Monday, November 20, 2017

Planet X and the number conundrum, food lust, and wonderful people...another week in the south!


Tuesday we had district meeting and exchanged with Mountain View Elders.  I went with Elder Pedersen and he's a stud!  He's was trained by Elder Hill so I like him even more.  We walked to Gretchen and Greywolf and had a great first lesson with them!  Granted he brought up Planet X and how it was supposed to crash into earth like 3 months ago?  I don't know why I wasn't made aware of this...I'm telling you the governments hiding something!  Anyways, with that being said, supposedly 43 billion people (which is a whopping 1/3 of the worlds population) were supposed to just disappear when it got near I may not be the smartest guy nor know the most about the census reports...but I think his numbers were a bit off...there's only about close to 6.5-7 billion people on earth.  So 43 billion is a little over 7x more than who's actually here, but since that's a third, that means there should be 129 billion people on earth.  Which is about 18.5x the world population...seems like this could be a real out y'all...the end is near and Planet X is on its loop back around to get us...anyways.  After them, we went and say the Kistners and ate with them and shared a message and walked to Brother Trayler's house to stop as it started to rain.  Well we walked home in the rain and talked along the way.  It was a good day.

Good thing we use the KJV!
Wednesday we exchanged back.  Dezeree drove us up to Mountain View with her husband, Daniel, who's dope.  We're gonna start teaching him sometime soon.  They took us out to eat and Elder Pedersen and I got to have a tender mercy and see some highlights of the football games last week.  Friggin Cardinals can't win a game to save their lives (Dad's note: Yes, this is true, but injuries are playing a large part in this terrible season and we still love our Arizona Cardinals!).  But anyways, we got back and walked to potential investigators house and after talking with him, we went finding and found out from a guy with a gorgeous home, that we are in trouble eternally!!  Dagum why wasn't I aware of this?  The Mormon religion will "surely send us to hell" because he's "done his research and read the Bible and has concluded that the Mormon religion is terribly incorrect."  Dang...poor fella doesn't know he's being deceived by the adversary.  But we complimented his home and bid our farewell to him.  We walked to the church and did some studies and training and Facebook stuff and then after not being able to find a ride home, we walked home.  Not a bad day!  It was Elder Cundick's first 8 mile day.  Not horrible, but it was cold.

Red, white, and American!
Thursday we walked and walked and didn't talk to like anyone.  We went to dinner with a couple and we had some bomb steaks and potatoes.  I'm starting to love green beans as well!  They know how to make some good food out here in the south (Another dad note: What is he trying to say here? Do we not also have great food out west?  Particularly his mother? We will have words over this claim)!    They dropped us off at the church for basketball and lo and behold Ty came!  We taught him a lesson in our basketball clothes and it was really good!  We're working with getting him a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  We played basketball and had a good rest of the night.

More awkward family photos.
Friday we weekly planned at the church cause I had to drive to get wifi to set up a doctors appointment.  We went to the Kistners and raked their leaves!  It took quite a few hours, but it was awesome!  They fed us afterwards with black eyed peas and ham with cornbread and woof I loved it.  We came home and changed and tried to see a few people but no one was was like 8...but we ended the night with that.

Saturday we studied and then drove to Jonesboro for the devotional.  It was good!  Not many people came but we had a good performance.  We drove back and had Cici's, courtesy of Dezeree haha.

Happy faces in happy places.
Sunday was the same.  Greywolf and Gretchen came to church and brought a friend!  They loved it!  We also had potluck after church and we talked to them and I asked if Gretchen was thinking of becoming a member.  I asked her cause she's the more solid of the 2 and been to church for like a year.  But when I asked they both looked at each other and Greywolf said "yes we are."  I about fell out of my chair.  Reverend Wolf, his church name, wants to be a member.  That was the start of a good day.   We drove to Jacksonville where I was greeted by the Lagomarsino's and Candace and Brody!!!  I about died cause they told me they were coming!  They gave me a little treat, Oreos that looked like turkeys with candy corn (thanks Nadia).  You're welcome Sister Lagomarsino's for the shoutout haha.  They even sat front row right in front of me!  I saw so many members from Searcy I about died!  I felt bad for Elder Cundick cause I was trying to talk to as many as possible haha.  But we went home and enjoyed a good night's rest.

Crazy week!  Had a wonderful time and I can't wait to hear back from y'all!!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

Good times!
The love is real!

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