Monday, September 12, 2016

Sorry, no postable pictures this time around...but they were hilarious, trust us! :)

The members are feeding us pretty well!  A few times a week!  Food here is amazing!!  But I gotta say I have never seen so many wig seems everyone here wears a wig haha.  I need a family picture from you guys too.  And there's socks called Stance (the brand) I need you to send me a bunch.  They're dope.  I'm sending a list of songs I want you to send me too.  Put them on a flash drive and send the drive to me, please. This week is still the same old same old. I extended my first baptismal invitation to an investigator and she said yes!  It's set for the 24th of this month so pray that it comes through!  She's awesome.  She has a daughter and her mom in her house and her name is Zeneta.  She's really cool and so ready for the gospel!  She's definitely amazing!  There's a giant Statue of Liberty that's calling America to return to Christ that we got a pic of hahahaha.  Then across town is a giant Buddha someone's yard haha.  We live by a Buddhist temple too.  My favorite thing so far is teaching the Book of Mormon class.  I love teaching about that cause it's so fun!  Especially about the introduction page.  We get to map out everything from the jaredites to Moroni buying the plates.  It's awesome.   We've gotten a few new investigators and called over 100 people!  It's been busy.  Not a lot of people want to keep with us but I feel we can get to them if we work even harder.  We have something called accountability where we memorize all the points in each lesson and find scriptures from the Book of Mormon and the bible and we memorize and recite them.  I have all of lesson 1 down and the points to lessons 2 and 3.  I guess that's good because I was told most don't memorize 1 until about 3 weeks in the field.  So hopefully I'll be able to keep ahead of them game!  Its such and honor to be out here with the guys I'm with.  It's rough here, but I know I'll be okay.  I get a little trunky every now and again, but I'm fine! Me and my companions were asked by another missionary what we would do if we were to be able to go home honorably today from the mission field and Elder Moosman said something that hit me hard.  He leaves home in 5 weeks and he looked this elder in the eye and said, "I told the lord 2 years didn't I?" And left it at that.  I will always remember that.  Its been burned in my brain.  I have 2 years only for the lord and that seems like the most important thing I'll ever do in my life.  I'm learning so much and yeah, I can't wait to be home with you guys and tell you about my mission, but for the time being, I want to be here serving.  It's hot and humid and miserable outside, but what I'm doing is what the lord needs me to be doing.  I found myself in a bash this week.  Some guy kept trying to get us to believe faith is fake and there's no proof of faith...moron.  Haha but he wasn't too mean, more just ignorant.  Elder Edwards favorite pastime is to take sticky notes and place them around my bathroom..  Hahaha he's so weird, I love him.  I'll send pics of all the notes he's put around haha.  We were in an area just door knocking cause an appt fell through and we found ourselves teaching a youth preacher and even got a return appt hahaha.  We also found a guy who has this bandage on his hand and while we were talking it came up and he told us he got another person...then while walking we found a house that put up a garage door as their gate...only in Memphis.  This place is crazy hahaha, and so many weird things happen. 
Tell the little ones and Kaeden how much I love and miss them.  I know I didn't show them enough while I was home, but I love them so dearly and wish to hug and talk to them again.  Cortland, stay strong through adversity and trials.  The football locker room is gonna be Satan's playground and you have to be strong enough to over come it.  It's gonna be hard and it may be embarrassing and you may stand alone when you choose not to do the dumb things in there, but Heavenly Father will bless you and strengthen you.  You have a light in you and you have to show it.  Walk uprightly before God, love Christ and your family and friends.  Cort, I know times get hard and you may fall into temptation, but just because you may take a step in the wrong direction, doesn't mean you have to take 2.  Also, remember that mom and Dad and our whole family will always be there for you.  I love you so much buddy.  More than I ever showed it and more than I ever said it.  Put on the whole armor of God and pray always.  Never let anyone bring you down for what you believe.  Be proud to be Mormon!!  When someone asks if you're LDS say "heck yeah I am and I'm proud of it!!"  Never doubt yourself.  For in Christ, you can do all things.
Chance,  middle school is a rough time!  Trust me!  But it's gonna be great for your growth!  As I told Cort, make sure you never not let your light shine.  Always be who you are.  You are gonna be so great!  Study the scriptures and school work.  Listen to mom and dad and continue to be the loving person you are!
Ella bug!  I miss you so much!  I love you!  Your tender heart will be a great key in letting people know that you're a Latter Day Saint!  Walk in the light of the lord and be who He wants you to be!  Keep working hard in dance!!  You're gonna be a star!
Crew!!  Little buddy!  You're my little rock!!  Your picture is the book mark to my personal Book of Mormon!  Every time I see your precious smile, I smile!  You bring me so much joy!  I can't wait to hear your laugh and your little voice!  Keep on trucking little man!!  You're such a great boy!!
Kaeden,  I know we sometimes didn't get along all the time and I know at times I didn't show my love for you.  But thank you for being the man I look up to.  Thank you for showing me guidance while you were on your mission and for being part of my foundation for my testimony.  You are my older brother and at times my best friend.  I wish I would have spent more time with you before I left. I know that as you start your journey in life with your eternal companion the Lord will bless you and you're gonna be so happy!  I love you Kaed.  You'll always be one of my best role models!!
Mom, dad.  You guys have given me everything.  My life, my knowledge and testimony.  You guys were there when no one else was.  You guys helped me up when I was at rock bottom.  I'm so proud to call you my parents.  I wouldn't trade you for anyone else. Ever.  You guys showed me love when I felt none.  You helped me find my way to Christ and helped me become the man I have, so far, become.  I don't know why I was blessed with such an amazing family.  I don't understand how the lord loved me enough to bless me with you guys.  His love is infinite and eternal.  If I have nothing, if I'm ever left with absolutely nothing, I know that I'll have something because I have you guys.  I'll never be left with nothing.  I'll always have you guys, my faith and my testimony of this church and the Book of Mormon.  Jesus Christ is our savior.  He atoned for all of us, me.  He made it so when you fall, he'll be there to pick you up and guide you to where you need to be.  Thanks to him, we can always become who we need to be.  Jesus Christ And Heavenly Father appeared to Joseph smith.  He restored this church and he was a prophet.  I have no doubt in my mind.  He translated the Book of Mormon and it truly is another testament of Jesus Christ.  I cannot, I will not ever forsake this gospel.  I would rather die than deny it.  I will not fear man, for what can they do to me when I have God on my side?  I have full faith he will be with us when we think we're alone.  We're never alone.  He has a plan for us.  The plan of Happiness, not the plan of sadness.  We will be happy.  This gospel in itself brings a smile to my face.  I love you guys.  We are an eternal family and no matter what happens, I will be there for you guys.  You guys are my life and I'm way too proud to say you're my family.  This mission is the best thing I have ever done for myself so far.  It's only been a month, but I can already see it.  I've been blessed with almost 19 years of life, living how I wanted to live.  2 years for the lord and only for him, is nothing and it's the least I can do.  It seems I got the better end of the bargain.  Guys, I love you.  I wish nothing but the best for you. 
Elder Adair

Kings Do King Things

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