Monday, May 7, 2018

HOLY BIBLE JESUS...and other exciting things.

Howdy y'all!

Monday we went to a trampoline park and played kick ball.  Pretty great day!  I got decked in the face by a ball one of our zone leaders kicked and had a mark on my neck that looked like a hickey for a couple days.  We also played ultimate frisbee.  I felt the effects of summer coming along with the effects of dehydration, so I was WEAK!

Can't tell if a prayer is being said here or what...
Tuesday we had district meeting and I exchanged with Elder Hall.  So, he is the one that hit me with the ball and kicked 2 dingers on me in kickball, so in retaliation I made him walk 8 miles haha.  We handed out all of my cards, got pulled over by a guy who said he'd be waiting for us and we never found him, taught a SUPER great lesson with Tom and searched for a couple hours for some formers.  Pretty solid day!  Also, I can't wear my maroon pants a anymore haha.  Sad day, but hey, it's not like I'm gonna be lugging them around for 2 years (Elder Robinson).  We played basketball and I still suck.

Wednesday we walked and walked some more until we couldn't exactly walk no more.  So Wednesday and Tuesday are kind of blended together in my head.  We did the same thing, but with different people.  We walked and knocked and handed out cards and no one was home...sadly.  So we went to Book of Mormon class and exchanged back.  We taught Lukas Gough right before that though.  Lukas is a 9 year old who wants to be baptized and his parents are recently reactivated, so it's a forsure baptism on May 28.  So that's great!  His dad is a US marshal and holy cow what he does is freaking AWESOME!  Oh and we got a car for every other week and that's HEAVEN!  I miss those big metal things.

When Little Rock means something totally different.
Thursday we went to a lesson that the appointment flaked out on, so we made cookies to deliver to some gators and less actives.  We visited a few less actives, no one answered and we got rained on.  We saw David that night and he said he wants to push his baptism back due to a lot of stress right now.  And it's totally valid cause he has more than a lot going on.  But brother Adney had some great input and was a super good fellowshipper!

Friday the zone leaders came over for weekly Planning and at the same time we had a restoration lesson with Tom over Facebook.  It went super well again!!  He is so prepared, he just needs to realize it.  We went out with Paul to visit some of the less actives that our stake president wanted us to see and of course, only 2 answered the door all day.  So that was a bummer.  We saw David and talked to him about putting the Lord first and set another date for this weekend.  So hopefully this one goes through. 

Saturday we had a great lesson with some new investigators who actually got a hold of us!  Her name is Roseli and her son named Josh was there.  She is from Brazil but speaks good English.  It was a pretty awesome lesson! We went out with Paul and tried the rest of the ministering list.  We found some pretty fun places.  I'll send the pic of one.  HOLY BIBLE JESUS! 

Just a small trailer in Arkansas.
Sunday we taught Sunday school on the signs of the second coming.  Wasn't super grand, but we got the point across.  We had correlation afterwards cause we finally got new ward missionaries to come out with us.  After that Paul, took us to see a member in the hospital.  He then took us to his house cause his mom made us dinner.  We went to see a couple of the list.  Again, no one home.  We saw Markus though!  It was so scattered and he's pretty tough when it comes to Book of Mormon and stuff cause he "studies up" and all that.  Still no testimony period.  He said he doesn't have desire to come back to the fold and is expecting God to get him. Well it doesn't work like that.  God won't help if we don't want it, it takes away agency, the whole part of this existence.  He went off on the race card too, so it was kind of annoying.  But we got an appointment on Friday with him and his brother.  We're gonna teach the plan of salvation to him, so hopefully that will touch his heart cause he wants to know "why Jesus?" Golden question. 

All in all, it was a pretty good week.  I got me some exercise and we got to teach some good lessons.  Now we just need someone who wants to get wet haha.  All in due time.  Love y'all!  Can't believe Mother's Day is already next week and I get to see my family one last time! 

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