Monday, June 19, 2017

Time to move on - Searcy, AR, here he comes! A big thank you to Hot Springs!!

What a great Mission President!
Monday was pretty bland.

Tuesday we exchanged and I went with elder Rasmussen.  Boy do I love that child haha.  We went to seek out some less actives and formers and we ran into a lady who goes by the name "Mama Gale" and she was a hoot and a half.  At first, her son came up to us to of course share his knowledge of Mormons, but that was a rather unintelligent conversation not needed for a weekly email.  Anyways, Mama Gale was drunk off her rear and couldn't exactly control how loudly she was talking, but surprisingly enough, she's been reading the Book of Mormon and loves it and wants us to come back haha.  We saw a couple others and then had dinner at the Stevens!  I'm sure gonna miss them!

Food, glorious food...
Wednesday we exchanged back and saw grandma Gibbs later on that night.  Let me tell you how wonderful this day was.  Well, she told us she was gonna give us some food cause she had too much...but what happened next I had no idea would go down...she gave us 49 BAGS OF GROCERIES!!!  49!!!  We had to fill Brother Jordan car with it and drive back, call the other elders, and pack it into our kitchen...the whole process took 2 hours.  She also gave elder Speck and I special treats.  My special treat was a veal steak....Specks...well she gave him chicken paws...yup.  #FavoriteGrandson.  Hahaha.  We gave the other guys some food but the rest of the night consisted of trying to find where food can go because we had no room!  But we started teaching grandma the missionary lessons because she asked due to the fact she never had missionary lessons and she gets lonely and she's down in the dumps.  So we're gonna keep that up!

Grandma Gibbs!
Thursday we had a weird exchange as well.  Elder Speck went to his last area in Little Rock and another elder came here.  He was pretty cool!  Sister Rogers took us out to eat at this Mexican restaurant called Trejo's and it was amazing!!!  No joke, probably the best burrito I've had in a hot minute!  But before that was the Wakolo's last zone Conference.  That was pretty awkward for me because we had an inspection on how we were dressed and sister wakolo wasn't exactly impressed with my American flag socks...but I passed!  We came back and No one answered and no one let us in until we saw grandma again.  She proceeded to give us more food and stuff and gave me a yeti cup haha.  She's so sweet.  We taught her the plan of salvation and she was very emotional and had quite a few questions!  Brother Jordan was able to have some amazing input and the lesson was wonderful!!  The spirit was definitely there!  After that we came back and had Volleyball.  Only the Stevens showed up but it was still a blast!  Brother Stevens took us out to eat afterwards at Cici's where we had a tender mercy and got to rewatch the 85 and 86 NBA finals highlights haha.  Larry bird is my boy!

Elder Adair will miss Hot Springs!
Friday we had to drive to Little Rock and get Speck.  The members offered if I would like to eat with them, but Brother Devaux was antsy to leave...and then after we left he asked if I wanted to go to Five Guys.  I declined since he wanted to leave so bad.  Elder Speck is a doll and got me American presidents edition playing cards haha.  It was pretty eventful though cause we left our phone in Little Rock haha.  The other guys had to stay the night cause they had a phone and so we played Uno until like 11:30 or 12.  Let me tell ya though, missionary Uno dare is not for the faint of heart.  I'll leave it at that.

My apologies, I'm not sure who this is. :(
Saturday was cool!  We cleaned the church...but in a more cool way than you think.  We got to pressure wash and clean up the outside!  While we were doing it I got a call from president, but I'll get into that later.  Elder Speck got stung by a wasp and it was kinda funny cause he was freaking out the entire time and no one really payed attention...poor child.  But it got taken care of!  The other area got closed so we went over and cleaned out their apartment for a while before going back to see sister Gibbs.  We taught the rest of the plan of salvation and we gave her another blessing.  She is such a sweetheart.  We got home and Micah called and asked if we wanted to go laser yeah, we went laser taggin and played mini golf!  Micah's daughter works there so we got to give her grief as we had fun haha.  We came back and read the transfer emails!

Friends for life!
Sunday was a good meeting!  Hot Springs in total got 5 people to church!  2 stayed for all 3 hours too!  Paula loved it!  The relief society came in clutch and fellowshipped her as soon as she walked into the building!  Great day!  We went out and said goodbyes to people and it was super sad!  3 of us are deucing out!

Now, time for the news...that call president gave me...well I got called to be a Zone Leader.  I'm going to Searcy!  My new companion is Elder Smith!  He's a little guy and goes home in a couple transfers but he's awesome!  I can't wait!  I'm really nervous though cause I haven't even been a senior companion or district leader since I was with Anderson 2 transfers ago!  But I'm so pumped to be able to have his opportunity to serve!!  I love y'all so much!!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

If you need this flask, you might have a problem...
So true, suck it up buttercup, and let's come together!

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