Monday, March 20, 2017

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down...


This week was pretty dope!  We did a lot of service this week!  We were finally able to make it out to a place called Malvern this week!  It's in our area but our area is HUGE.  It's about 20 or so miles out so we can only get there like once a transfer.  Anyways, we hunted down some less actives with a member and saw some people that we needed to see.  One's name was Angel and she was PUMPED to see us!  She had met with missionaries in the 90s but they were transferred I guess cause all of a sudden no one came by anymore.  She was calling around and looking but couldn't find us and lo and behold we show up!  She's dedicated too!  She's going to start driving to hot springs to meet with us!  

Men? That's stretching it a bit...
We had the St. Patrick's day parade here!  I guess it's the worlds's on a tiny road but managed to take an hour because of how much distance was between each float haha.  We found a couple people who used to be members and they were so nice to us!  Also get ready for this...we saw Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air so I guess you can say I'm too cool. 😎. And I also got a bead necklace from a Dallas cowboys cheerleader...giddey-up hoss.  We also had Zone Conference and they basically threw down on getting along with your companion and boy...I got chastised.  Haha.  We also saw these people waving around confederate flags and I got a picture of them.  They were smiling and waving back at us haha I was so happy.  

Two truths in this life - the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bacon.
Today we went hiking (hence why this is so late and cause my companion felt we should wait...yeah) and it was so fun!  Sadly, there are a few issues within the district that I need to address with everyone this week.  I'm gonna hold a mini intervention to clear things up cause I'm like Dr. Phil or some gangster like that.  It's gonna fun haha.  I'm even going to bring a clip board and fake glasses.  

We got a reactivation this week...well the spirit did, that is, cause we're basically little puppets.  But anyways we finally got him to church for the first time in some years and he said it was so amazing and that we will see him every week! Or until he's called back to the Middle East for his job. (Secret stuff we can't exactly 100% know about, isn't that sick?!). 

Welp, there is this...
We said goodbye to sister Hugentobler yesterday and that was the most depressing thing ever.  She used to work in the mission office and always is by the missionaries,  She's the biggest sweetheart! She lives in Moab and left today :(

That's really it for this week!  It's the last week of the transfer and I'm pumped to get out and kill it!  I've had to sleep in proselyting clothes this week for not following-up on some things haha.  Oh well!  I love y'all so much and I'm sorry if I can't reply cause again, not a lot of time today!  Tune in next week for more dope adventures of Elder Adair!  Tood-a-loo my loves! 

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild
Sometimes a boy has to rest comfortably.

The Plan!
It really is beautiful...almost looks like Flagstaff looking down from the observatory.


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