Monday, July 3, 2017

Settling into Searcy - teaching, searching, finding and loving most...and trying to love others...and snakes.

He loves President Wakolo!
Hey y'all!  Sorry, this ones gonna be a little short!  We didn't have too much free time this week!  It started off pretty good!  We found a guy named Frank and he's from Belgium and is a real tough cookie to break!  We saw him again on Sunday and he had a binder full of anti Mormon stuff and just wanted answers.  So he took this paper that had some anti on it and asked us to debunk them, if we could.  So obviously I took the challenge cause I immediately thought of how to trash this kind of literature haha.

Tuesday Was district meeting and it was good!  Beebe elders and Cabot sisters (both training) got invited to the Missionary Leadership Council with us!  That's a meeting only for zone leaders and sister training leaders so that was cool!  We saw the Mauldins and Dayton just adores me for some reason!  She grabbed my hand and smiled and hugged me haha.  We also saw a dude who we taught the restoration with in 5 minutes cause we knew he wasn't interested.  So I started saying random words that had nothing to do with the lesson and he didn't catch any of we never went back haha.

The crew
Wednesday we had MLC.  We had the missions last instruction from Elder Wakolo and it was powerful!  I'm gonna miss that man so much!  I found out one of the greenies from the zone, Sister Friend, is from Arizona!  She went to Highland though and I can't remember where that is, but still cool!  Elder Janes and I had some good conversations and Elder Edwards and I caught up!  I miss that child!  We had Book of Mormon class afterward and played basketball.

The crew part deux
Thursday I had a doctors appointment.  Yes mom, I went to the doctors haha.  There was a growth on my ear and Speck freaked out and was all "call the mission nurse you have cancer!" And all that mess and he ended up calling so I finally went after 2 weeks of nagging by the mission nurse.  I knew it wasn't bad, just a big wart thing so they froze it off...and that hurts a bit!  Haha it turned all black and stuff.  Sister Mauldin was super nice and we talked to her later that day as well.  We also saw the Duncan's again and had s'mores and they asked for a lesson on Saturday about marriage haha.  He is a gun broker and so I might hit him up for an AR-15 sale ;) right dad?  Oh and I got to watch a snake eat a was freakin dope!

Dr. Adair, paging Dr. Adair...
Friday was tough.  Basically, nothing happened besides God saved us.  Nothing more will be brought up until I get home.  I got the chance to meet a guy named Louis (pronounced Lewie) Bassay (pronounced bass-eye).  He's from Cameroon, Africa and he is literally the golden gator.  He asked all the right questions and wants us back tonight!  Literally the most spiritual lesson I think I've ever had!  I've never felt the spirit in such high supply!  At least in the past few months!

Saturday,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANCE!  Yes, that's written in my journal I did not forget haha.  We went finding to no success, cleaned the church and helped a less active move a dog house!  I never thought I would say this, but the view from his new place is GORGEOUS!!!!  Like holy crap!  I was baffled!  Oh and he has a 200 pound bull mastiff, but that's besides the point.  He took us to Taco Bell and talked about his mission and he's funny!  He went to Ukraine and has some...tales haha.  We found a lady later named Amanda with her son Christian and taught them the restoration as well!  We talked to a guy who was 92 and looking for a job...yeah...92 haha.  That was funny.

A big lap dog...uh...what is he doing??
Sunday we went to church, I bore my testimony on the founding fathers and the restoration and we taught elders quorum...which consisted of us, Brother Shirley, and Brother Brown hahaha.  We just talked about the priesthood and how the world is so corrupted and stuff.  Brother Shirley invited us over for dinner.  He's a cop and told us some cool stories and Brother Miller came and showed us pictures from a shooting victim from a shooting in Little Rock (don't go to clubs in the south) cause he's a surgeon.  He took a bullet out of this kids spine and he is now paralyzed cause he wanted to be in a gang and go clubbin.  Brother Shirley also wants to buy a pontoon and wasn't caring of his wife's opinion hahaha brave soul.  We found 2 miracle investigators.  One was a guy looking for a church home and has seen a lot of death lately so we're gonna teach him at McDonald's (yes) next Thursday!  We saw the Duncan's and taught about marriage and it was funny haha.  I got to hold a snake and I didn't even let one tear I was puckered beyond belief and trying not to scream like a school girl out of fear.

Why?  Why Kai????
Pretty good week!  I mean, very many ups and downs and some quarrels but I'm alive and my spirit is high!  I love y'all so much!  Can't wait to hear back!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

Serves him right for touching such an evil creature!

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