Monday, November 6, 2017

A lonely Rambo, a return to Memphis, and spiritual lessons...a good week, way down south in Dixie!

The gang's all here!

Tuesday we had district meeting.  It was Halloween, so knocking doors wasn't too great of an idea haha.  We tried to see some investigators but it didn't work out.  We met with one named ty.  He's been meeting with missionaries for a while now and so we're going to try to strengthen his testimony in the Book of Mormon before we really teach anything else.  We went and got candy for trick or treaters and we were asked if we were dressed up or "actually professionals" haha.  We explained that we were missionaries and the lady like turned off and walked away haha.  We didn't have tape, so we rubber banded pass along cards to the candy.  In 2 hours...literally not one trick or that sucked.  I was Rambo in a mixer suit.  But no one but Elder Cundick saw.  Sad day.

Lonely Rambo
Wednesday we did service at habitat for humanity again and just sorted books and talked to people.  We did some stuff on Facebook and messaged a few gators and got nothing in reply.  We then hopped on over and saw brother Baize!  He got us pizza on Monday and on Wednesday he showed us his gun collection.  Let me tell ya, when I grow up I wanna be just like this man hahaha.  He has guns stored in random places.  Like, he got on top of his counter, reached to the top of his cupboards, and pulled out a keltech folding 9 mm rifle and a KSG shotgun haha.  Then just chillin by his bathroom was 2 AR-15's (one was a tactical short barrel) and am AK-47.  3 of the most beautiful guns I've seen in my life.  I wish I got a pic with them...but then he pulled out his 2 glock's and I was in heaven.  What a guy.  We then had dinner with the Wahlquist's!  I love that family!  Ian, their son, just returned home from the Scottsdale Arizona mission!  He's awesome and is going to start fellowshipping Ty!

The candy that no kids wanted
Thursday I had a leadership meeting in Memphis.  The elder driving was an absolute terrible driver and almost killed us like 4 times...but he also took us to the wrong place..which just so happened to be MEMPHIS 2nd area!!!  It was awesome!  I got pics of it and I was so taken back!  Elder Parks and I talked and reminisced about Memphis until we got back to the church.  It was a great meeting, lots of insight.  We left and Elder Parks made dinner and then we went back home.

Well, there is that one!
Friday we planned, but I got bored and so we went finding and found a dude named Chris while working on a car!  Got his Facebook and then went finding some more.  We ran into an old white guy who didn't believe in that took me for a turn.  What old white guy in the south isn't a Christian??  Haha.  We planned and then saw a less active who has an old triple combination with all the Elders who have been in the area singed in it.  Holy cow there was a lot haha.  It was pretty cool!  We got to know him and invited him to church.  We went finding again and didn't see any success so we walked to the church and watched the technology training videos that we gotta watch.  A member bought us some gorilla glue for my shoes and so we tried to fix those....tried.

Love seeing worn out missionary shoes.
Saturday we did some service at the Methodist church.  They do free community breakfasts so we helped make and hand it out.  We talked so some people, but we're not allowed to proselyte so we couldn't do much.  They also told us to not dress up in our white shirts hahaha.  Oops.  We studied and did training with Elder Cundick and got in contact with Deedee.  Got her Facebook and sent her a message with a video.  We had correlation with our Branch Mission Leader and then we gave a blessing to an older member who has had 2 strokes in a few years.  Crazy.  He was super nice and Elder Cundick gave his first blessing!!  It was awesome!  We went to dinner at Brother Trayler's house to finish the night.

Back where it all started...
Sunday was a good meeting!  I think more people bore their testimonies today in my branch than in any ward I've gone to.  There was no awkward pause, no long silences, just pure awesome testimonies!!  Holy cow it was awesome!!  We got called to give the priesthood lesson on home teaching with a 5 minute notice. So we used "Emissaries of the Chruch" by Jeffery R. Holland from last years priesthood session.  It's great!!  It was tough, but we made it work!  I gotta give it to you dad, those lessons, although not too stressful, can be hard to give!  Especially when you have to speak loudly cause the youngest guy in there was Brother Wahlquist.  Everyone else was over 70 hahaha.  We came home and studied and tried to see Deedee, but there was nobody home, so we might just start to teach her on Facebook.  We made plans to go hiking with an investigator next Monday!  He said he would be more comfortable talking in that setting.  We then saw the Kistners!  They're so awesome!  Biggest sweethearts ever!  They fed us and we talked about how the Book of Mormon is true and read over that talk by Tad Callister from last general conference and it was so awesome!!  They gave us a referral and cookies and we left with full bellies and satisfied souls!  After that we did training and I think it was the most spirit led training I've given!  I actually studied to help Elder Cundick and I felt more strong with the spirit in that study and training than ever before!  It's crazy how studying for others helps you!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

Why?  Just, why???

Hmmm...different statue than I remember
Now that is a healthy kitty!

More proof of work.
Trying to repair...

...don't think it worked.

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