Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Welcome 2018, the year of the return...but first, 8 more months of awesomeness!

Good boy!
Howdy y'all!

Happy New Year!  Welcome, welcome Monday morning!

2 Corinthians 5:17
17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Whatever has happened in 2017, let it stay there.  Don't carry it with you. Let the old things pass away and let the new things come with a smile!  Don't be as Lot's wife, "look not behind thee" because this year and this day is the beginning of the rest of y'all life!  Make it count and let it be the best year yet!

This was a lot of trust...
And welcome 2018!  You know what that means?  I go home is Year...never thought I'd be able to say at!  But anyways, How's it do family?  This week was a bit of a slower one but with tons of miracles!

Tuesday we drove to Hot Springs for district meeting.  It was great!  We tried to shop but everything was jam packed cause no one shopped for food last week haha.  We drove back after eating Panda Express.  We tried to see a few former investigators out in the sticks and had no luck out there.  At night driving through some of those places kinda feels like Resident Evil or something, it gets sketchy!

Wednesday we had an appointment for Elder Millers arm for physical therapy.  We did service at the senior center and then We saw Sister Hill and had a great lesson.  The Robbins then invited us to come roast s'mores with the youth.  It was great!  I mean, I got sick from the hot dogs I roasted and the young women (only youth) ate all of the s'mores...leave it to them.  But it was fun!

Cold? We don't stay out of no stinking cold.
Thursday we split wood with the Hawthorns!  That was freaking cold haha.  We then went to our Branch Presidents to help put up a new tarp in his workshop.  We ate and went back home.

Friday we had another appointment for Elder Millers arm.  Well miracle number 1!  His physical therapist is a total stud who's friends with the Robbins and was asking questions!  He wants to learn more and it's freaking awesome!  We're going back for physical therapy tomorrow and we're gonna teach him then as well!  We came home weekly planned and saw a member who had surgery.  Well this sweet old lady has a boxer/pit bull mix and it came running to the car door barking.  Well I stayed in the car for probably 3 minutes with Elder Miller trying to coax me out of the car.  I finally got out and that dog is the sweetest thing.  I mean, terrifying cause he's BEEFY but a total sweet heart.  Sister Cox's granddaughter came out and was all "want to feed him?"  So she brought out treats and we played with the dog haha.  After that we helped bring some wood to a less active and then had dinner at the Robbins and then a Zone skype call.

Ring partners.
Saturday we made it out to Murfreesboro and we were able to get in contact with an old investigator and get a couple new ones!  We had a great lesson with a guy named Jerry.  We went to see his wife, but she was doing stuff.  We looked at her teaching record and saw her husband was totally anti-Mormon...so we think she was keeping out to test the waters cause as soon as he let us teach him and give him a Book of Mormon she came over and started talking to us.  They got new jobs so they don't know heir schedule yet but we're gonna keep daily contact with them!  So that was miracle number 2!  The next lady we tried came to the door and looked through the window and walked away.  So of course I knocked 2 more times out of spite.

Sunday church got canceled cause of ice storms...that never came haha.  But it's been freaking cold!  The Robbins invited us over for a Sunday hike and dinner and that was GORGEOUS!  I'm telling ya, the Ozarks are something to be seen!  I love it!  I'll send pics of it.  But it's been like 30 degrees and 80% humidity lately so I've been so cold.  Dinner was fantastic!  We played a trivia game and talked about our New Years plans.  It was awesome!  Great way to end the year!  And I gotta give my boys in Arizona a shout out for the Win over Seattle!  Atta Cardinals!

Just an American eatin'.
Been a good week and we're excited for this week!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

That's one way to get scripture study done.

And in this corner...

I see your schwartz is way bigger than mine.

Holding his own...
And game over!

How cool is cool?  Ice cold.

Good evening Arkansas!


Peace and love in this New Year.

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