Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hot Springs, Arkansas - a land of beauty!

Arkansas, Kai has arrived...I mean Elder Adair.
Hey guys!

This week was definitely new.  Hot Springs is gorgeous!  I love driving around and walking around cause it reminds me so much of Flagstaff!  Minus the mountains...they're just hills haha.  Nothing too big.  But since I got called to be a district leader, I'm now a leader of 5 other missionaries.

Just like Flagstaff...uh, Kai, you feelin' okay???
Our car(s) broke down this week so that was fun.  We had one car that kept bugging o so we had to drive it to Little Rock (an hour away) and get a new car from the mission while that one is in the shop.  The new car given to us was worse.  It wouldn't shift gears and it kept turning off and over heating, so we drove it back the next day and got our old car back.  Needless to say I'm tired of cars haha.  But I love my district!

Elder Garn is in my district and so is Elder Goaslind!  They're sooo cool!  Sister Hyer and her greenie are in here too, but they're in the Glen Wood Branch.  Sister Hyer was Sister Fisher's companion when I got here.  She's so cool and her greenie is from Tonga!  Sister Feinga!

Done contemplating, now leave me alone!
It's a contemplative kind of vibe I'm picking up here.
The weather here is pretty good!  It started cool and then it rained and now it's warmer and humidity is starting to pick up.  Ugh.  The members are super cool!  They're so nice and came up and talked to me!  Brother Jordan is what we call a "black woman trapped in a white mans body" haha.  Brother Devoux is our ward mission leader and he's something else.

I love y'all and can't wait to hear back!!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

Brother Jordan.

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