Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Elder Ogaard has arrived, and other happenings.

Monday I picked up Elder Ogaard and we headed back and unpacked.

Tuesday we started off the day by giving Sister hall, a sister missionary, a blessing.  Then we went to an investigators house.  They're Latino and Elder Ogaard was originally a Spanish elder so they hit it off.  We went Finding and found some other Latinos to teach so that was cool.  Got dropped by some gators and then we went to the Mauldins.  As we got there, they thought they had lost Dayton but she was just hiding in the closet.  It was scary though.  I sped off to go look for her but as we swung back around we saw her with sister Mauldin.  Went to dinner but it went over so we missed an appointment with Louis and rescheduled for tomorrow.

Wednesday we helped the Reynolds move some lumber and went to the library to figure out everyone's mile allotments and key indicators.  Super boring and long process.  We saw the Bensons and introduced Ogaard.  Had Stake correlation and got roasted by the Stake President so that was fun.  Good day.

Thursday we helped Sister Duncan take the top off her jeep and set up a time to see them Saturday.  Went to a house that was back in the sticks and just set up another time.  Cats everywhere and it smelled pretty bad, but that's just backwoods Arkansas.  Taught Clearance and Audra, nothing too big.  We had to get some Mountain Dew for me and Dr. Pepper for Ogaard cause we were freakin tired.  We found a dude looking for Dominic cause he's still Mission.  Lagomarsino's fed us dinner and we saw Steven.  Really got to know him and invited them to have family scripture study and prayer.

Friday we had a meeting for ZL's and STL's so we could get smartphones and Facebook.  It's pretty cool but I just don't know how to use any of it haha.  We saw a few more people out in Kensett and had not much success.  We saw a guy who we thought was Dominic but it was actually a student at Harding.  He wanted to know why people think so weirdly of Mormons and the truth about what we believe.  Went over basic beliefs and he wants us to come back next week.  Got a referral from some elders in Nashville and had a Facebook video session with the elders and he referral.  This dude is currently reading Jesus the Christ and preach my gospel.  By the way, Facebook is a lot harder to set up and use than I remember.

Saturday we saw Braxton again (referral) and found out he can't be baptized cause he will lose his full ride scholarship.  The scholarship requires him to be a fully active Church of Christ member.  So that sucks.  We started reteaching him the lessons.  Tried a few potentials and nothing came out of it.  We taught a Harding science teacher in a coffee shop right outside campus so we got a lot of weird stares but it's whatever cause he's dope.  Name is Luke and he's super young and cool.  He's 23 and a professor.  We went to see Monica at a park but we saw a guy who was visibly distraught and crying into a girls shoulder so we went and talked to him.  Lots of stress and stuff but we helped him feel better and he loved our spirit.  It was pretty cool.  Talked with Monica and finished the night with Steven.  Taught the word of wisdom and in his words "I think it's retarded."  So we had to explain a little more haha.  But he got it.  It'll be long, but he'll accept it.

Sunday we did our weekly planning after church.  We taught the deacons, teachers and priests about mission prep and why it's important to serve.  We were gonna go to a BBQ but we had dinner with the Theimanns and rescheduled for tonight.  Can't wait for that!  We saw the Duncans and he showed us his silencers and all his guns and needless to say I had a great time.

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