Monday, February 26, 2018

Car crash...hmmm, interesting way to get a contact...flooded apartments, tornado warnings and rain, LOTS of rain!

Howdy y'all!

Red is where dry land normally is.
Monday we went for a hike and mini golf as a district that was awesome!

Tuesday we got a ride with a returnin member and taught him about the fall all the way to district meeting.  It was a great meeting!  The member then took us out for Subway before we walked for a couple hours in the rain, then heat of Arkansas.  It was funny cause we were pelted in the front so the front of my body was soaked and my back completely dry!  We got barked at and followed by 3 angry dogs and no one answered the door!  Oh, and we were on exchanges so I was with Elder Trejo.  Great guy!  We had pizza at the Luttrell's home and shared a video about repentance.  We got home and the rain came DOWN!  We called some people to try to set-up appointments, but I guess when it rains in Arkansas, doors and phones stop working.

Mini-golf spiritual gangsta crew...
Wednesday on our way to exchange back, Elders Miller and Asay got rear ended and we thought an officer would be there soon...well it took about an hour.  So Elder Trejo and I stayed in the car watching Mormon messages cause we were out of cell range.  We stayed dry!  Poor other Elders got drenched haha.  The lady that hit them gave Miller her info and said she might be interested in us coming by, so maybe after it's all sorted out.  We went out with Sister Crow and saw a couple who is 7th Day Adventist and boy did they give us some crummy excuses on why they thought the Book of Mormon was not true.  I'm not going to go into detail, but they are basing the TRUE account of Jospeh Smith that it was of the devil.  But it's whatever, cause he gave some pretty lame come backs at our testimonies and scriptural back up.  It's so sad to see the hardness of some hearts.  But before we went over there, we visited an elderly sister named Sister Jacobs.  She's super sweet.  She told us she didn't want us to leave and wants us to come weekly.   We got some GOOD ribs for dinner and had a good night.

Pardon my ma'am, would you like...
Thursday we did service at the CADC and then did weekly Planning.  We went out and drove to a referrals house and he told us there was 1 house on his street.  Well there was 2, so we knocked both and no one was home at either one.  Then the prettiest mix of a husky and shepherd came trotting up and let us pet her.  Boy she was pretty.  The little town we were in was super run down and I have come to the conclusion, if I need to go under the grid, I'm going to Pike City.  We drove back and stopped at a less actives on the way home and had a good little visit with him before we headed to dinner.

Friday was tough.  It started pouring for most of the day and flooded some streets so we couldn't go out with Sister Hawthorn.  We called some people and went by a couple more, but again, phones and doors don't work when you're looking at a tornado watch.  We went on a home teaching blitz with the branch president and Sister Hawthorn. We saw Sister O'Neal again!  It was great!  We couldn't stay for too long, but she's in better spirits and was so happy to see her! hear a message about Jesus Christ?
Saturday we were planning on going out with Chad, but floods stopped that.  We studied and had to take shelter for a while as we were under tornado warning and flooding.  Water got in the apartment but we got cleaned up and blocked with some towels.  We went to Sister Hawthorns cause she's our emergency contact and had dinner over here.  As we waited for the storm to blow over, we watched Ephraim's Rescue.  Let me tell you, if you didn't understand what the pioneers went through before, you will after seeing this movie.  It was AMAZING!  There's a pretty awesome scene where Ephraim Hanks is giving a blessing towards the end of the movie (his special gift was healing) and this guy's mom asks him why he cleans his hands before each blessing in clean water when he's a holy man.  He explains cause he has many faults that he cannot count.  When she asks how he does see miracles, he just simply replies "I try" and I about lost it.  As Jacob explains in 2 Nephi 9, "O how great the plan of our God!" He's given us the gift of His Son so that no matter what we do, so long as we try and repent daily, we will have His Spirit to be with us and eventually  be able to return to Him.  The storm blew over finally and we could go home.

The gang all gussied up.
Sunday was an experience.  I got to hear an amazing testimony on prayer from Brother Robbins and we taught a little in Young Men's.  We had lunch at the Robbins' and met Sister Robbins'
parents. Boy are they spiritual power houses!  We shared testimony and left to go home teaching with Brother Dunson and we saw a guy who was gossiped about in church like 20 years ago as a deacon and hasn't been back since.  It was good!  He has no intentions to come back, but it was great!  We got back and studied and ate dinner and went to bed.

Oh yeah and I'm with Elder Miller for another transfer!  The branch sounded pretty excited, so I guess we're doing something right!  I love y'all!  Can't wait to hear back!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

Where they should be...

More flooding.
See, I told you...straight gangsta!
Evidence...gang signs! Lock these hooligans up!

Oh second thought, this is punishment enough!

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