Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sometimes Tacos 4 Life is all you need...and Eggos, lots of Eggos.

Howdy y'all!

P-Day gangstas, rollin'.
Tuesday we had district meeting and were supposed to go on exchanges but Elder Asay got sick so we didn't.  We went to Mt. Ida with Sister Crow and saw a couple families but our best visit was with an elderly sister named Sister O'Neal.  She is super funny and I love hearing her stories.  We got home and studied and Jimmy brought us BBQ sandwiches.

Wednesday we did service at the CADC and then saw some home teaching families and one of them made us dinner and we talked about church and their son's missions and it was great!  We went around the area trying to see some formers but none were home or not there.  We got in touch with a potential and we're seeing them this Saturday.  We had dinner and called it a night cause Valentine's Day kinda takes out missionary work as people are spending time with their spouses, or in Arkansas' case, baby mama and daddies. 

Touch my Eggos, you die.
Thursday we went out with Sister Hawthorn.  We went to Murfreesboro and only talked to Denise a bit but she was sick.  We then drove back to Glenwood and saw a lady named Frankie Adams.  The sisters used to see her but she's really busy.  She is so cool!  We taught the restoration and she had a couple questions about the Book of Mormon that we were able to clear up.  She said that we are really good at answering questions so that's good!  We tried to see a members niece, but she was sick so we talked to her "hubby" as he called himself.  We then saw the Harris family (members) and set up a cottage meeting with them so that will be fun!  We ate at Sister Hawthorn's to end the night.

18 months, burn pants. Seems legit.
Friday we drove up to Little Rock for Elder Millers last check-up appointment.  We blitzed Conway and talked to some cool people.  One guy of course tried to tell us our religion was wrong and that there will be no more Gods, not us nor him and all this jazz and then slammed the door and gave us a scripture to read that didn't quite prove his point...but we kept on and I connected with a guy who plays guitar for his church and we talked to him for a bit before he had to go.  Conway is pretty awesome!  We ate dinner at Tacos 4 Life and then saw some home teaching families.  We talked to this one couple and the whole time we were talking, their dog was just licking the lady's foot with all his might.  It was pretty funny cause she just acted like nothing was happening.  I tried not to laugh and Elder Miller just kinda was staring at the dog.  We went to Walmart to get me some contact solution and ice cream and we called it a night after playing a game of Skip-Bo.

Somehow the tough looks don't play out...
Saturday, Elder Miller, went to another appointment with one of the medical guys for the mission named Brother Routt.  His family is awesome!  I talked to his wife while Elder Miller met with him.  She has a Snapchat group with some old missionaries I knew, so she let me say hi to Elder Thomas and Elder Ortiz so that was fun.  They then took us out to eat with the Conway Elders at a place called Beebe's.  It was super good!  We drove back home and ate dinner and weekly planned the rest of the night.

Because Older.
Sunday we had some really good talks at church.  Alyssa gave her farewell talk as she leaves for her mission today.  It's sad cause we got pretty close!  But then President Palmer (of the Stake Presidency who is in the branch) talked and he told us if you can get along with your companions, you'll be a great spouse.  So yeah, that happened...my poor wife.  But we taught Sunday School for about 15 minutes on our purpose in life and then we brought a cake to Alyssa and ate it with the Robbins and youth.  We went to the Robbins's afterward and celebrated Jessie's birthday with lunch and a few games.  We got a balloon stuck on the ceiling and I'll send the video of how we got it down.  It was a stellar day as we talked to Jessie and he's now in 1 Nephi 21.  He messaged us later on with questions concerning some things in the Book of Mormon.  We answered to the best of our abilities but it seems we will have to meet face to face with him to address some of the things.  Oh yeah and Chad came to church and said he wants to serve a mission!  That was huge!  We all surrounded him and hugged him.  He has a few struggles, but such is life!

I love y'all so much!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild 

There was no explanation for this...I don't know what he is doing.
What's up, hot pants?

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