Monday, January 30, 2017

Spiritual experiences, both good and bad...and ladies of Memphis, slow your roll.


A dog that loves missionaries?
This week was pretty slow.  I've found it's easy to be lazy when your planning every night sucks.  So I'm currently repenting for the lack of motivation and work I've done this week.  Waking up on time is definitely something I need improvement on.  We got a new missionary schedule.  Just a few changes on when we are going to study and how long lunch is and a longer P-day (2 extra hours in the morning).  But like I said, slow week, but I have some awesome (and disturbing) stories this week!  

So first off, I got to meet and talk to Elder Neil L. Anderson.  I know, I know, bow down to Elder Adair.  He's so cool!  Him, Bishop Waddell, Elder Clevengot (that's not how it's spelled, I just don't know how to spell this Germans name) from the 70 and our area 70, Elder Behesti was there too.  

Bishop Waddell is probably the nicest, funniest and most down to earth guy I've met haha.  He said my name when I talked to him and I felt like a 12 year old girl meeting Justin Bieber.  But they spoke and kind of rebuked the mission for disobedience and Elder Clevengot left nothing to the imagination.  He told us how it is and told us to "let go of our favorite little sins."  Hahaha he threw down.  Bishop Waddell threw down on the difference between serving a mission and BEING on a mission.  By he way...BIG DIFFERENCE.  

I have stopped trying to understand...
Elder Behesti just talked about never being ashamed of having a testimony.  Elder Anderson, in his chuckley, kind manner, threw down on repentance haha.  I'm just gonna say...we all left feeling spiritually uplifted...but also felt like swines hahaha.

The second story actually happened before the first.  We were just chilling in our apartment at the end of the day and elder Sammons yelled at me says he heard chanting.  Now, remember back in October when the Mexicans across the hall were chanting?  Well...they're back at it again!  Except this time was WAY worse.  They were banging on stuff and yelling and screaming and it was off the hizzook.  I'm not kidding when I say it got dark very fast.  We're going to bless the apartment tonight haha.  It was wild!  I'll send you the video!  And a few pictures of how we prepare to take on the evil spirits...
I think he is scared of the chanting next door?

The third story...the worst one of ALL OF THEM!  We stopped after the devotional at a gas station in west Memphis for a break.  Elder Ogaard and I went into the store looking for a drink cause we were dying haha.  As soon as we walk in the workers all say "[dang]!!  Look at these fine boys!" At that point I was going to be an interesting 10 minutes.  We didn't get drinks because there ended up being water on the bus, but we talked to he workers for a little bit and they kept flirting so we switched to chapter 14 of preach my gospel, "flirt to convert."  Haha.  

Well elder Ogaard says "aside from being handsome, we share a message of Christ" and they get interested and I explain the Book of Mormon and we give them each one.  Well then they ask if we have girlfriends and we of course say no we don't exactly date for 2 years and explain the mission.  They didn't get he hint.  They explained how they were available and how "cute" we are.  


Hey Ladies...Stay away from the Elders.
It was fine until they asked us if we would like to have "relations" with them.  So I held my hand for them to stop talking and turned to some sisters and kindly handed these women off to them haha.  Elder Ogaard and I ran out of the store and onto the bus with swiftness.  That's the 4th time this week I was hit on.  Another was earlier when the family dollar lady told me she "needs a church man" so I told her she just needs a church and walked out haha.

Well that was my week.  Great experiences!  Haha.  Definitely things that you can only see and experience on a mission!  

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild 

Uh...well, that's one way to play... 

Nothing like a pie in the face of the Zone Leaders!

And the chanting has returned in earnest...

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