Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sometimes kings just gotta flex...and teach and preach and work as missionaries do.

Hey who's been blinking?  I swear I just talked to you guys!  Next thing you know I'll be in college!  The days seem so long but holy cow do the weeks fly by!  This weeks been kinda weird.  We have had so many set appointments fall through so that kind of sucked.  We got another baptismal date.  Her name is Anne Webb set for the 22nd of October!  She's solid!  I think that I can say I know she'll be baptized.  She has the cutest little boy named Charelston!  He's so funny and cute!  He's 1 and loves to hug.  We also got Darrell are activated and talking to members!  But yeah we found her when I was on exchanges with the Zone Leaders.  

Elder Moosman and I were exchanged with Elder York and he's awesome.  He is like 6'5 and 205 lbs.  he's huge.  But he's a friendly giant.  He had an accident last week where he was climbing over a spiked fence to get a ball and he fell and got stabbed twice hahahaha.  Once in the hand and once in the leg!  He's fine though, just something funny.  But he's a great missionary!  I think he might go AP!  Speaking of, "AP Adair" is written every where in my apartment because my comps think I'm gonna be an AP.  I mean, I'm open to he idea of being one, but I can't even handle myself so that's wayyyyy out of my sight as of right now haha.  But it's good to know they have high expectations of me.  They honestly think I can be one.  

We were out this week teaching and an appointment feel through so we went finding and we had some crazy experiences.  First, we met a guy who claimed to see a vision of Jesus.  He said he was visited by Jesus and he doesn't look like the pictures....he's currently in my prayers because I didn't think anyone was that...unintelligent.  Haha then right after we ran into a Hebrew Israelite.  That was an experience.  He basically said and firmly believes the blacks in America are the chosen people and the Jews talked about when Jesus scattered the 12 tribes across the 4 corners of the earth.  He was hell bent also that Jehovah (pronounced Yahweh) is the "most high."  He said that Jesus wasn't Christ because Jesus's name isn't the same every where (Spanish is Jesus Cristo, etc) and if he was the same he would have the same name pronounced the same (even though George is pronounced hor-hay, Christopher is Christobol).  And he didn't know Jehovah (Yahweh) was spelled like that...we had the power to destroy his entire existence but we decided to let him be wrong.  Oops. #sorrynotsorry.  Haha eventful day.

Sad time now. Elder Parks and Harris (elders in our district) had a baptismal date investigator die last week...he was their best investigator and he was super solid and Elder Parks was super close to him.  He's pretty distraught right now but the great and awesome thing is that he already accepted the gospel!  Elder Parks is gonna try to be baptized for him!  He taught him while he was alive and is gonna get baptized for him after he's dead!  Wouldn't that be such a spiritual experience?!

Also it's so hot here that when we see that it's gonna be any temperature below 85 degrees, we get so excited.  It's that bad haha. It's been cray hot.  We've done a few hours of service this week and I haven't sweat that much since football (which I'm missing like crazy, both watching and playing.  Speaking of I'm gonna go out for football in college).  We did some old lady's yard while wearing full proselyting clothes for an hour.  Then we helped an older woman move for an hour and a half and on Saturday we helped a member move pieces of a tree that fell over.  And it wasn't a small tree.  He had to cut it into several pieces, about a foot or so thick and 3 feet wide. It took all 3 of us to move each piece.  And then we had to unload it all haha.  It took some muscle, but it got done.  I was pouring out sweat haha.  

Oh I think I might have grown a little because my jeans are a little tight haha.  And I think I've grown vertically too.  I might need new soccer sweats soon. But the mission is treating me great!  Also if you want to hear a good song about moms and missionary work listen to Bless My Son by Nashville Tribute Band. My package has not arrived because you sent it to the mission home...I won't have it for a while.  Send it to my apartment.  It won't get stolen!  And yes it's okay as long as I don't use it outside.  I will ask Wakolo!  I think it will be fine!  Dax is special to me so I think he'll let me. I most likely won't be in a trio next month because Moosman leaves on the 11th. Elder Nielson is a great guy!  He and I were together a lot at specialized meeting and I'll see him again next week.

I'm so proud of Ella!  And chance and all of them!  Tell Chance to not let that bring him down.  Tell him to play as hard as he can this last game because football goes by way too fast!  Same with Cort and crew! Good job buddy! I already emailed Cortland so he'll get my council soon enough. That baptism isn't gonna happen because Zeneta hasn't been keeping contact with us and hasn't been to church yet so we're gonna try a little more before we drop best hope for a baptism is Anne. No my contacts are fine I just got something in my eye one day and
wore glasses and forgot to put in contacts.

Kings Do King Things

The King says flex...that's right, flex those guns, son.



Elder Nielsen's mom was kind enough to send us some pics from the MTC:

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