Friday, May 5, 2017

Day by day by day...survived the storms...and some typical missionary frustration.

Monday night we went to the Stevens for dinner and we had a great time.  We talked for a pretty long time and he's so cool.

Tuesday was a disaster.  First, a very bad district meeting, then we got chastised by a member for having a dirty car.  Our car was dirty cause we haven't driven it in a while because we've been walking and because we're out of miles.  I just smiled and said we'll clean it and then he had the audacity to tell us to clean it then and there and he was gonna watch.  Elder Hill said not a chance and we'll clean it later.  Then he kept going on and on and so we just left.  Because we are out of miles we have to walk for the next two weeks...tough lesson learned.  Anyways we got boots and I look dang good in them.  We got them for more than half of normal price!  We also saw Mike and it was awesome!  We taught the plan of salvation and he absolutely loved it.  He was having a bad day but was so upbeat and happy at the end.  We then went to Dixie Cafe for dinner.

Wednesday was definitely a day I'll remember.  We couldn't do much cause it was pouring rain and the streets flooded.  Elder Hill needed a new mattress so the office elder brought him one.  They all go home soon, Elder Arbon for example goes home next Tuesday haha.  So we talked with them for a bit and went to lunch at Dixie Cafe...can you tell we like the place?  We were hydroplaning in the truck with a trailer on the whole way there and back.  We then went and visited Brother Jordan with the other elders.  He's an older, single guy.  He's pretty lonely And so elder Hill and I wrote him letters thanking him for all he does, because literally nothing would get done in the ward without him.  We played cards with him for a couple hours while it was storming and talked.  He needed it.  I'm sure it meant the world to him.  If making someone's day a little better and more enjoyable, I'll stay with them as long as I need.  I'm called to serve, and as long as I'm helping and lifting burdens or spirits, I'm doing what God wants me to do.

Thursday was...something else...I have never felt so baffled in my ENTIRE life.  Never.  We talked to someone who made me feel like I needed to reevaluate the whole human race.  We walked to Jeff's to invite him to volleyball and get his new number and as we were talking to him this black dude named "Black" decided to come by.  Jeff kept telling him to go back in his house but nope...he came over to tell us "the truth."  He basically went on and on about how Jesus' name is fake and has no meaning cause his real name is "Youseff" and that it is found in the Bible, which is incorrect.  But no matter how much proof we had against him, he said we were wrong.  Then he took us for a round on how we worship on the wrong day and yada yada yada.  Proved him wrong again but his heart was set.  Then of course he brings up how Jesus was black and how Moses was also black and Blacks of the USA are the "real Jews."  We were nice and sensitive at first but his denseness made us be pretty brutal while using the True Word of God, the Bible, to prove him wrong yet again.  And that caused us to veer into how Adam was black and how whites came from black people who had albino children...and right now you're probably very confused, but you read that 100% correctly...and I apologize for taking some of your IQ away.  After all this was said and done we talked a bit about normal stuff AND THEN this guy literally went off on how the earth is flat, we never went to the moon and that 9/11 wasn't terrorists, but we attacked ourselves...again, you read all of that right.  Out of all of this I'm just glad that I was able to have enough sense and the Bible knowledge at hand to take this guy out even though he didn't understand any of what we said.  It definite built my testimony that:
1. The gospel is true and will go on with or without you
2. I am not the dumbest person on earth.
Also I'm upset cause the Panthers got my favorite player...McCaffery.

Friday was pretty slow.  I got my cowboy hat.  Elder Hill and I had a fit planning out our baptism for this Saturday.  I guess it's not custom in this ward to have a memorable service because "we focus on the ordinance" like what the deuce?  Mike Sanello is entering into the kingdom of God, making one of the biggest decisions of his life and its going to consist of a 15 minute service Sunday morning with one prayer, one hymn and one talk that's 3 min long...yup then dunk and go to sacrament.  I feel it should be a bit longer and more memorable for Mike.  Brother Jordan had us over for lunch and that sweetheart got me a carrot cake cause the dessert he made had walnuts in it...and the carrot cake had them in it too haha I just picked them out and ate as much as I could haha.  We then got back in contact with Mrs. Roach who's husband has been keeping her from seeing us.  I guess he's warming up a bit so that's good!  Mike had to cancel cause of work so elder Hill and I discussed other matters in the car.  The days are getting hotter and more humid so life is gonna start getting...much much harder...

Saturday was just walking and walking and walking.  We saw a girl named Aryanna who's grandpa is a member and she wants to know more.  She's 13 and wants to learn more!  We also saw Mike!  We just read with him and we might have to push the baptism back to be sure he's ready.  So that kinda sucks, but if it helps him, I'm happy!  We walked and went finding for 4 hours so that took me out.  I'm absolutely broken down.  This week was so rough.  It stormed so bad.  The sky was lit up blue and it was insane!  Just flickers and flickers and then BOOM!  Like 80 times!  No joke thought someone was gonna die!  I mean, Southern drivers already suck worse than Utah drivers (yup), but when you add flooded streets and lightening going off every half second, it got tense.  Elder Hill and I iced our feet in buckets and it hurt so bad!  I haven't iced in so long so my feet were just doneski's.

Sunday was good.  We got a new one ripped into us by Devaux cause we called and asked President Jones about the baptismal service.  He got all booty hurt and yelled and then he got mad that we didn't call him cause we didn't get fed once this week and blah blah blah.  We were pretty peeved.  He fed us later that day and ripped into us again and said we made him look like an idiot in ward council cause he didn't get our progress record...keep in mind there was tornado warnings going off all Saturday and Sunday morning so we couldn't get to wifi to send them in, but whatever floats his boats.  We visited Brother Jordan again.  He was pretty upset at church and seemed grumpy so we brought him he cheesecake Devaux got us haha.  He was pretty pumped.  But before that, he was sleeping and we called.  We were in the car cause he didn't answer but we saw his dogs at the door and while we were looking at them, Elder Hill just yells as loud as he can!  We looked over and Brother Jordan was standing in the window hahahaha.  He thought he was a ghost or something!  But we stayed a bit and left.

This week was pretty rough, and it's only gonna get rougher and rougher cause now it's actual walk week and Elder Hill and I are exhausted.  But Micah is having us over tonight so I guess that lightens the burden.

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