Friday, February 10, 2017

Better late than never...maybe? Kind of an off week for Elder Adair.

Hey guys!  My week was pretty sound.  Like, actually quiet again.  We had a really really cool chapel tour with Ann and She loved it and said she wants to come back!  Sadly, she didn't come to church...but we did have The Harris Family come to Book of Mormon class!  That was cool because they got to meet brother Taylor and Triena (a recent Convert).  We're seeing them tonight.  Also remember Tonya?  The lady who said she wanted to "hook me"?  Well we sent the sisters over to teach her and she's all of a sudden not interested anymore...hmm I'm not sure if she was hearing us talk or watching us talk...

That's really all that happened this week...we had interviews with President Wakolo and they went really good!  It's been a tough week but it'll get better!

As for the Super Bowl, I was rooting for the Fellow Bird Gang, but sadly they couldn't clench it...Brother Helmer was sneaky and had the game on during dinner hahaha.  I got to see some but not a lot of the game.  I miss the yelling and fighting and accusing that we had going on for Super Bowls.  It just felt like a normal Sunday to me.

Utahrn in Memphis
Sorry this letter is so short, not much else really happened.

Not too many pictures either but we saw a truck with an interesting license plate that made elder Hoyle and I freak out.

Kings Do King Things

Elder Knievel showing off his mad skills, until he falls off doing the most basic maneuver - stopping.

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