Monday, November 27, 2017

Letting loose and loving...lights...apparently Elder Adair likes to be a model, with lights...oh brother.

What's over that way?
Howdy again!

This week was rather slow. We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Santiago and it was really good.  Taught a really good lesson but I felt really sick.  I prayed to help me not throw up and to make it through the night feeling better.  We went to dinner after that and it was french toast, which is like one of my favorite things, but I was so sick I couldn't eat but half of one.  After dinner with that dope family In Jonesboro, I asked the elders with us to give me a blessing.  Elder Brinkerhoff is from Cedar City!!  He's super awesome I love the kid.  He came out with Elder Cundick.  Anyways, after the blessing I still felt uneasy, but I trusted in the blessing that I would feel better.  Well God is kinda funny when it comes to answering prayers and blessings.  I thought I would just feel better and not think twice of the night, but no.  We get to this lesson with a less active and investigator, and as soon as I sit down, I felt it.  I asked to go to the bathroom (they're living in a motel for the time being, so it was a very small bathroom) and I broke my streak of about 4 years without actually like, letting loose of my insides.  But I felt better...I had a little thank you/why the freak did you do that to me prayer.  We had an amazing lesson on following the 10 commandments after that. 

Hello, lights, my old friends.
Wednesday was just full of walking.  We talked to Ty about the fruits of the spirit and how to recognize and understand it.  It went really well and we shared some scriptures so hopefully he will be able to find his answer for truth!  President Vaughn, our Branch President, fed us that night.  The guy is a stud and gives the best hugs.

Thursday was obviously Thanksgiving!  So that meant no one wanted us to knock on their door.  We got stuff to make cookies and made cookies for members and delivered them.  We are with the Meadors for lunch and the Barrett's for dinner.  The Barrett's are our adopted parents basically haha.  It was great!  They took us to see the Christmas light made me the happiest boy alive!  No joke I felt like a child again.  I friggin love Christmas lights.

I'm bathed in lights and the light of Christ.
Friday we weekly planned and didn't really try to find due to Black Friday and people attempting murder for $5 off a lamp that they didn't want a week ago.  I'm telling's such a useless day!  Totally takes away from the spirit of Thanksgiving.  Throwing out all gratefulness for greed.  We saw people camping out in JCPenny parking lot around 2 in the afternoon...that place is usually vacant.  Like, go spend time with the family y'all haven't seen in years.  But it's whatever, they can lust after the world things and carry them to the grave where they will stay cause can't take those when you're gone.  Besides that, nothing really happens besides seeing a few members.

How about some more lights?
Still wondering what's over that way...
Saturday was a walk day.  We just walk because we're trying to find people and because of that, we have 800 spare miles for the that's 800 miles for 4 days.  Score #MissionTour.  Just kidding.  But we talked to a few people without any success.  Brother Traylor took us to Colton's for lunch and it was really good.  We got to watch the 88 year old single member hit on our waitress.  you go Glen Coco.  This guy is goals haha.  But we set out to go help an elderly sister (who's getting checked for cancer soon) rake her yard.  It was great!  They gave us cookies and I got a tender mercy and saw some of the Auburn vs Alabama game.  Good game Tigers, #upset.  But she was so thankful it made me feel so good for the service.  We were gonna go do her backyard as well until we saw how big it was.  We told her we would recruit more people for this week.  We went walking again and had correlation and then went finding...again.  But we walked downtown and had a photoshoot with some Christmas lights.  It was friggin awesome again!  No one was interested but they were all nice.

LIGHTS...I power the LIGHTS!
It's a Book of Mormon beat down!
Sunday no one came to church.  Gretchen and Greywolf were out of town.  Tough day.  But we didn't teach Elders Quorum so that was good.  We've been teaching every week.  I could be a way good EQ teacher just saying.  We had 30 seconds to prepare last week haha.  Didn't even have a subject to teach on so we pulled up a random talk.  Anyways, we got our home teaching list finally so we're gonna use that to focus on to find new peeps.  We went out with brother Canady to see some less actives and for the first time in my mission...I fell asleep in a lesson.  Not just once, or twice, or three times.  I zonked out 5 or 6 times hahaha.  I'm so tired and worn out from the week and Brother Canady and Wayne just kept talking.  I felt so bad haha.  But I was able to gain control of myself and keep myself awake and talk more.  Then we gave a blessing to a member's husband.  This is how cool the spirit and God are.  We had just gotten into phone range when we got a call from the sisters who just left a lesson with this family telling us they needed a blessing.  When we got the call, we were 200 feet from the turn we needed to take to get to the house.  Just crazy awesome how it all worked out.  As we drove to Sister Kings, we got a call saying Brother Canady's wife needed a blessing as well.  So we gave Mr. King a blessing and left to go to the Canady's.  Gave her a blessing and came home.  It was a full day.

Be brave...sort of, this was at night...
I'm so beat and tired haha.  It's gonna be a good week this week though.  We have high hopes to finish off this's transfer time again...sad thing is I only have 6 more of these left.  Anyways, trunky aside, I'm tired haha.  We're in Mountain View today with the Mountain View Elders to relax and hang out.  But even though I'm tired, I'm still trucking on.

2 Timothy 2:10
Therefore, I will endure all things for the elects sake, that they might also obtain salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.

I know this work is real.  I endure the hard times with a hope that someone will even have a chance to take a glance of the light that comes through Christ.  As stated again in 2 Timothy 2, I'll endure the hardness and be a good soldier of Jesus Christ.  It's hard and sometimes it sucks and I don't want any part of it, but nothing is more rewarding.  I love y'all.  Aim high and go for gold. 

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

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