Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Glow bugs bring happiness, shine on little fellas: Service, guns, and Jesus...and don't forget the rugs.

Sister Gibbs, thank you and may your burden be lightened.
Monday was tough.  Brother Gibbs passed away and Sister Gibbs is torn up.  Micah took us out for dinner so that made up for a little bit of the feelings.  I had fried frog legs for the first time and they're pretty good!  In moderation haha.  Very salty.

Tuesday was fun.  At district meeting Speck set up a maze that we had to go through blind folded with our companions as the Holy Ghost to lead us quietly through.  Of course I did it the fastest but then we had to do it while being asked questions.  And of course, since I like to bash, speck had everyone gang up on me and bash me.  Isaacson and Rasmussen tried but they couldn't stop me from finishing AND winning the bash.  After that we went to Subway on a last second "prompting" from Rass.  I say prompting cause as we pulled up, a group of young scouts were there.  They're from Dallas going on a rafting trip and the leaders bought our lunch.  It was awesome.  We had great interviews with president afterward.  The kids said we were the coolest elders they've seen cause we were all rocking sunglasses.  I exchanged with Isaacson and had a church tour with Paula that was...less than great.  She can talk your ear off and distract from the spirit easily.

Would it be Elder Adair without a flag?
Wednesday we exchanged back and went over to the Gibbs.  We met her step daughter and she's very sweet.  She was so thankful for all that we do for Grandma (we're her adopted "grand babies" now) and cried at the thought of our blessings to her parents.  We helped Micah move a hot tub (one of his jobs, he wants me to work for him after my mission haha) and that thing was tough!  Huge!  Took 4 elders, Micah and Tristen (friend) with a bobcat, straps and sheer manpower.  We had to haul it up a forest hill, over to the other side of the forest surrounded house, down a loose rock hill, behind a 6 foot wide pathway, between a 3 foot wide gate which we had to flip the hot tub around and on its side, take off the deck fence thing, lift the giant hot tub onto it and then turn it into position...yes...it took all of that.  No joke, took an hour for all of it haha.  Solid day.

Most patriotic fire hydrant ever!
Thursday was a lot of knocking, no success, but hey, we tried!  We did get to talk to a lady for 5 seconds...we asked if we could leave the lords blessing in her home (a prayer) and her response was "and do what?" ...so we asked again...to leave a blessing on the home.  We got the same reply and we said literally to pray for you.  Soooo of course, this being the south, "I've got my church!" And door was shut.  Sweet Is the work!  We went and talked to Brother Cowell, a less active were trying to reactivate.  He's beat up over some relationship problems and stuff so If y'all could pray for him, that'd be wonderful.  We went back to grandmas house to help her with finding some scriptures for the funeral program and we decided to get food cause we were dying and I just ordered a shake...well they told us to pull forward.  I waited for 5 or 10 minutes for them to come out and say the machine was broke and took our gift card and refunded it.  Sad.  After the Gibbs, I got and ate a little Caesars pizza by myself before volleyball.  We beat the other team so bad we were on our knees and sitting and still winning.

Cowboys need religion too.
Friday was interesting to say nonetheless...we dressed Brother Gibbs...that was crazy.  You ever felt and held a dead body?  Well, let me tell ya, it's different!  It was eerie for a little bit but I got over it pretty quickly after a couple minutes.  We went out to this place we've been trying to hit for a while now and faced rejection, even from members...which was weird.  But we did find a dope less active!  It'll take some grinding and hard work, but I think we can get him back!  He believes in everything, just that the church asks too much of its members.  We're gonna address that next time we go over!  But he has the most drop dead, gorgeous and prettiest and most classy girl I have ever seen in my life...That's right...a decked out competition AR-15!  He shoots in matches and that gun is the best looking one I've seen!  I got to hold it and I was shivering with joy!!  I couldn't stop smiling!  He even offered to let us come by and do some woodwork with him in his shop!  I agreed quickly haha.

Well..see...uh...I have no explanation.
Saturday was the funeral.  It was amazing!  I felt like it was the funeral of grandpa Jim that I never got to go to.  It was everything beautiful and emotional that I feel like Jim's was.  We helped set up and take down all of it.  Grandma had us take pictures with her and Lisa, her daughter, and Lisa's son Alex.  He's 5 and loves us.  Lisa has had negative feelings towards he church from how she was treated when she was younger, but she said that we lifted the burden from her shoulders and she's warming up!  She went back to Florida that day though.  We went to the David's after cleaning up the church from the funeral and brother David showed me his .50 cal muzzle loader!!!  I freaking messed myself!  That's 2 gorgeous guns in 2 days!  Holy tender mercies!  I love the south!  Haha.  We came back for dinner and studies and ended off the day.

I just hope the dark side doesn't win...
Sunday was Stake conference.  Elder Steven A. Thompson of the 70 was there!  As well as president wakolo!  What a treat!  I don't know if people understood that we had 2 general authorities there!  So far on my mission, in my 10 short months, I have met an apostle of the Lord, 3 general 70's, 1 area 70, a presiding Bishop (Waddell), and several councilors of these men!  I'm so blessed!  After that, we drove back and had lunch and I found a .22 bullet and guess what!  It fits as my pencils lead lusher thingy!  I can feel the red on my neck coming in.  Yeehaw hoss.  We had dinner at the Devaux's again.  We then saw Sister Gibbs.  She's in a pretty dark spot but we were able to boost her mood!  She loves to "break protocol" and give us hugs haha I do not mind at all!  In fact, I hope she keeps wanting to break protocol cause she needs it.  She then told us she has a bunch of steak, chicken, salmon, trout, shrimp, vegetables, and other foods that she's gonna load us up with.    I even caught some glow bugs!!!  I have pets!!  They now fly around our apartment and glow and keep me happy!

Because blankets bring the spirit...I mean rugs, definitely rugs.
This week was definitely a roller coaster!  I'm so glad I have gotten to know Grandma cause she makes me so happy and gives me motivation to keep on when I'm being brought down and sad.
Something has definitely been addressed recently and I want to bring it up.  Brother Anderson, the less active with the AR, made a very clear and true point.  He feels people at church...don't look happy nor do they look like they're enjoying themselves or the spirit.  I thought about that and I have realized how true that is.  I had a whole paragraph typed out on why it's important to go to church and love it and it was kind of a throw down, But I think I can summarize it up in a couple scriptures instead.  In Matthew 26, Jesus, while he was in the garden of Gethsemane, asked his disciples to wait.  When he came back, they were asleep.  In verse 40, He woke them up and asked Peter "what, would ye not watch with me one hour?"  Can we not worship our God and Savior, with love and joy, for even one hour of sacrament?  And If we aren't doing it with love, why are we going?  I can tell y'all how much I know that church is important, but I want y'all to know for yourselves.  Go to church, listen to what is being said.  In the sacrament prayers, the talks, the lessons...the spirit.  Learn what each have to tell you.  And most importantly, love it.  Do it all with a willing heart and love for our God.  I promise that if you do this, listen, learn and love, then you can say as Peter in Matthew 17:4 "...Lord, it is good for us to be here...".  Guys, I love y'all too much and pray for y'all every night.  Go to church, love the Lord and endure to the end.
Forget the gospel, share the rugs. Maybe hugs, not rugs?

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