Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Called to serve, wonderful aromas, and please: Forget the butt cheeks!

This week was a TON of service, I think we totaled out at 12 or 14 or so hours of it.  Lots of moving and lots of gross house cleaning.

Let me start with this freakin' house.  I cannot describe even in the slightest of how bad this house smelled; imagine a house full of dead, rotting cats and dogs, who's bowels still work...very well, then add rotting doors and meats inside of a broken freezer.  We cleaned out the freezer and I gagged and dry heaved the whole time.  They gave us masks and it didn't help at all.  I then, went inside to help get some things, and I kid you not this room was LITERALLY, and I mean 100% literally, covered in fecal matter.  Whether it was dog, cat, or human...I know not, but it was there and it was smelly.  Again, I threw up.  We stayed there for an hour and then deuced out and even denied lunch because we couldn't function.  That's most definitely going in my homecoming talk...but the moving was actually great.

Another act of service was for a member leaving to go on a mission with his wife and the other was for a non-member.  The members daughter had fallen away but was in tears for how grateful she was for us.  If we didn't show, they would have been moving for another day.  It was awesome.  It took 9 or 10 hours to do due to 5 HUGE cabinets and dressers and a 6 room 2 story house.  But, again, it was amazing.  The non-member move was also incredible.  He even took us out for dinner and he doesn't have much money so that meant a lot.  He put a pic of us on Facebook.  We don't know what he said, but he was in tears when talking to us.  Very nice guy.

Sunday we got a few Easter treats so that helped me be less homesick haha.  There's some members here who are just absolutely amazing.  I literally got choked up at how amazing some were.  Brother Micah Stevens told us to come by if we don't have meals or just to talk and practice teaching.  I've never met such a great man.  He reminds me so much of my dad!  When I come back to visit, he's on my list.  He was the one who we helped move the other members.  Other than all of that, we knocked doors and walked all week (over 200 doors and 0 new people to teach...life of a missionary).

Oh, we watched the Arkansas Derby.  The 2nd largest horse race in the USA behind the Kentucky Derby, so that was cool!  Granted, it was Babylon the entire time.  Women (whether they were 12 or 70) were dressed very skimpy and very...basically naked...but we were able to avoid it by going behind the track and getting an open view.  We literally, though, saw chicks' butt cheeks, literally hanging out of their freakin' pants.  It's like everyone wore super tiny rompers and daisy dukes and holy cow I saw more cheeks on people's rear than I did on their faces!  Huge sunglasses and hats covered them, so I'm guessing they just had to show off the other ones!  Like I had to stare into the friggin' sky!  If I looked down, I saw Satan in my face!  But all is well now.  Race season is over and people are back to their good ole Arkansas selves.

 All of our investigators dropped us and were dying of heat exposure...BUT we got a referral for a dad and daughter who wanna investigate and the daughter wants to be baptized so we're very hopeful for that!  My companion is a complete stud and I'm so happy here.  Oh and by the way those pictures you sent last week literally looked like you were a princess. (Dad edit: I have no clue what he is talking about here, but I'm scared...)

On Sunday I was really down and sad and homesick but I'm better now.  It's been one of those bitter sweet weeks.  We did so much work and got literally nothing in return.  I was pretty mad at God I'm not going to lie.  I'm getting better though and trying to look at the positives.  Like I said last week, missions are very hard but we're trying to make them better.  Word of the week: trying.  Cause sometimes that's all we can do. (Dad edit: I'm feeling faklempt, talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic: Proud dad moment - my boy's growing up.)

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

Notes on the videos:
1. What rain?  His hair is dry!
2. A handphone?  Seriously??
3. The most boring video ever made.

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