Monday, December 12, 2016

A very personal email about Grandpa Jim...only pictures this week.

We love you too...I hope that was for us!
I am sorry, but there won't be an email posted this week due to the very personal nature of the email regarding Elder Adair's Grandpa Jim's passing that he sent to the family.  Suffice it to say he had a rough week, not only did his grandpa return to his Father in Heaven, but he was also physically sick so it made for a challenging week.  Rest assured Elder Adair is serving diligently and of course still has a wonderful attitude and amazing smile!

Must be a street full of Fockers!
We hope you all enjoy a few pictures (and of course a video) of Elder Adair.  As for the video, it made me so proud to see my boy raking leaves, and doing it with a smile - that NEVER happened at home...well, maybe once...or twice.

Best Regards,

Dad and Mom Adair (call her grandma as our oldest boy and his wife are expecting...but don't call me that, I am far too young and sexy...not that Kimmi isn't sexy, just call her Grammy...I have to go before she flogs me about the head and shoulders for posting this...HELP ME!)

This is what service is...

...and this is what it looks like!

A tree fit for missionaries.
And here it is...leaf patrol!

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