Monday, October 30, 2017

I dream of pink elephants...cue Walt Disney...Elder Edwards has left the building and water is helpful.


As dad goes home...
So I'm gonna share a few good stories from this week.  So on Tuesday I went to Greenbrier with Elders Anderson and Andreasen.  They both came out together.  Well we called up this place that I guess they do service for and went to go help.  They ask us to move a bunch of plants into a greenhouse and as we were going that, Elder Andreasen moved back a bit too far and fell into a cactus and got needles all up in his butt haha.  Poor kid.  But after that we took a few pics (I sent them already) and hung out with some elephants haha.  We got some pics and then got the once in a life time (hopefully) of scooping up the poo.  That was an experience haha. new son arrives.
Wednesday we picked up the boys!  My second born in the wilderness is Elder Cundick!  Good ole boy from Herriman, Utah.  We get along great!  He's a bit quiet, but I'll get him out of that shell of his!  So we went out to eat with Cabot one more time before we headed to Batesville.  When we got there, we come to find out we had no water, no service, and no mattresses.  But we hacked it and slept on the floor.

Thursday we tried to meet a few members.  We met one old guy named Brother Traylor.  He's fun.  Saw someone the sisters referred to us named Christopher.  He's cool.  We tracted a bit and went to the church to look at the area book and call the office for water.  We called and the guy goes, "Wait you're in 1515?  Crap.  Guessing y'all don't got water?"  They shut it off earlier that week hahaha.  But we went on with the day and went to spot out some places to find.  We had sports night at the church and met some people.  One of the members gave us some camping mattresses haha.  That helped a little.  We met our Elders Quorum President.  He's a college guy who's playing football for the college in town, he's awesome!  When he heard we didn't have food he went and got us each 2 McChickens and a Big Mac meal!  When I told him he didn't have to he says "Don't worry, it's her (pointing to his wife) scholarship money!"  I laughed way too hard. 

Trunk 0r Treat fun!
Friday morning we decided to be men and went and got a gallon of water and dumped it on ourselves for a shower.  Water wasn't on still so we chose to be men.  Then as we were heading out to weekly plan at the church, someone knocked on our door and told us the water was now on haha.  So we planned and then came back and took a nice long shower.  That was the best feeling ever.  We shopped a bit to get some stuff and then we tracted again and tried to see some more people the sisters gave us.  No luck.  We had a little correlation meeting towards the end of the night with our Branch Mission Leader.

I bet these burn coming out...
Saturday morning we knocked doors again and tried to see some less actives who weren't home.  We saw a member who then gave us hot coco and shared their conversion stories with us.  Their names are the Kistners.  They're dope!  Super nice and love missionaries!  After that we knocked again and then went and got ready for the trunk or treat.  I was a democratic cowboy cause I had no guns, and I gave my ninja turtle costume to Elder Cundick.  We had a great time setting up and then we had a chili cook off. We met a bunch of non-members there, it was huge!  We were expecting like 20 people, but like 70 or so came.  It was awesome! 

More fun with elephants.
Sunday was a little lazier than I had hoped.  We went to church and we blessed the sacrament cause there's no priests.  Only 20 or 25 people came to church.  We went and tried to find after studies but not much success at all.  We came to the church and watched our technology training videos and ate dinner (tuna in a can).  I mean, we made some transgender waffles.  I call them that cause it was waffle mix but we made them into pancakes.  But besides that, we didn't eat too much haha.  At night, a lady rang our doorbell asking about our landlord and we talked a bit and we invited her to meet with us and she was so excited to meet.  We're gonna see her tonight!

It was a good week!  I'm so glad to be training again and can't wait to kill this area and see the success!  Also, sister Mauldin has 2 non-member daughters who live up here!  So when they move back, we're gonna see them and start teaching their daughters!!!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

feeding pachyderms...
I call this...deep in thought...or posing...

Just because...more elephant!
Seriously, why all the poses???
Criss Cross'll make you jump...

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