Monday, February 12, 2018

Hot springs, raccoons, tweekers, and lots of other good missionary moments!

Howdy y'all!

So Monday we took our car in to the shop to fix the tire and we had to stay the night in Hot Springs cause they didn't have the tire.

Tuesday we had a breakfast at the Griffins in Hot Springs and took part of their missionary correlation.  We actually were able to help as I knew some people from when I was there!  We then had district meeting and it was great!  Brother Jordan caught a raccoon in the roof and so that was fun!  Got some sick selfies.  After District Meeting, we went to the Rogers for lunch!  That was awesome!  We got our car and drove home and then studied and went to the Luttrell's where we had a lesson with Jimmy.  We had a bit of a good discussion on him being re-baptized.  It was great!  He didn't commit...but he said he would pray about it.

Back in Hot Springs...see past posts for reference
Wednesday I woke up with a stye that freaking hurt.  I slept a bit more while warming it with hot water and a towel.  Then we went to the CADC and then to Sister Hills.  We came back and I took care of my eye again while studying.  We had dinner at the Wilson's and they fed us taco burgers!  They were great!

Thursday we went out with Sister Hawthorn to Murfreesboro and no one was home.  We got Sonic and headed to Mike's house.  We drove there and had a wonderful plan of salvation lesson!  We tried to commit him to baptism but he said he would pray about it.  It's hard to set baptismal dates lately.  But we came home and started to walk around and see if the home teaching families we were assigned were home.  None were, in fact, they were abandoned and the people near have no recollection of them.  We think one of the ladies we talked to was the lady we were looking for because she was in shock when we got there and kept looking at our tags.  But it was whatever because as we walked back we talked to a guy named Charles who was really cool!  We talked about our beliefs and he gave us his and was super cool about it!  I thanked him for talking to us and thanked him for not cussing us out like how we usually are.  He told us to come by whenever because he would love to talk.  Then we went to the Rubly's for dinner and talked with him about the home teaching visits because he's our elders quorum president.

What's love got to do with it?
Hot Springs and a hide-a-bed
Friday we went to Delight and had the most interesting experience.  We went out to look for a referral and we found the house.  Pretty backwoods, but they weren't home so we left a card and started to drive away.  Well as we drove, a lady popped up outta no where and flagged us down.  We got out and she said her daughter was a member and she wanted us to see her so we followed her to behind the house we just knocked on to his little shack like house.  I felt a little weird about it, but we went in and of course the mom calls her daughter who's 29 and she comes out in just a robe (but it wasn't all the way tied up and she wasn't wearing much) and then the mom leaves and we're standing there like uh, we gotta go.  But the girl kept talking and talking and asked what's new with the church.  So I said we got a new Prophet and asked who the last prophet she knew was and of course she says Gordon B. Hinckley.  So I came to two conclusions...she's either been stowed away in this shack for 15 years, or she's just very inactive...I wouldn't put it passed the first option.  But she started talking about how the world needs more voodoo and that she felt something crawling on her face and kept picking at her face.  She was tweekin' pretty bad was our guess, and then she kept asking if we saw flashing lights.  Well at that point I was singing in my head Lenny Kravitz "I got to get away, I wanna flyyy awaaayyy!"  So we said a prayer with them and ran to the car.  We drove and ate lunch and just kinda laughed the whole situation off but then we realized they have our number and church address.  So yeah, freaky moment of the week.  We studied and tried to see some other people and went to the Wilson's.  Teresa and Steve had to leave so we just had a game night and taught about temples and eternal families with Taylor and Buffy!

Look ma, a raccoon!
Saturday we had an AMAZING lesson with Jessie!  We taught the plan of salvation and he basically rehearsed everything to us.  We didn't even need to be there.  He is so prepared!  Sister Robbins came with us and she bore such a powerful testimony.  I can't believe how awesome it was!  He has been reading and is in 1 Nephi chapter 7 and was telling us all the stories he read and was acting it out!  Holy cow, I love this man!  He took us all to eat at a fish buffet (with some of the best fried cat fish I've had) and we talked and had a great time.  We did out weekly Planning on Saturday cause we were in Delight on Friday.  I had a great time that night trying to watch a new student orientation video but Glenwood had terrible connection and the dumb thing wouldn't pull up.  So that wasted an hour before we had dinner.

Bradley Cooper was not happy.
Sunday Mike came to church!  Also we taught the young men (Tony) about why we have adversity.   It went well, I think.  We had a break the fast and then come home and studied and went to the Wilson's.  Alyssa came with us and it was great.  We showed the new video of Elder Uchtdorf talking about how God sees the whole picture even if we don't.  We explained commitments and why it's important to keep them and why we ask them to do certain things, like come to church and read the Book of Mormon.  It was definitely spirit led!  Alyssa had some amazing input as she explained church to them.  She's gonna make a fire missionary!  We came home and just kind of talked about the lesson and life and went to bed.

Because sometimes you gotta golf.
It was a great week!  We had some good lessons and I was definitely able to feel the spirit a lot more!  Let me tell y'all, the spirit is real.  I felt his presence so much this week and it's amazing how just a feeling in your heart (which was undeniable and stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime) can make you know and understand so much.  I'm so grateful for this church and all of the good that comes from it.  I don't care what people say nor do I care how I am treated.  It's not making The Church not true, it's not making my testimony dwindle, in fact it builds it up.  I love this Church with all my heart.  It's Christ's Church with him at the helm.  I will not doubt it, I will not question it.

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

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