Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It was bound to happen - a short letter!

This week was alright.  Nothing great.  We did though, find like 10+ new investigators in a day.  All of our plans fell through and Thornton's tire popped so we decided screw it, and just walked.  We talked to everyone we saw and even set 2 dates with 2 guys we found that day.  It was pretty cool.  Besides that not much happened.  We found out one of our older investigators had started to stop smoking little by little and even stopped drinking coffee little by little without our help.  That was cool!  We're printing off pictures of temples for her so that she can have her goal in mind always.

That's literally all that happened.  Sorry for the short letter.  Like i said, not much happened.  I'm in the Memphis 2nd Ward, but I think I'm getting transferred this week so no promises about finding members.  About my package, send it to the mission home due to transfers.

Tell Crew and Ella I'm so proud of them!  Does Crew weigh more than Ella yet?  And tell Cort that indoor track is the best time of the year!  It's soooo fun!  Tag in the school was the best part!  Especially when we got everyone together!  And it ends with Simplot!!!  Boy do I wish I went there all 3 years!  Cort, you do your best to make it there!  I expect it so you best do it! :)  How big is Cort?  Is he 6 foot yet?  I don't think I'm 6 foot.

You guys sound like you're gonna have so much fun in Cedar this weekend!  Who all are you gonna see?  Just the grandparents?  How long you there for?  I'm so sad to hear Grandpa is in pain :/ how long ago did the cancer come back?  He's definitely in my prayers.

I love you guys!  Keep being awesome!

Kings Do King Things!

King Ad-Rock, King of all Kings

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