Monday, March 13, 2017

Be though healed, my child...and get out da funk while you're at it!

Not sure where he got this pic since this church is in Georgia!
Whus Güd my compadres?

My week was kinda normal.  I mean, I definitely did NOT kill Bambi (yes, we [his parents] hit a deer this past weekend), but I did find some pretty fun ways to find people!  I went on exchanges twice this week, with my Zone Leader Elder May and Elder Goaslind.  Elder May and I had a solid lesson with Dr. Carroll.  I found it, he got really logical and kinda bashed it very logically and intellectually.  Elder May...was shaken...he was really freaking out afterward.  But something that was really funny was the fact Dr. Carroll gave me a blessing hahahaha.  He got up and said "I need to pray over you" and started to try to cure my twitching...he said "God line up his cells so that they may work and heal him NOW!" And guess didn't work hahahaha.  Proves the power of the priesthood.  I admire his faith, but boy should he have read Matthew 7:22-23 :/ It was so funny.

Follow-up to last week,,,successful insertion!
I got SUPER trunky yesterday and I won't lie, we didn't do much.  I was disappointed with myself for letting it happen and Anderson was mad too.  It was a lot of lounging around and talking about home with the other elders.  It was bad and I got super chastised by the spirit for it.  We worked it out though and made a bunch of goals to simmer down.  Elder Anderson got a little goofy this morning and kept driving away as the other elders tried to get in.  "You have to stop with the small pranks," is what I was told by him yesterday (karma), so I told him that he was being childish and he just chuckled (again, if you pull pranks you better be ready to receive them Elder Adair).

Nothing you can do when your stuck in a couch.
I also had my first baptismal interview.  It was cool, different, but fun!  I passed her, but the spirit  chastised me again due to something she said, so I called one of the mission presidency and he came and talked to her and she was baptized!!  That was sweet!  The sisters have been teaching her for a while so that's awesome!

I read a quote a few days ago and it said "come what may, and love it!" I loved it because it goes with my favorite hymn, I believe in Christ!  "I believe in Christ, so come what may" I love it because it shows me to just accept what happens to me because Christ made it so no matter what happens to me, I'll always have happiness and joy in the end!

I think he loves this book...I can't complain.

Hop, hop, don't bunny.

I love you guys!  I can't wait to talk to you guys!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

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