Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I do declare, my son has become one with the south!

Go Hogs!
Monday we went fishin!  Elder Smith caught a couple gar and elder Thurgood caught a catfish.  That night at Walmart, we ran into 2 women who had met with missionaries before and wanted us to come back!  We later found out one is a friggin less active!!  Elder Smith and I also did face masks.

Fisher of men by day, fisher of fish by P-day.
Tuesday we had district meeting.  I instructed on planning and why it's important and the new way our president wants us to plan.  We sang happy birthday to President Hansen afterwards.  We saw Dominic for a bit and then went to sister Mauldin's house to get her some ice.  After we got her ice we talked a bit before the kids got home from school!  We talked with them some more and we had a good time.  Monica was a good visit!  She made some fried chicken and we ate a bit and read with her and sister Henley.  Monica just took out her endowments a couple weeks ago and sister Henley is about to go!  We went to the Ryan's again for dinner and had some great discussion and she gave elder Smith the best skin care treatment you can buy for free!  It was just a little bit, but still.  We saw the Duncan's after dinner and boy...it was awesome!  He made us grilled chicken wrapped in bacon!  It was bomb!  Also, Cave City watermelon is the best watermelon I've ever had!  That city is like super popular for it!  Russell gave us fishing lines and lures to use when we go fishing next.  Prayers were answered and things are going so great for them!

Sometimes guys need facials too.
Wednesday we saw Toney but he was sick so it wasn't a long meeting.  We were gonna head out for some for some fishing finding, but we both felt super uneasy about going so we didn't and went and did service for Habitat for Humanity for a bit.  People here in the south are very bad at pronouncing anything, so as we were talking to a lady, she said she has a nephew who's Mormon and who's going on a mission to "o-ray-gone!"  Hahaha it's great!  We helped move an investigator for the sisters and then went to pick up Dominic for Book of Mormon class.  After the class, I shotgunned a Dr. Pepper with elder Smith cause why not.

Thursday was my year mark in the field!  Exactly 1 year ago I entered good ole Arkansas!  Anyways, we had MLC and some HUGE things are coming to the mission!  We're getting smartphones and Facebook!  After MLC, I shaved elder Goaslind's chest with "ALRM" haha.  When we got back we had dinner with the Draney's and then we saw Louis!  We had a discussion on the 3 degrees of glory and we brought up D&C so that was insane cause it's hard enough to get people to accept the Book of Mormon as scripture haha.

Friday we weekly planned with the Cabot elders and then interviewed an investigator for the Beebe elders to be baptized!  We played catch with the kids (members) while elder Smith interviewed him.  He passed!  Oh and I cut my own hair that morning too.  Thanks mom for the package!  Love the suit!!  We finished up some planning and headed out to the Mix's for dinner.  They were baffled when they heard we didn't have a lot of southern foods back home haha.  They can't live without it!  And neither can I!  I also had the BEST green beans of my life!  We headed to the Lagomarsino's  and talked with them about life and helped them have a good night.  We played with the kids a bit and they invited us over for lunch the next day!

Saturday was great!  We had lunch and the most home-like Saturday morning ever!  We ate home made pizza with cartoons playing in the back as we talked about scouting and life!  Not gonna lie, got a little trunky!  Then we went to Elvin's baptism!  It was great cause his son performed the ordinance!  We headed back to the Lagomarsino's to get elder smiths ipad.  While there, I got caught up in making a frog and Arkansas A in Little beads that you melt together...kinda reminded me of playing with Ella!  Nadia, the daughter, reminds me so much of Ella it's scary!  She even likes those Lala Loopsy things.  Weird.  But we left and hunted down a gator we met and taught at a hospital.  He was discharged and we didn't know where he lived so we looked him up in white books and after trying a few houses we found his!  He wasn't home, but we still found it!  We went to the Bowles for dinner and then saw Toney for a bit.  He's better and wanted to come to church.  We ended off the night by writing the weekly email for the Zone.

Sunday was good!  Dominic came to church again and was welcomed by everyone!  He makes friends fast!  Talked about his date the whole time to "join with y'all and get right with gawd!" I love the guy but he's high maintenance haha we had to chase him everywhere as he talked with everyone.  We had a skype call with the AP's and STL's about a mission challenge to talk to 3500 people as a mission this week.  We're way too down to beat that number!  It's the biggest number we'll ever hit if we make it!  We had dinner with a member who lives in a shop that was converted into a home!  When I say shop, I mean like a garage shop haha.  It was awesome!  He was a fire fighter and showed me pics and all this stuff and I can't wait until I can do it too!  We went to the Duncan's again (Candace and Brody came to church!!) and had a dart war with Brody and his friend and Russell joined in too haha it was awesome!  We had a great night as we invited them to come hiking and tailgating with us today! They were sooo down!

Well, like I said, we're off to have a great day!  I'll get back to y'all later on! Can't wait to hear back!  We're going hiking, tailgating, waterfall watching and playing sand volleyball and other stuff a we grill hot dogs with the Duncan's and the district!  Love y'all!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

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