Monday, January 22, 2018

Volcano toilet, bowling, root beer floats...oh, and missionary work.

Howdy y'all!

He did send a pic of the scoreboard, it's legit.
Monday we went bowling as a district and I legit bowled a 166!  That's never happened!!  So that was cool!  We had dinner at the Hawthorns and it snowed!!

Tuesday the snow was gone haha but we went to the President Nelson broadcast and it was awesome!  It was just us in the chapel and Sister Hawthorn but it was good.  We made root beer floats afterward and watched the YSA devotional from Sunday that we missed. It was awesome to hear from the Uchtdorfs!  We came home after trying to visit some people and we studied.  After studies, Elder Miller went to physical therapy and taught his physical therapist again!  We got his address and Facebook and invited him to church!

Sometimes it feels like this when you door knock.
Wednesday we went to the CADC and then cleaned up our very messy area Book haha.  We have forgotten to update lessons and had to do it in bulk for a couple hours.  We had Companionship studies and then went to the Wilsons for dinner and a lesson!  We had a really good one on priesthood and the importance of church and our purpose as missionaries.  As much as we felt the spirit, they gave the same reply..."maybe we'll surprise you one day and come!" So that killed me inside.  We did though, find that Taylor, the son, was very responsive and answering questions and asking.  So we're gonna try to get him to the young adult session of Stake conference on Saturday (there's a surprise at the end of this email on why this is gonna be HUGE! -Trump quote-).

All tuckered out...
Thursday Elder Miller again had physical therapy and we talked again and invited to church again and he was excited!  We went out with Sister Hawthorn and saw a lady named Sharron.  She was pretty bashy and wouldn't accept our answer when she asked where the in the Bible it talked about the Book of Mormon.  We gave her Ezekiel 37:15-19 and with 2 Nephi 2:4 that explains how Lehi is a descendant of Joseph of Egypt along with the "sticks of Judah and Joseph" in Ezekiel.  She then said "but where is that in the Bible" so I'm not gonna lie I wanted to throw a conniption fit, but I then led her to John 10:16 and 3 Nephi 15:21 (other sheep I have which are not of this fold) and that didn't do much.  So we bore testimony and left.  We then saw a members dad names Michael.  He was cool!  We taught the restoration and invited him to church!  After him, we got lunch at the Caddo Cafe and it was great!  We got fried pies!  10/10.  We saw a member and she really just talked about all of her cats that she has had and how she accidentally killed one by dropping a TV on it and I won't lie, I almost let out a laugh but I held it in.  She was almost in tears, but come on, doesn't that sound like something in a cartoon??  After we saw her, we headed out to dinner at Sister Hawthorns and watched "the testaments."  It's a good movie!  It's About America during Christ's life in Jerusalem with a little extra stuff!  When Christ comes at the end, it is Sooooo awesome!  I can't even imagine what it would be like to be able to meet him face to face!  I can't wait!  Also, a member of our branch got her mission call! She's going to Boise!

Capping the volcano.
Friday we legit weekly planned for a lot of hours.  We just couldn't seem to figure out what a couple of our investigators needs.  We studied and then the worst thing ever happened.  I went to go to the bathroom and when I flushed, the water rose to the top of the friggin bowl!  So I grabbed the plunger but that didn't work.  It started to go down slowly but then didn't fill back up.  So genius me flushed it and it then over flowed and flooded the bathroom!  We had to get to a lesson so we put towels down and left. We went to a restaurant where we met with and found the concern of Noah.  He has too much respect for the church and doesn't join cause he feels he can't live up to the standards.  So we cleared that up explaining the Holy Ghost and all that.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to church!  When we got back, I changed out to get dirty to figure out what was wrong with this toilet.  So I start looking on Facebook with what could be wrong.  I'm still plunging and then I see someone had the same problem and it said to warm water and put baking soda and vinegar in it.  So I start to warm water on the stove.  Well I then saw that Dawn dish soap helps too.  So I poured dawn dish soap down the toilet and left to the church cause I had to again use the bathroom, but I couldn't let this out in a water bottle.  So we left and came back and flushed the toilet and WHOOP!  It worked!  Elder Adair - 1. Toilet - 0.

Saturday was the slowest day of the transfer.  All of our plans fell through before 11 am.  We saw some less actives who said they're less active cause she wasn't let into the temple for a wedding...well we asked if she had a temple recommend and she said no and that it shouldn't matter cause she paid tithing.  Well that torked my shorts a bit and explained why you need a recommend and all this but they wouldn't have it and won't come back.  So we just bore testimony and left again.  So we went to the church and called and called and called and no one would answer or was busy.  So we went to the flea market and tried to talk to people but no one was really there or responsive.  I bought a reel for my fishing pole and then the lady asked me where our church was and so we explained it and then she said "hmm" and walked away.  We ate dinner and called more and nothing came of it.

Sunday we had a good church meeting.  Michael showed up!  That's the first time some one has come to church for the 7 weeks we have been here!  So that was great!  We downloaded the Book of Mormon app on his tablet and made the print big so he could read it!  After church, we headed to the Palmers for lunch and they made a friggin feast!  It was like thanksgiving all over again!  They made the most tender deer meat I think I've ever had.  We sat and talked and then we were driven back home and talked to their RM son named David.  He's dope!  He told us about his mission and we talked about things that paralleled from ours and his.  We then went to the Robbins for dinner and talked and had a good time discussing some things and then played a game of the monopoly card game with them.  They're so freaking awesome!

So earlier last month, we got told that we're having an apostle visit us on the 27th of January!  Well, this week we got the news that that isn't true...we're getting TWO!!  Elder Holland and Elder Uchtdorf are coming to talk to us!  When I saw that I about dropped bricks in my pants!!  2 of my favorite apostles are coming and I'm so happy just to even think about it!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

 Dedication to the root beer float photo shoot:

Root beer floats were made
They were toasted...

They were enjoyed...

And enjoyed...

...apparently not properly enough...


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