Monday, January 8, 2018

Food, glorious food...and then some more food. This was the week of food.

Stud man walkin'.
Howdy y'all!

Monday we went bowling and played pool.

Tuesday, Elder Miller wasn't feeling well so I cleaned the apartment while he got his rest.

Wednesday we dropped by some formers who weren't interested and then went to do service at the senior center.  We saw Sister Hill for a sec but family made it so we couldn't meet.  We caught up on the area book and saw a couple less actives who were less than responsive. We then had dinner at Sister Hawthorns.

Thursday we had physical therapy and Jessie and Elder Miller taught him a good amount!  He even offered me a donut!  We went out and visited some more less actives and knocked a few...a lot...of doors.  No one was responsive.  Then We went with Sister hawthorn to visit some folks and had some good visits!  We followed her in our car cause she's a woman so that sucked cause we have like no miles.  Then we ate at the Wilson's, investigators, and it was freaking awesome!  We had pulled pork sandwiches and it was fantastic!  We discussed missionary work and the Book of Mormon so that was great!

District time!
Friday we weekly planned and made French toast.  It was grand!  We went out with Sister Hawthorn again. We had dinner at the Bersher's and had some awesome tacos!  We shared the video "staying spiritual fit" and I recommend it!  It's my favorite Mormon message!  Watch it!  You're won't be let down.  We had the kids do a push up contest and it was funny cause not one of the 3 kids did an actual push up hahaha.  It was a great night!

I feel like he is back in New Mexico...
Saturday we went to Murfreesboro for some appointments that fell through so we went around a bit and no one else was home.  We came back and ate at a Mexican restaurant and got dippin dots!  Haven't had those in a while!  We made cookies for members the rest of the night.

Sunday we fasted and had a break the fast that we didn't know about so we ate a ton there and then ate at the Robbins with brother Robbins family.  We had deer chili!  Then we saw a less active and brought her some fire wood and visited a bit.  We went home and then back to our investigators the Wilson's again.  We ate deer burgers and I had 6 of those with hash browns and macaroni with biscuits!  All of it was smothered in gravy so I was a happy boy.  I out ate everyone after having 2 big lunches haha.  I've been eating so much lately.  We talked mainly about missionary work and why we do it so that was awesome.  They love us and were telling us that we need to come visit them when we are home haha.  It was awesome to talk.  It rained a ton so that was tough driving.  I also left my iPad in the Robbins truck so we had to drive all the way back out to their house and get it.  Great day!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild
I do not accept him as my son...

Make it stop!
Someone, PLEASE!!!!

But what if you had the speed of a puma?

The French know how to make toast!

Burning clothing items...a time honored missionary tradition.

And the tie and shirt have been adequately sacrificed.

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