Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Working hard and having fun...and did I mention kicking a ball into his own face?

There was a fire here this past week and it killed like 10 people....9 were kids...it's been sad here but we'll press through.  Let me tell you first hand though, that faith works miracles.  We were walking (it's walk week) and we saw it was raining and I told the guys that with enough faith we wouldn't get wet.  So we all stood looking and we all agreed to have faith we wouldn't get wet and as we walked guess who didn't get wet.  Us.  It was awesome!  We ended up walking over 10 miles haha but we met a bunch of people!  I'm starting to love the people here.  People in the ghettos are super nice and family oriented!  We now have protection in 3 different neighborhoods.  They are super kind, even the ones who look scary!  Elder Edwards told me that when you start to begin wit the end in mind, or start looking at people  as if they were wearing their baptismal whites, it's easier to love them.  It's so true.  Even the grungiest looking people are children of God and they need the gospel the most!  Even though it's been super hot, rainy and humid, I found myself with so much energy to wave, smile or talk to people.  My legs hurt of course and my shirt was sticking to me from all the sweat, but I just wanted to keep my head up and smile because I know when I do that, people notice.  It's said it takes at least 7 missionary contacts before a person warms up to the gospel, that includes smiles, waves and small talk.  I want to try to plant as many seeds as possible.  I want to be able to look Heavenly Father in the eye and be able to honestly say, I left it all on the field.  Listen to Life is a Football game.  I can't remember who it's by but it's by like a motivational speaker who gave that talk at BYU and its soooo good.  But I really am starting to love it here.  Although I really, really miss the mountains haha.  It's green and pretty here, but it's too flat for my liking.  I also miss having cold weather haha.  I walk outside after basketball, hoping for a breeze of cool, but instead I'm greeted by hot, humid sticky air.  Hahaha also when it rains the street steams!
 I also had a great experience when just walking.  We were running late for some reason and left 30 min late but as we left there was a guy on a bike who kept looking at us and he stopped, rode, looked and stopped and put his bike down and walked towards us (in our apartment complex) and he said hi and told us he is a member!  He was baptized in Seattle but hasn't been to church in 7 years and wishes to come back and he was thinking about it as he was riding and he saw us!  Isn't that awesome?! He came to stake conference with us and we met with him after and he said he loved it! We're hoping for a reactivation, which is just as great as a baptism!  Speaking of, we had to move our baptismal date. Guess when it is. October 8!  Isn't that awesome?!  What a present!!  We also set another date for October 15!  We've been walking a lot so my feet were pretty swollen and knee started hurting again but it was fine, if Nephi didn't complain after being strung up for 4 days, I shouldn't!  Plus, we got the car again.  We are at subway this past week and when we left the owner came out and gave us a gift card for $20.  He said his store got robbed the day before and he was feeling down and discouraged and he said that just seeing us there gave him hope that there's good in the world and he asked us to pray for him.  We agreed and gave him a card with our info on it and he said he was so grateful.  It was just a random, cool experience that stuck to me!  We also ran into some guy who claimed Jesus was a fake and how the first slave ship was called Jesus.  Some black radical dude who was super into BLM haha.  We talked to him and his friends for a bit.  Major pot heads believe in good and evil and if you're good you'll be saved haha.  Oh and I got a sweet American flag hat cause America.  We've had a few days this week where EVERY set appt fell through so it's been tough cause we have to walk everywhere and find because our appts are either not home, fall through or they're bad addresses.  We've had a ton this week but we kept pushing and got some good things out of it!  Oh and tell Cort he can have my snowboard.  I don't need it for a minute haha plus I'll get a new one when I'm home.  I also saw sister fisher!!  That was cool.  I was also able to see Elder Nielson too!  He's doing good!  Elder Edwards and Moosman thought it was a good idea to splash cold water on me as I was showering haha they missed!  Freaking goobers!  Haha I love them.  They're helping me so much!  Also if you could be a doll send me another air Mormon shirt!  Large.  It's for Edwards.  And I heard about the baby!  Kaeden told me!!  I'll defiantly pray for him and his back and stress.  Tell Cort congrats!!  He already has more points than I've scored in high school!  Little bugger haha.  

Kings Do King Things

Sometimes kings kick themselves in the face...

Sometimes they look good...

Other times they find themselves caught up in games...

Most often though, they just look confused.

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