Monday, June 5, 2017

I'm running out of witty titles - just know it's GOOD! Oh, LOTS of pics and a vid...just so you scroll down.

For those of you that know the significance...
Tuesday we had a good district meeting!  I went on exchanges with Elder Lewis!  He's so freaking funny haha.  We went to the David's and did some service for them.  Basically we shoveled rocks and evened out a big mound to a slope haha.  They gave us pizza too so that was dope as heck.  I also found out I weigh 180 lbs...meaning I have gained 25 pounds out here...I'm on a steady climb haha.  We saw Richard and set a date for July 15th!  We set it so far out cause he still has some things to take care of.  We also saw a lady named Danielle and when we saw her WWE was playing...I can't believe how retarded that has gotten!  I saw for like 4 minutes and it was a bunch of guys in bright colored leotards pelvic thrusting...what the fetch is this world coming to?

Possibly the coolest painting EVER!
Wednesday we made it out to Malvern to exchange back (Malvern is a town like 20 miles away, we just had a bunch of miles to spare).  A lady came up and asked why we were dressed so nice.  After we told her we're missionaries and offered a card she got real turned off and walked away haha.  We saw Toisie and Charles Morgan while we were out there and woof.  They can talk!  Haha I love them to death!  First off, they've known each other since 4th grade!  Secondly, Toisie gave us marriage counsel and got to know us pretty well haha.  She told me that I'm failing because I don't have a girl waiting for me...I'll just go home now cause I'm pretty much useless.  After that we drove out into the middle of no where, 15 miles out of the way of our home route, to find out the house doesn't exist.  We went out with a member to see less actives and I want to be like him.  He pounded on the door and in his Samoan deep voice, he shouts "Its the missionaries!  We're here for [member] please come out!"  Hahaha I laughed so hard!  I'm gonna start doing that while knocking.  We went to dinner with a less active and he has some crazy dogs!  We ate steak and potatoes and watched Finding faith in Christ!  We got a call to give a blessing to a member who's passing soon.  We went and holy cow.  I have never felt the spirit so strong in a while.  Their names are the Gibbs.  If y'all could, please pray for sister Gibbs.  She's in a tough spot.  We gave her some scriptures to read and left.
Wendy's gets this copyright infringement?

Thursday we helped Devaux get a dresser for another member and the lady who sold it had this eagle statue!  I'm going back next week to look at it and possibly buy it haha.  But also cause we gave her a Book of Mormon and want to follow up.  We cleaned the apartment and studied.  We got 60 nuggets for $10 at BK and did family History work as a district.  We played volleyball with the Stevens family and again, we had a wonderful time!!

Kai and kids just bond, one big kid to another!
Friday we went and did some service for a relay for life event!  They were so thankful!  There was a cheer tournament, recital...thing?  Going on at the same time and so we got gawked at by the 12-16 yr olds.  The people we did service for gave us 4 free shirts that cost $20 each...they're dope!  They all pitched in for us so they're all my favorite sweethearts ever!  We saw Paula and this woman is amazing.  She had questions about Mormons, looked it up, found anti- and shrugged it off and found the answers to her questions haha.  We helped clarify polygamy and of course, the color of Jesus.  We just said does it really matter to your salvation?  She has enough sense to get that it doesn't matter. Paula told us she's considering becoming a Mormon!  Score!  We then went to have dinner at the Relay for Life place and we got our pictures taken with the leader lady and we're gonna be put in a magazine!  We went and saw the Gibbs again and sister Gibbs was in tears the whole time as we gave another blessing.  Brother Gibbs was awake this time and talking to us.  Sister Gibbs is really tore up, but she knows that it's all on the Lords time.  Their 10th wedding anniversary is on the 28th so she wants him to hold up until then.  Again I ask, pray for them.
This pic makes me sing happy songs in my head!

Saturday we helped Brother Burnside move his mother in law.  She's moving into our apartment complex right across from us so it was easy!  AJ came and I played with him while we were moving!  After the moving I played catch and hide and seek with him!  He's 5 and full of energy!  His mom was so happy haha.  We got called for another blessing with the other elders and the lady told Elder Rasmussen to look up her grand daughter cause they're both going to BYUI in the fall haha.  "She's beautiful! *wink*" hahahaha.

Do you even read sticks, bro?
Sunday was a good sacrament meeting!  AJ sat by me and we played and had a great time!  His mom bore her testimony on how great us missionaries were and looked me in the eye like the whole time!  It was so amazing!  After church, we went back to the hospital to see sister Gibbs.  She was told some unnerving news and was very broken down.  Then a member who will remain unnamed decided to come and just be a total delta bravo to her telling her that none of her wishes will come true because she's too hopeful.  I wanted to strangle him.  I literally looked him in the eye and glared probably so far deep into his soul that he felt the hell fire and brimstone that was about to be poured out upon him if he stayed any longer.  He left and a few other members came by and so did Doomsday.  He said some rather...weird things...I'll get into that after the mission.  But, sister Gibbs had us stay a little longer after everyone left and we read some scriptures with her and left her some more to read.  I've never seen someone love someone else so much since I've heard dad talk about mom.  Sister Gibbs refuses to leave Bro Gibbs side.  She never sleeps cause she's always trying to help Brother Gibbs be more comfortable or helping nurses.  She is always talking to him and telling us how much she loves him and different memories they have.  My heart broke so bad for sister Gibbs as I listened to this.  My heart has never hurt so bad for someone else.  She's been in my prayers constantly since Wednesday and I hope that things work out for her.  We then had a photo-shoot after dinner at the church for President Wakolo.  I'm sending a few of the good ones we took.

Just because...
This was a pretty good, but emotional roller coaster of a week for me.  Lots of spiritual experiences.  Also, just so you know...GLOW BUGS ARE REAL!!!!  I'VE SEEN SOO MANY AND I CRY WHEN I SEE THEM!!  Oh and other random facts:
1. My favorite scripture: JST John 1:1-3
2. I make some bomb smoothies
3. If you want to know why you can't just believe in Jesus and God to be saved, read James 2:19 (14-26 for full effect, but 19 is the fun one).  The JST version is even better.
4. Arkansas is the only place where wearing glasses is just as bad as not wearing glasses cause they fog up as soon as you walk outside.
5. Finally received a letter for the first time in 8 or 9 weeks...from the Fonnesbecks and the YSA class.  Thanks guys for the love...or lack thereof.
Hope y'alls week was great!  Keep on keepin on and Praise the Lord.  Amen hallelujah.

Update...Brother Gibbs passed away this morning...3 am, with his final wish.  To die at home.  Sister Gibbs is taking it hard.  We're gonna keep visiting her and loving her this week.  It's taking a pretty rough toll on me due to a couple things, but I'll be fine.

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

The Wakolo photo-shoot, another EPIC missionary moment:

Ladies and gentlemen, meet AJ:

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