Monday, July 10, 2017

There are times in life you just gotta Murica...and tract, lots of fruitless tracting...but hey, MURICA!

Sometimes you just gotta Murica.
Monday was full of torrential down pour so we stayed at the church all day.

Tuesday was THE FOURTH OF JULY!!  But instead of celebrating all day, we were running away from flash floods...yup.  All day it rained and rained and RAINED!  Absolutely insane!  Water covered my boots in the shortest of floods.  But we did get a good celebration!  We went to Beebe branch's most recent convert and shot (I didn't shoot;) ) 200 lbs of tanerite!  I'll send some videos!  Fireworks were shot off and it was a blast!  Pun intended.

Wednesday we had meetings with the new president.  We met President and Sister Hansen and had a big ole meeting!  They're cool.  Sister Hansen is so freaking funny!  After the big meeting we had a little Zone meeting where we instructed on the importance of studying.  I could tell everyone knew it was my first time instructing in a while cause everyone kinda zoned out, but hey, agency right?  Haha.  We went to lunch then the AP's called and asked us to drive to Little Rock and back to pick some stuff up, so we did that and had interviews with president.  Kinda a different type of guy but I like him!  We ate ribs that a member made for us and talked with Beebe before heading back home.

Baby Murica.
Thursday we had an appointment fall through so we went to do service for Habitat for Humanity and we had a great time!!  We talked to a bunch of people and this one guy was telling us stories of the army and he was so into the stories!  We're gonna keep going back every week, the people there love us and were so sad to hear Elder Wakolo was gone!  Such sweet hearts.  We went out with a priest named Clayton and met a member referral who is super cool.  He invited us in and let us talk for a bit and we're gonna see him this Thursday for a lesson!  Oh and also, he's filthy stinkin' rich.  Like, full sized basketball court and swimming pool in the back yard with a bridge over his drive way leading to a back yard garage rich.  His name is Jamar and I think he could be baptized!  We played basketball with some kids later on and then headed in.

Friday I went to Beebe for an exchange and we basically walked all all day.  It was so hot and miserable haha.  We got one return appointment and a lot one waving back at us.  Sad.  A guy did, though, stop and give us some water haha.  I went with Elder Goaslind's greenie and I feel I coulda done better, but it was a good exchange.

More Murica.
Saturday we went to the flea market with the Beebe guys and blitzed and found them some new people to teach!  It was freakin awesome!  Flea markets are the only place I will be shopping at for random stuff!  Goose (Goaslind) got a family sized double stuffed Oreos for a freakin' dollar...yeah...a dollar.  I didn't spend any money cause I just had to tell myself I'm poor haha, but I almost got a knife that would protect me from the monsters they call dogs here.  Let me tell ya, I don't like dogs anymore.  We saw Sister Maudlin and talked to her a bit and helped her through some stuff.  We also saw a recent convert named Monica and helped her clean off her porch in the blazing heat haha.  We used a hose and she was spraying her friend's son and they were fighting with water and we got caught in the middle of it...but I'm not complaining haha.  We went to the Mix family for dinner and met their granddaughter's friend Alyssa. Get this...she's 16 and got a 30 on her ACT.!  But we taught about the Book of Mormon and she came to church!  When we got home, a random car was in the spot by us and when we walked to the door, it was opened and so Elder Smith and I called a member to help us clear the house.  Keep in mind, my adrenaline was high and I was ready to go haha.  He got there and first thing he did was ring the door bell and say "let's see if they answer the door!"  Haha I laughed and my adrenaline was gone, but I had my knife out (dad edit: hmmm, didn't he just say he didn't get the knife?) and I was ready to pounce!  All was well and no one had been in the house.

Mail Murica.
Sunday was something else.  First off, I was called to give a talk on the Holy Ghost for 15 minutes but after the 2nd speaker was done, I looked at the clock and guess what!  I was left to speak for 30 minutes!  So, I elongated my talk by 10 minutes haha.  I looked at the clock when I was 3/4 of the way done and realized I still had 15 minutes left, so I just talked and talked and gave random details in stories and experiences that would help haha.  The bishopric was sooo impressed!  Everyone was haha.  They told me I'm their go to if they need another long talk haha I'll take it!  We went knocking all day though.  So we found out that a member, the Duncans, live in a prideful and stuck up rich area.  I guess the people there have Facebook alerts for when we are in the area so they don't answer the door haha.  So I let that be my motivation to knock every door with a bit of sarcasm and spite.  We would knock and I would say, "Hi we're the Mormons and we don't have 4 wives!"  Or, "Hey we just wanna talk about Jesus with y'all" haha nothing really worked but it was fun to lift our spirits cause it's tough when no one wants to talk all week.  I did though knock on a castle door!  Sadly they had already been to church that day and didn't need anymore :/ but so is life haha.  We talked to a guy with a Bill Murray tribute car and so I knocked and just talked about Bill Murray and Bob Ross and got a return appointment after finding out they had a child die.  So hobbies and talking like a person create miracles!
Southern Murica.

It was a hard week full of Heat, rain and rejection.  My heart was hurt cause of the hardness of hearts here, but I'm trying to not letting that get to me.

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

A boy and his turtle.

I need more turtle!

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