Monday, December 5, 2016

Not gonna lie, this one made me cry...he is growing up so fast.

You can't open this book without crying!!!
Hey guys.  It's been quite the week.  We ended up not baptizing Tony because he isn't keeping commitments, but we're still working with him to help him progress.  He's not our top priority anymore though.  Our top is Patricia Carter.  She is the definition of prepared by the Lord.  When we got the referral for her, she was going through some bad stuff.  She lost her fiancé in September to cancer and her mom, dad and only sister a few years ago.  We helped her understand the plan of salvation and eternal families.  She busted out in tears and asked how she can do that.  We invited her to be baptized and she begged us to baptize her.  We set the date for the 17th and she was so happy.  She came to church and bore her testimony on the 2 angels that saved her.  She said we came at just the right time to help her cope.

Little did I know, understanding the plan of salvation that night, prepared me for the news I got of grandpa and his current condition 3 hours after that lesson.  It broke me down, I'm not gonna lie.  I sat in the bathroom for 30 min and listened to that video and just cried and prayed.  I didn't know you had told the taylors about it so when they asked if I was okay, I said yes of course because I hate showing emotions.  But I am so grateful for the plan of salvation and the peace it brings.  I know that soon grandpa Jim will be so much more happy and he will have no pain.  He is going to be perfected.  No more cancer, no pain, no worry, just happiness.  He will be a great missionary in the spirit world.  Heaven is about to gain a great angel to progress the work that missionaries like me can't do.

Yesterday I was very sick and frail, as I am today, but regardless I felt the need to fast for grandma Judy and grandpa Jim that they will be at peace with what ever outcome Heavenly Father chooses to give us.  I know grandma will need strength and love, so I plead with you guys to show her that love.  She needs it desperately right now.  I can't express enough my love for grandpa or you guys.  I'm so happy that our families are eternal and that we will soon see grandpa again.  He holds a very special place in my heart.  Right before I left for the MTC, he talked with me and said his goodbyes to me, telling me I may or may not ever see him alive again and that he wanted me to know his love for me.  I didn't know at that time 4 months ago, that he was right.

Always show love for those around you because you never know when our father in heaven will take them.  It's a rough life sometimes, but we must always look forward and up, never back and down.  I love you guys so much and can't wait to talk to you guys on Christmas!  You guys are always on the back of my mind (the work is first) and you guys are my life.  Never forget my love for our family.

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