Monday, November 21, 2016

Food glorious food...because that is what missionaries like...oh and spiritual experiences!

This week was full of testimony builders.  I can't go into detail, but I will tell you that I know for sure, without a doubt, that this church is fetching's true and God answers your prayers!
Mine were answered through another's experience, that other persons answer was a direct answer from another's prayer.  It's so freaking insane how much God loves all of his children.  It's crazy to see that he loves me so much, even though I've purposely gone against him so much and hurt him so much.  Just to even think about how much pain I made his Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior go through.  It makes me much blood of his was from me?  Which drops of blood were from me?

He suffered so much for us, and we take it for granted so much...I will never see this the same way again.  I've seen his work and love this week.  It's saved a life and saved a mission for 2 people.  The spirit was so strong with us and so many tender mercies happened that confirmed to me that God is looking out for me and that God is showing me I'm doing what's right.  This week, we had a couple cool experiences with members.  I think it was Tuesday, Sister Babcock (super sweet member who sings so good) called us and said "hey guys! So I just ordered a pizza, and it was too big for me to eat!  Do you guys want it?"  And she drove to us and gave us a whole, 3 meat pizza from Sam's club!  That's not even the best part, IT WAS STILL HOT!!

Then yesterday, we got fed by a member (who's actually from Thatcher, AZ which is in Elder Barron's old ward) and after dinner, they asked if we needed anything and we of course said no but do you need anything?  And they get up and ask if we need food or toiletries and we said no we think we will be fine!  Then they say, nope you're going shopping, here's some stuff!  And they pack us a box full of cereal (Cookie Crisp 😍 and golden grams), pop tarts, laundry detergent, soap, spaghetti noodles and sauces, tuna, 2 12 packs of Charmin ultra strong toilet paper, a 10 pack of bounty paper towels, a suit for elder Edwards, toothbrushes, peanut butter when we help them pack up and moved (in December 😢), a trench coat, cup of noodles, a bunch of oatmeal (brown sugar and maple and apple cinnamon), a big bag of herbal tea and since he's in he army, he gets free sunglasses and he gave us all a pair (they're like shooting range glasses, but indestructible and worth $200).  We've been so blessed this week.  Not to mention we've fallen into some cool people!

We brought a bible to this one lady named Kristy and she invited us in.  We talked for a bit and she called in her sisters to come listen.  Let me tell you, I've never smelled beer so strongly in my life than when this lady comes and sits down by us.  We talked a bit and she was so stuck on that there's no such thing as one true church and she tried to bash when she was drunk at 12 noon on a that tells you how much she needs Jesus haha.  But Kristy was so into the temple and plan of salvation because her daughter was killed last year in a car crash right after she graduated high school.  It's so sad.  But she wants to be married in the temple (she's never been married) and she had us download pics of the temple on her phone and she has a date for December 3rd!

We have a bunch of other dates with a lot of people but it doesn't matter the number.  Chikeda, Tony and Kristy are our top investigators right now.  I have a strong feeling Elder Edwards and I are going to baptize this transfer (yup...I'm in Memphis with Elder Edwards).  Elder Thornton was transferred to Olive Branch (the other elder area in our district).  He's replacing elder parks!:(. Elder Parks and I got along so well.  He became such a great friend and he lives in logan and went to Mountain Crest!  He is going to Jackson, AR.

So how was cedar?  Did you see anyone besides grandma and grandpa?  I'm so sorry to hear about grandpa...did dad give him a blessing?  We've seen miracles happen from blessing out here so make sure he gets one.  How long will he be on the tube feeding?  Is he doing good enough to you  know...make it?  I'll make sure to pray for him and I'll email grandma.

Kings Do King Things

King Ad-Rock, King of all Kings

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