Monday, November 7, 2016

No matter the place the good exist...along with gunfire. :)

Haircut or all cut?
What's cookin good lookin?  Not much happened here!  But we went on exchanges and found this yard sale and this guy gave us these superhero key chains for free!  Then when we exchanged back, these kids were playing around and came and said hi to us and asked if we had toys cause there's broke and they don't have any more.  It broke our hearts so we gave the, our key chains and then as we were unloading, 5 more kids came asking for toys haha we gave them all the rest of our key chains and they all hugged us and we're so excited about them!  It was so cool!  And then right after 14 shots popped off on the street next to us.  Those little kids got so excited over it and we're shouting "14!  There was 14 that time!" It's sad to see how happy they get over that.  

Last week some random guy showed up to church and wanted to learn more about it, so we set up a time to go see him and when we saw him, he was so happy to see us.  He pulled out this list of church sites he wants to visit and how he loves our church's history and stuff like that!  He read a book about Mormonism and loved it I guess.  But he comes to church all by himself, he walks 4 miles every Sunday!  The dude is dedicated!  We're gonna go see him tonight again!  We might baptize this guy!  But that's really all that happened.

Stripling Warriors
I'm happy to hear everyone is doing well!  I'm proud of Cort for sticking it through and doing good in school!  Have track practices started yet?  I think they have but make sure Cort is building his relationship with Ricky!  And Tell Ella I'm proud of her!  Haha the boys are getting riled up over her dancing?  Nice!  Are you turning into a dance mom?  Because I can see that happening!  For thanksgiving we had a dinner but she had to move it to the day before due to some reason.  We've started focusing on members hardcore lately to build relationships with them to get and build trust.  Missionary work is dying in this ward so we're trying to build it back up. 

I'm so proud of crew for his reading and accomplishments!!  Good job buddy!  I swear the name Titus is dope!  If it's a girl I'm taking that name!  I got Mason's shirt and elder Edwards is jealous and wants one haha. I'll send a pic of what I want!

Kings Do King Things

Elder Co-Driver Trainee Junior Companion "AP Bound" Kai Adair

They run in packs...

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