Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What a great time to be in the Searcy Zone! Don't forget: giggin' frogs is cool too.

Monday we just went around town and fished for a bit...I gigged a frog but I only got his back leg so I shook him off and let him go.  I lost a prong in a fish as well :/

Tuesday we had district meeting and I instructed on attitude and obedience and how they go hand in hand.  I found a really cool definition for attitude. It's "a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in ones behavior."  It's kinda funny how if you have a good attitude of love and respect towards the Savior and His gospel, you're gonna wanna be obedient!  It's almost like God had a plan haha.  Afterwards, I exchanged with Elder Miller and went to Beebe for the day!  We saw a few people and taught a few lessons!  One of the guys that they ran into and gave a Book of Mormon to actually read what they asked him to read!  When he went to get his BOM, elder Miller and I looked at each other and started to do a quiet freak out!  We were dancing and and whisper shouting "YES YES YES!"  Haha it was awesome.  Had a great lesson with Him before heading in for the night.  I went on the exchange to help boost attitude and love and after talking to elder Miller, I think we left the exchange with a huge success!

Wednesday I was picked up and taken to leadership Training meeting for the day in Little Rock.  It was long but really good!  We talked about making District Meetings feel like sacrament meetings and how to treat our missionaries that we're in stewardship over.  It was so great!  We're fixin to have a blossoming zone!  As we looked over our last weeks key indicators, we realized everyone but a couple companionships increased in all aspects by a tremendous amount and we are all teaching solid people!  What a great time to be in the Searcy Zone!  After we left, I exchanged again with Elder Anderson in Cabot.  He's Elder Paopao's greenie and he's awesome!  We did 12 week training and I got to know him for the rest of the night!  He's from Highland, Utah and is super awesome!  I love the kid!  He played baseball and football and I can't wait to keep getting to know him.

Larry, Larry, Larry!!!
Thursday Elder Anderson and I went and did some service for the Beebe branch president.  He owns a pet shop so we helped unload the shipments of dog food, rodent bedding and all that good stuff.  It took a while!  There was 5 pallets full of this stuff!  As we unloaded the last of the last pallet, we see another truck pull up and as I put the last bag of dog food down, they roll another full pallet out haha.  So we finished up and they took us out to eat.  We exchanged back and went almost immediately to dinner with the Ryan's.  After that we saw Louis for a few minutes before he had to go then we saw Steven.  We got him a large print Book of Mormon and he said we're his favorite missionaries to ever come around and that he wants us to bring him all the pamphlets he has so he can study haha.  I love that guy so much haha.

Friday we weekly planned and it again took forever as we planned out every hour of every day.  We saw the Mauldin's and hung out with Brayden, Peyton and Hayden.  After about a half hour we went out to Judsonia and had dinner wit the high priests.  We met a lot of family of the Browns and fished with one of the brown brothers.  He caught a 12 inch 4 pound bass in the lowest, crappiest looking pond on the property haha.  It was a good lookin fish!  There was a black kid there who was friends with a brown kid and he wanted to hold it but couldn't seem to gain his gut as every time he tried to grab the fish, he freaked out and said it would bite him haha.  He finally held it and was screaming the whole time they were trying to get a picture.  Black people have the absolute best reactions ever haha.  We went back to the Mauldin's so we could see the whole family.  They need a lot of support right now and if y'all should shoot come prayers their way, that would be much helpful and needed.

Like most, there really is no explanation...
Saturday we dropped off Stevens pamphlets and headed out to Bald Knob to contact some people.  We saw a kid the sisters referred to us a while back named Jesus, but he was mowing his lawn so we couldn't talk to long.  We then saw a lady named Grace who we knocked into and gave her another BOM cause she lost hers.  We gave her some words of encouragement and left to go see another guy named Lynnwood.  Well as we talked to him, we found out he's a member!  He's an inactive who's like 82 and hard to understand as he talks.  Well we didn't find this out until Sunday from a member who knows him, but he wants his records removed...so we are debating going back so that we don have to remove this man from the Book of remembrance...anyways, we saw another lady who's a less active and she loved us!  We got assigned to be her home teachers as well as 10 other people haha so we dropped by and talked for a bit.  We went by visiting people until dinner with the Howard's.  We then went and saw the Duncan's.  They're in a super rough spot and could also use prayers.  Sister Duncan is very upset right now due to relationship stuff and it was so hard to see.

Sunday we obviously went to church, but we finally had some company!  Dominic came!  He even stayed for all 3 hours AND watched a member baptism afterwards!  He loved it!  He kept talking about his date for the 23rd and how much he can't wait.  We were skeptical about him at first, but he's getting better!  I've never had someone so solid that's so sketchy haha.  The ward was awesome as fellowshipping him and he had a wonderful time!  We were invited to the Sherwoods for dinner and santa vaca!  Their house is HUGE!  They gave a basketball court, treehouse with electricity and a TV, a pool, a courtyard and everything you could ever imagine!  It was AWESOME!!  We had cheesy chicken again and it was fantastic.  When we were done, we went home and made brownies for the dinner with Steven and Jessica.  We went over and had deer and tater salad and beans.  It was sooooo good!  That's how we ended the night.

It was a full week I'll tell ya that much haha.  We had a lot of fun and taught a bunch of lessons!  Definitely a week for the books!

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