Monday, May 22, 2017

A VERY late post from 5/15/ apologies.

Southern Gents.
Monday we rough saying bye to Hill and Goose, but I'll be able to call and text them so I'll be fine.  Also I found a tick on me and so that was an experience.

Tuesday we went to the Rogers' and did some service for them.  We painted their shutters and it was awesome!  Really hot outside but it was fun!  I got burned again but it's whatever.  Then we went to lunch at Pizza Hut and guess what!  Right after our waitress lady took our order, she got our water and then went outside, got in her car and left...hahaha it was so weird!  But I mean, if 4 devilishly good looking guys walked in and I was her, I would have to leave too.  We went around trying different people but no one answered.  We ate at a members house and had a really good time!  We ate some bomb ham and then had a good little lesson and challenged them all to hand out a pass along cards by tomorrow!

For all the moms.
Wednesday we did a lot of store finding.  We went to a shoe store and no one offered to help us or talk to us, so we left and went to a Book store and found a Bible section...and you're not gonna believe what we found...we legit found anointing oil...the amount of priestcraft that goes on here is redonculous.  We also found the "action bible" which is the Bible in comic book form...THEN all that was there was NIV, NKJV and ESV bibles.  Literally, I think we found 3 KJV bibles.  The south is crazy.  And right on the other side of bibles were adult books...yup.  We went with the other elders after that to do some family history at the church.  I indexed for about 2 hours and so my head started hurting and we left.  We went to the mall later on too and again no one wanted to talk to us.  We talked to one lady at another shoe store but she shot us down and told us she doesn't believe that way.

Looking good.
Thursday we walked and scouted out an area to go family history finding and then came back for comp study and lunch.  After that we went and walked that area again, expecting to see more people, but we didn't, so we "dropped" family history cards everywhere and stuck some pass along cards in telephone posts.  Hopefully a miracle happens and someone finds one and wants to learn more.  Holding onto faith for that one.  We went to see Mike but he for some reason wasn't home so we went and saw brother Devaux to introduce Speck.  We played volleyball again that night and it was good.

Well, there you have it!
Friday we went through part member lists and visited some less actives.  No one really answered but we were able to receive a referral from another area and it said to visit asap.  So we turned around and got there in 15 minutes and caught her right before she was leaving!  Funny because she said she is almost never home because of her job so I have no doubt God is preparing her.  Then we went and made corsages for the single mothers in our ward!  It was actually really fun and they looked bomb!  Later that night we went to get water at the spring, and this dude and chick were keeping their distance as we were getting water for like 10 minutes.  Well, as soon as we get in the car, Mr. Man decided to grow a pair and say "where's your *swear word for poop* at?!"  And proceeded to flip us off.  Well we drove 3 feet and got caught at a light and he was no longer Mr. Man!  He was quiet and trying to talk to his girl who actually said hi to us.  Yup, tucked his tail after he realized we weren't going anywhere.

Supporters unite?
Saturday was full of hard work.  We did service for a Russian who we helped a while ago last transfer.  Elder Speck and I started off moving cinder blocks (like 50 of them) up a hill to make space while the other elders started the shoveling of dirt into wheel barrows and running them up a hill and dumping them.   When we were done we helped with that.  In all, we shoveled and dumped for 5 hours or so in the blazing heat.  We were beat.  After that we went home, showered and checked for ticks and then had another lesson with Dan.  He still had more questions about Lehi's Dream, so we had another hour long discussion on that.  Later on we saw brother Jordan and talked a bit with him and then went Finding in the mall.

Love the patriotism!!
Sunday was amazing!!  Great day at church and then had a companion study on how to stand our ground against stumbling blocks in our area.  We then went to the Hugentobler's for dinner and they gave us stuff to Skype on at the church!  As my parents know, I had an amazing time!  It was probably the high light of my year so far!  We challenged the Hugentobler's after that to handout 2 restoration DVD's with the first 3 lessons pamphlets and a pass along card in them!  So we'll see how that goes!  They fed us some good spaghetti and then Danish Dessert stuff.  It's strawberry jello stuff with cream and crushed pretzels!  It was so good!  I had so many slices!  We went by a couple less active families but no one answered #MissionaryWork.

In all, this week was a good week.  Not the best missionary work wise, but we did some good things.  Lots of service haha.  I got a nice tan though!  So that's a plus!  I want all of y'all to start reading the Bible because it may not be as perfect as the Book of Mormon, but dang does it spit knowledge and pure doctrine.

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild
Apparently this is what the south does...relaxes you.

Wondering if Robin Hood is around the corner.

Da Boys!

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