Thursday, August 25, 2016

Last email from the MTC?

Hey guys!!  I got the package and I love it!! Also I would love to get more dear elder notes from you guys!  I love reading those at the end of the night and I haven't gotten them in a while!  I like hearing from you guys more than once! 

MTC is great and i got a baptism promise from my TRC investigator (shes LDS but we got her character to commit!)  That was awesome!!  Also My district and another one in our zone are huge pranksters and we've been messing with the new guys so bad haha!  We laxed them (they also laxed me) and we spoon and fork their rooms!  We empty bottles of shampoo on their hair as they shower too haha they get so mad that they wont even keep their door open when we are in the halls!  It's all in good fun!

Tell Cort I love him and miss him!  Concussions suck! trust me I know haha.  He'll be good though!  Kill it out there bud! Chance, not gonna lie, middle school is funky haha!  You'll have fun though cause you have a lot of friends! 
Ella and crew I love you guys!  Crew is my book mark for my B.O.M!  I look at his picture every time I open it!  
I ran into Jeremy Hanson here too!!  I haven't seen him since 10th grade! haha.  I didn't get a pic with Mash though because he left on Tuesday.  He's gonna be so great. Also I need pictures of you guys!!  Get them sent! :)  
The MTC has been great!  I can't wait to get out though!  My testimony and teaching skills are getting so much stronger! 

I'll email you guys more in a bit though!  I have to go put my laundry in the dryer haha

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