walking and walking.  We saw a girl named Aryanna who's grandpa is a member and she wants to know more.  She's 13 and wants to learn more!  We also saw Mike!  We just read with him and we might have to push the baptism back to be sure he's ready.  So that kinda sucks, but if it helps him, I'm happy!  We walked and went finding for 4 hours so that took me out.  I'm absolutely broken down.  This week was so rough.  It stormed so bad.  The sky was lit up blue and it was insane!  Just flickers and flickers and then BOOM!  Like 80 times!  No joke thought someone was gonna die!  I mean, Southern drivers already suck worse than Utah drivers (yup), but when you add flooded streets and lightening going off every half second, it got tense.  Elder Hill and I iced our feet in buckets and it hurt so bad!  I haven't iced in so long so my feet were just doneski's.

Sunday was good.  We got a new one ripped into us by Devaux cause we called and asked President Jones about the baptismal service.  He got all booty hurt and yelled and then he got mad that we didn't call him cause we didn't get fed once this week and blah blah blah.  We were pretty peeved.  He fed us later that day and ripped into us again and said we made him look like an idiot in ward council cause he didn't get our progress record...keep in mind there was tornado warnings going off all Saturday and Sunday morning so we couldn't get to wifi to send them in, but whatever floats his boats.  We visited Brother Jordan again.  He was pretty upset at church and seemed grumpy so we brought him he cheesecake Devaux got us haha.  He was pretty pumped.  But before that, he was sleeping and we called.  We were in the car cause he didn't answer but we saw his dogs at the door and while we were looking at them, Elder Hill just yells as loud as he can!  We looked over and Brother Jordan was standing in the window hahahaha.  He thought he was a ghost or something!  But we stayed a bit and left.

This week was pretty rough, and it's only gonna get rougher and rougher cause now it's actual walk week and Elder Hill and I are exhausted.  But Micah is having us over tonight so I guess that lightens the burden.

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