Monday, May 14, 2018

When the need for service is there, you find a way!

Pretty much the coolest district pic ever.

Howdy y'all!

Monday we got to teach a lesson and boy was it scattered.  It was to Ivan and his cousin Cedric.  Basically, Christianity ain’t real white people are to blame for making it up and just a bunch of Hebrew Israelite ideology even though he said he left that religion long ago.  But yeah, that was our conversation for 2 hours.

Hello, may I share a message about Jesus Christ?
Tuesday we went to the food bank for a few hours and got to label green beans...for the whole time.  But it was fun!   After that we got taken by Paul to Texas road house.  And mom, for the record, I didn’t see dads ex girlfriend...BUT we did get talked to by some flirtatious hostesses.  They asked about Mormonism and so we explained it and one left for a bit, but as soon as Elder Robinson pulled out the phone and got the ones Facebook, the other was right back hahaha.  But it was great!

Wednesday we had a lesson throughout the day with Tom and that was good.  We taught the plan of salvation.  We taught Book of Mormon class on covenants and it went good I think.

Thursday we had district meeting and then interviews with President.  My interview was fantastic!  President is definitely inspired.  We mowed a lady’s lawn and trimmed her hedges after that.  That was an experience mainly because we didn’t have hedge I used my pocket knife!  It worked beautifully!  I mean, my finger blistered up from pulling while cutting, but hey the hedges looked pretty!  We went to dinner at Sister Grill’s and it was awesome! She made bbq pork tacos and some fish thing that we made tacos with and it was BOMB!  I think it was Alaskan polyk? However you spell it.  Nevertheless, it was spectacular.

Lesson in service...
Where there's a will...

...there's a way!
Friday Brother Buchanan brought us a ton of groceries!  After that, he took us out and we saw a couple less actives and a couple other people!  So it wasn’t good day! So it was cool cause we met a 2nd cousin of Elder Robinson.  We talked and she made us cookies!  They was good!  After that we walked to Markus’s but he had to reschedule.

Utah in Arkansas.
Saturday we went out with Paul.  No one answered the door and we even got yelled at by a lady, who said “y’all better not come up here!” Like, lady chill, we weren’t even looking for you!  But she looked like our pretense completely ruined her day.  We met and taught a couple named Emel and Kianna!  They’re super dope!  They were so receptive and the lesson went great!  We are going to teach them on Saturday!  Paul took us for dinner before we saw Markus.  It went the same as Cedric’s that was a bummer.  Paul took us on a drive for spiritual upliftment and we saw the most gorgeous view!

Sunday was fantastic!  I had my very LAST Skype call home!  That just sounds surreal to say.  But then we had dinner at the Halls home.  Their son is in St. George on his mission and gets home in July.  The sisters had an investigator to church that we got to talk to and get to know and he is awesome.  He told us how he grew up hearing bad things about Mormons (his mom told him before he came to church that we would lock the doors behind him and not let him out) and now he sees everything was false and said he felt the “spirit of the lord” here.  So that was awesome!  It was a good day!

So, David has moved outside of the mission to the area right outside of Glenwood, so we won’t be teaching him anymore, sadly.  But that’s okay, because we sent him to the missionaries there!  They called us and said they didn’t know where he lived, so we told them to call him cause we don’t know either.  But we’re doing better!   No one super solid yet, but we’re working with a few.  We definitely have more people than when i got here!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

Still the coolest with a filter.

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