Monday, May 8, 2017

Yet another transfer, losing a good hombre (can I say hombre?)...and more adventures from the south!

Just the good ol' boys...
This week was yet another walk week, number 4 in a row.  My legs and feet are absolutely dead.

Monday again we went to the Stevens and had a good time.

Tuesday was rather fascinating.  We went walking and finding; this guy from a car dealership called us over and so we went.  He asked what was the reason or reasons people thought Mormons are weird and he told us to "only speak by the spirit" (like 4 times).  He asked us for a Book of Mormon and gave us his standpoint with everything.  He told us to start telling everyone we meet that "the water floweth from my mouth like a rock" and to read 2 and 1 Peter backwards....yup.  Then he kept saying he is Peter and his brother is John.  Odd guy, but good talk.  We then went to Malvern with a member and found a cool lady who met with missionaries in the 90's and wants us to come back.  We also might help her husband with his cattle.

Never meaning no harm...
Wednesday was our last Zone Meeting ever.  And guess how it went?  Well I'll tell ya.  Devaux came in and told the zone leaders don't be late on ending and then we were 3 min over when it was all said and done and he came in demanding that we leave then and there.  Well, the ZL's had gifts for us (t-shirts) and we also had to take a picture (requirement from President Wakolo) and Devaux has the audacity to tell us that we're not taking a picture and that we're leaving.  I told him basically and plainly that he's not in charge of the zone and that we are staying for the picture because we answer to president, not him.  He wasn't happy, but he let us stay.  After all that we came back and it was pouring rain hardcore!  We couldn't go out so we fixed up the apartment and worked out.

Thursday was National Star Wars day, so that was cool.  We went with Devaux to see a less active, who just so happened to be one of our former investigator's son.  She was happy to see us and gave us hugs and told us her son was asleep so we'll go back another time.  Weather here flips so bad.  It was raining and cloudy so we stopped in Walmart while walking to beat the weather and contact in there for a bit.  We played volleyball that night and it was fun.  Micah Stevens and his family was there and that made for a good time.  Micah's extended family was there and the kids with them kept recording us missionaries on their phones and being silly.  The dad kept telling us to "be humble" cause people there "haven't played before" and "there's girls here."  I would have had sympathy and listened....but all the girls there were volleyball players and us guys have never played!  So we were hitting it a little hard but they were beating us down!  So every time he said to humble, we would pet the ball and say "be soft little one" and smack it as hard as we could.
Beats all you never saw...

Friday was tough.  It started off with a very short weekly planning session and a companionship study.  We then went and saw Dan and studied Lehi's dream with him.  It took about an hour or so, we wanted to be thorough.  Then I had to write something up for president at the church so we did that and then came back to the apartment to get our sticks and head out for the 13 mile walk to a less actives house.  About 8 or 9 mile into the walk we saw a tender mercy of the lord, and let me tell you how tender it was.  This member, I feel horrible cause I don't remember her name, pulled up and asked if we needed a ride and so obviously we accepted, but that's not the best part.  We weren't even driving off yet when she asked if we wanted ice cream and water...this sweet lady took us and got us ice cream cones and water and we talked about missionary work for about 20 minutes!  She drove us to the members and we had a good talk.  He's going through some CRAP!  I can't really say cause I don't want to just expose his life, but in a gist, he is no longer in a relationship.  He's taking it hard and it's showing.  But we were able to talk him into calling and meeting with the bishop on Sunday.  We then were picked up by the other elders (thank goodness) and then we went to dinner with the Rogers!  After that we stopped by to say goodnight to brother Jordan.  I got home and wobbled into the shower and then to bed.

Been in trouble with the law...
Saturday was balls to the wall all over the place.  First, we got haircuts and I took a buzz cause it's getting hot and my mane was all over the place.  After that we walked to Jeff, about 4 miles away only to find he wasn't home.  So then we tracted all the way to the church 5 miles away from Jeff's.  We found another tender mercy as a sweet old lady pulled off the road and gave us some drinks cause it was hot.  It's good to see things like that when the world just seems so mean.  We then went to the church to get WiFi to figure out some stuff.  We also found ice cream, so we took some.  But can you blame us?  We walked to the moon and back, I think that deserves ice cream.  We then came back to the apartment with the other elders to get ready to find out about transfers.  We had spare time so we played Uno for a bit.  Elder Hill is leaving to Midtown, the area right above Memphis 2nd.  Not going to lie, I was sad.  I hate that I'm losing another close companion after only having him for 6 weeks.  I hate being done after only one transfer.  My new comp is Elder Speck.  I don't know much about him.

Since the day they were born.
Sunday was the average transfer Sunday.  We went and said bye to brother Jordan, Micah, and the Devaux's.  Devaux fed us dinner and then we deuced to Micah's.  Before we got there he called us and informed us we were gonna help a friend with a we got there and hopped in his truck and drove to this storage unit.  Well the problem this guy had was he had pulled out his boat and it caught the garage door thing and tore it out!  We helped fix it as best as we could so they had a lock for their jet ski's haha.  They were super nice and thankful and told us if we ever wanna take the boat out we can just give them a call haha.  I told them I'll take them 15 months...hahaha.

Well today we woke up at 4 to get to north Little Rock before 6:30 so we could send off elder Hill.  I think this is one of my hardest goodbyes, well, tied with Elder Edwards.  It's only been 6 weeks and I feel like it's been a year long friendship.  It breaks my heart but I'll survive.  Luckily we have phones haha.  It's also sad seeing elder Goaslind leave.  We've become super close as well.  But I'm hopeful for this transfer!  I love you guys!  Have a great week!

Straightenin' the curves...
And P.S.
I'm writing this in a car that's jam packed full of luggage.  I'm telling you if you need a lot of stuff packed up in a small space, missionaries are the guys to call!  We're Tetris masters who are comfortable in any situation haha.

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

Someday the mountain might get 'em, but the law never will!
Flattenin' the hills...

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