Monday, May 22, 2017

The mission is coming fast and furious now and the spirit is strong with this one.

Love when my kid patriots out like this!
Monday was pretty boring, just sat at the church all day.

Tuesday we had district meeting and it was pretty good!  Afterwards, we were gonna go and do some finding before heading to the Rogers for lunch, but I felt like we should go see another member instead.  Well, when we got there, she told us to come in and immediately broke down and asked for a blessing.  We gave her one and she was so thankful and was just thinking about calling us right before we came by.  So that was really cool and I definitely felt the spirit there.  I feel like I'm getting more and more in tune with it!  After that, she said she noticed my tics and then went to the back room and gave me a whole bottle of doterra oils haha it's called serenity, it helps calm the nerves and it works!  Later on we made cookies for bishop for letting us call from their stuff on Sunday and also for brother Devaux and miracles happened!  We got referrals and then got a call from another member telling us a less active is going to be at volleyball!

Wednesday we started off with brother Devaux and visiting the referrals and both were home and willing to listen!  One was a less active who is going to come to church and the other is a former named Richard who is also gonna try to come haha.  The LA is a son of a former and we didn't even know!  The gator though, was really...interesting haha.  But hey, Gods children right?  Devaux pulled in clutch and bought us milk and sausage after the it's looking up!  Lots of tender mercies coming our way!  We did family History for a little bit as well.  After dinner with a super cool member, who wants to fellowship and home teach more with us, we went to mutual.  That's something an earlier comp never let me do for some reason.  We were in referral heaven!  The 1st counselor offered to take us home teaching with him, we ran into brother Hooper (friend of Mike) and set up an appointment with him, and then got a Book of Mormon request from a member for a friend!  ...who speaks some Indian kind of a score?  Haha.

Thursday elder Speck went to a leadership meeting, so I got to go on an exchange with another elder named Elder Sandman.  He's from Phoenix!  We had a lot of fun!  Talking about football and the draft and all this other stuff as we walked!  We got wings for lunch and walked some more!  It was super cloudy and humid and ugh, the weather will getcha out here.  I just hope I can hack the summer without dying!  We had volleyball after elder Speck got back and it was pretty good!  Richard came!  He loved it!  He has a glass eye from some experiences of living the street life and he took it out and put it back in and it was so legit!  He has some crazy stories!!  But the members there took him in and he had a blast!  He said he'll be coming to church and we even got a ride for him!  While I was with Sandman, I got some pretty dope glasses!  Of course they're the star spangled and they're legit the best thing ever.

Mission genealogy.
Friday we went and saw Richard and it was amazing!  It all went great, but then he told us that at volleyball, he overheard some people gossiping about him and when I heard that I almost blew a gasket...I think I know who it was and I want to let them know how stupid they are, I was sad.  Anyways, he said it didn't bother him cause he had a great time and loves the Mormon religion.  We also saw Mike and had a great lesson with him as well!  We shared the plan of salvation with him and in order to help him keep the word of wisdom, we swore off sugar as he tries to quite smoking and coffee!  So this should be fun haha.  We also brought cookies to the elders quorum president that night, but he wasn't there...his wife told us that he is a diplomatic security agent and is with Trump right big deal hahaha that was so cool to hear about.

Saturday was pretty slow but we had a DOPE lesson with a member referral named Tawana!  She was super into the lesson and got super emotional after we cleared up repentance and forgiveness for her.  She told us that she wanted to cancel the appointment but the spirit just would not let her and she was so happy and glad that she didn't cancel it!  The member with us, Brother Wray, was so great!  That was the best lesson I have had with a member present!  He is a full fellowshipper and asked if he could give her rides to church and be her guide when she needs help!  After that we went to the young women's spaghetti dinner/dessert auction.  The food was great, but the thing I've been to.  So Devaux gave each companionship $50 to spend on food, specifically Sister Hugentobler's Carrot Cake, but elder Speck and I aren't eating sugar anymore, so we did what any other sugar free missionary would do...we spent all $50 on brother DeLong's BBQ sauce...yup.  I have no regrets.  The other elders did the same.  Oops.  Some people though, were dropping some serious dough on these desserts!  That carrot cake went for $150, 2 banana cream puddings went for $110 and $105 and a couple other things went for like $90 and $85!  It was redonculous!

Sunday was probably the most trunky day I've had haha.  For sacrament, there was a talk on promptings and agency, which led the speaker to talk about college and meeting her husband.  Then in priesthood it was on eternal marriage and the teacher had everyone share how they met their wife and then talked to...the single brethren (the elders) about how we need to prepare for it.  So that was fun.  We had dinner with Devaux and then tried a less active trying to bring him dinner, but his apartment was super locked down and wouldn't let us in, so that's legit.  We ended the night with having the other elders over for a bit as they grabbed some things and I called Goaslind and it was very much needed haha.  I miss that kid so much!

This week was full of miracles and I had an absolute great time!  The areas heart had been softened and I'm doing great!  Members are starting to warm up and I have actually been way upbeat!  I love y'all and can't wait to hear back from y'all!!

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