Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Service begat vomit, vomit begat service...we should all begatting something...maybe service, not vomit.

Howdy y'all!

Monday we got camping chairs and just chilled all day with pizza and drinks.  It was great!

Tuesday we went to the Arkansas food bank for most of the day.

Wednesday we did service washing a guys car and then we went to dinner at Sister Grell’s again.  We went to Book of Mormon class and had correlation.

Thursday was district meeting.  We all had a chance to write down how we were going to be 100% obedient and wrote down the things we were going to give up and then the Spanish district had a fire going outside in the fire pit so we burned the paper to show we were done with the disobedience.  It was fantastic!  We had a lesson with an investigator named Sean and it went so beautifully.  We taught the restoration and he just soaked it up and said this is what he has been waiting for! He just understands!  He came to church last Sunday and loved every bit of it!  So hopefully he can progress!  We then went and did service for a family who then set up another service project with us for another day this week!  We then went to the Haws for dinner and had the awesome opportunity to teach a friend of their sons who is serving in the St. George mission!  He Skyped in and they taught most of it.  It was interesting cause they didn’t really use scriptures and weren’t exactly answering his questions.   Great teachers, but it’s cool to see how different missions teach.  I’m so glad I have learned my scriptures haha.  Elder Robinson and I were flipping to scriptures to answer questions the whole time.  It was such an awesome time though.

Apparently that is warm...wimps.
Friday I woke up throwing up.  The Lagomarsino’s took us to lunch but I couldn’t eat.  The angel of Sister Lagomarsino got me some medicine and gatorades and it was amazing.  I slept all day with the occasional episode of projectile vomit.

Saturday we had service in the morning where we moved bricks and trash from a guys house he just built.  It was fun cause he was super nice and talkative and accepting even though he is devout church of Christ.  After that we got ready and went to Paul’s patriarchal blessing.  It was super spiritual and Paul was able to give his first priesthood blessing as well!  The patriarch gave the patriarchal blessing and then Paul gave him one cause he was sick haha.  It was so awesome to watch him use his priesthood for the first time in a blessing!  I’m also glad I had my oil cause no one else did haha.  We came home and went out teaching with president Hansen! It’s was awesome cause we taught Markus and President was scripture after scripture and the spirit was so strong.  We invited him to read the Book of Mormon every day and by doing so, his son will grow to have a life Markus wants to him to have.  It was AWESOME!

Sunday we had a good time at church and taught gospel principals.  We said goodbyes the rest of the night for Elder Robinson.

My new companion is Elder Roberts!  He was trained by Elder Cowley and I love the kid!  I’m stoked for this transfer!

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