Monday, March 6, 2017

Grand Macs, the KKK recruitment effort, and spreading love - not hate - in Sports Clips...

Someone please explain this to me...why?

Howdy my dudes!  This week was pretty bad number wise, but it got better and my mind is pretty much at ease.  So it was walk week and for some reason, nobody was outside.  Maybe it was the fact we were under tornado watch all week and it was storming, but I guess people just don't desire Christ as much as they say :/.  But we talked to some pretty cool people and had a few really good lessons!

I went on exchanges with Elder Garn, my MTC companion, and we killed it!  I took it upon myself to finally grow a pair and talk to EVERYONE.  There was a guy in his garage and he was doing something so I told Elder Garn to give him a card.  He's a bit on the shy side so he declined the challenge.  So I wasn't going to pass by without talking to him.  I walked into this guys garage and tapped on his shoulder.  He was old and couldn't hear very well without hearing aids, but we explained who we were and talked to him about his church.  Surprisingly, I guess Methodists believe in "nothing."  Yup.  I asked what he believed in and he told me "oh nothing.  Jesus and God!" Haha gotta love the south!  He thanked us for what we do and we went on our way.  It was pretty funny.

Oh, hey, look a normal pic!
I stumped this guy in a bash.  I hate bashes, but holy crap was this funny.  He's a gator (investigator - they aren't actually teaching anyone from University of Florida - they are beyond saving) who thinks god is a spirit and Jesus and God are the same.  He's read D&C and the Pearl of Great Price and thinks they're inspired (he also believes he knows more about the church than most members...rolled my eyes very far back on that one) and so I asked if he believed it was scripture and he said it makes sense.  So I politely asked him to read D&C it, it's a good one.  He didn't know what to say and got mad when I told him to pray about it.  The member with us was freaking out and telling us how awesome it was.  We took him out to dinner afterwards cause he's kinda poor and he's alone most of the time.  He loved it.  Gary Faught.  I love him so much haha.

Yes, shame on y'all!
We also have this Super solid investigator names Mrs. Roach (heather but she prefers Mrs. Cause she's very into titles and respect).  Super awesome and wants to be baptized and so do her sons....but her husband is a...Lamanite...he told her she can't take Michael and Joseph to our meetings anymore and even stalked us as we were walking to her it's a sketchy situation that we're trying to fix and avoid.

Elder Anderson are getting along great after we worked a few things out this week - I'm learning how to resolve conflicts. Haha.  Also, the WML is completely pissed at me haha.  I laugh because he's stepping out of line.  He wants us to fill out paper reports on often they come out with us, feed us and give us rides and who they refer us to.  We felt uneasy about it because he's keeping tabs on things that are unnecessary and it's not even church standard.  So we talked over it as a district and didn't do it.  He wasn't happy.  Oh well...we even called one of the mission presidency, president Jones and he knows Devoux pretty well (30 years haha) and understand our situation.  He told us to not fill it out and that he will talk to Devoux haha.  Score 1 for the elders.  Sadly it's a competition.

Welp, it is Arkansas afterall...LOL
That's really it for the week!  It's been a lot better and the Zone Leaders are like my best friends.  The other elders also were able to break their 15 week streak of no one to church!  I'm so proud of them!  They worked so hard this week!  I love when my district kills it and gets better numbers than me for some reason.  Not as a competition, but to inspire them.  I'm doing district meeting tomorrow on Success.  So I'm pumped for that...of course I haven't prepared it yet but hey, have I ever been good at that?

I love y'all!  I hit my 7 month mark this week so that's insane!  The days are combining together and it's scary how fast it's going!  But I love every second of it!  Oh and sports clips may be expensive, but goodness...I think I saw my future wife there...totally worth it cause she cut my hair....I never realized how terrible I am at talking until she tried to converse with me...yeah missionary mode turned on quick.  Haha anyways.  Have a great week!


Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild
Death...but a delicious death!

This must have been for his mother!
Insert your own caption here...

The hate is strong with this one...

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