Monday, November 28, 2016

Too much here to work in a witty title...for the second video, I have no words.

Are they giving us the stink eye?
Well...this week was amazing.

We had 3 thanksgiving meals so that's great haha.  We went over to a few members homes for dinners and Chikeda is gonna make us pie cause she's awesome and we're gonna dunk her.  Elder Edwards and I have made it our goal to baptize her this transfer because we've put in too much work.  We have a date set with her for December 10th so we're gonna work with her to get her to stop smoking and then SPLASH!

We had a turkey bowl on thanksgiving and it was great!  I dislocated my jaw and popped it back in after catching a ball and immediately being hit by another elder who is a state champ wrestler haha.  But I caught it and got a first down so it was worth it!  We found a cat too!  I'll send videos and pics!  She's the Celestial kitty.  Mom don't freak out, it's a nice cat and didn't hurt anyone!  It cuddled with us!

Because the kitty makes them look tough...
This week we were able to reactivate a less active and teach a lot of new people.  We found a few less actives and started working with them and they just need rides and stuff so we're gonna figure out stuff for them.

Oh, both elder Edwards and I had an experience that was fun.  So we went to check on this guy who is inactive and we knew it was gonna be fun from the instant he looked through the window.  He saw us, rolled his eyes, opened the door and very dully said "alright come on in" hahahahaha.  It gets better.  We start talking to him about how he was doing and all the "get to know you" introductions.  We asked why he hasn't come to church and this dude tells us he wants to remove his records!  He doesn't agree wit a lot of things the church does.  He's VERY liberal and "very into equal rights" so I guess you already know what he has a problem with...there's 3 things he HATES about the church...1.  The churches stance on gay marriage.  2.  Women can't hold the priesthood.  3.  We don't allow he said until we allow all those he won't come back...we politely told him ok and gave him the details on how to remove membership and that the church will go on with the work and stick to its guns because all of those were commandments from god (all found in the Bible too).  He likes the missionaries but doesn't want to have anything to do with the church.  So that was fun haha.

Ah...a Christmas card moment!

No idea...
The reactivation is actually a funny story too.  We got done with an appointment and elder Edwards wanted ice cream so we flipped into a McDonald's and ended up getting hot coco cause it's colder than balls out here now.  We pulled up to pay and I looked at the kid at the window and asked Elder Edwards if he was Dakarius.  Before we ask, Dakarius looks at us and goes "are y'all Mormons?  I'm a Mormon!"  Hahaha.  We went and saw him the next day and we've gotten him also friends with an RM and he's gonna take him to the singles ward!

I have an idea, but make it go away!
Do y'all remember that family that got into an argument?  The one where the less active's wife was super baptist and so was the daughters husband?  Well we saw them again a couple days ago...get this.  The husband, 5 days after rejecting us and our message...died.  The dude fetching just up and died they said.  And 2 days after that, the wife (super baptist) got super sick with bad pneumonia and was even pronounced dead at one point!  After that ordeal, the wife, Joan, stopped smoking and wants to keep meeting with us!  We saw her yesterday and she was so sick that she couldn't talk or move and so Henry (the member) asked us to give her a blessing.  We did and within 5 freaking minutes she was talking with us and getting up and laughing!  It was amazing!  We're gonna try our hardest to baptize them!  We can't wait!  They got so excited over the plan of salvation and eternal families and temples!  It's amazing seeing the light and spirit flick on in a persons eyes!  Tony is getting baptized this week!
Walmart famous...
We've had so many miracles this week.  We even had a member call and ask if we wanted a pumpkin pie on Saturday haha.  The members are starting to love us!  Life is a complete 180 from what it was like a few weeks ago!!  God is spoiling us!  We've only heard 3 gunshots this week too!  So violence is down!!  I love the mission so much!  I can't wait to talk to you guys on Christmas!  We've been jamming holiday music and houses are decorating and it's amazing!!  Of course it gets me trunky and homesick but I'll get over it haha.  The cold weather is definitely a reminder of Utah though!  And flagstaff!  And congrats Kaeden on the baby being a boy!  Be prepared because that little bugger is gonna be my little minion!  Also I'm gonna use him to attract the daughters of Zion when I'm home ;) haha I hope you guys had fun on thanksgiving!  How was it?  It was peaceful right?  No contention or fighting between anyone?  Haha!  Have a great week y'all!!

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