Monday, December 4, 2017

It's that time again, on to yet another area - Glenwood, AR.

Leaving an area is always bittersweet.
Howdy y'all.

Monday we went to Mountain View and hung out with the elders there.

Tuesday we helped brother Canady clean the church in the morning then we walked a bit because we had to get an oil change.  We found a couple people and talked to just about everyone but it was a rough day I guess cause no one talked back.  We saw the Kistners.  Brother Kistners went to sleep though cause he had a long night and day.  Good visit, nevertheless.  We walked back to our car and drove out to Cave City where no one was home.  We came back and had dinner with our Branch President and then we got a call from the sisters about a member needing a blessing.  We gave her a blessing and boy did she need it.  She had a surgery gone wrong and so she was in a lot of pain.

This reminds me of Grandpa Adair. (Overalls)
Wednesday we exchanged with Mountain View and I went with Elder Peterson.  We did some service at Habitat for Humanity then we saw Gretchen and Greywolf.  They didn't read so we read with them and explained 1 Nephi 1.  We invited Gretchen to be baptized and she agreed!  We only invited Gretchen because Greywolf said he might be a that took me for a turn.  After we walked outside I saw a guy grilling and started to talk to him.  His name is Chris Tucker.  Sound familiar?  Because that's the name of the actor in Rush Hour haha.  He told us that he's the real Chris Tucker and the other guy is just an actor haha.  No one came to Book of Mormon class so we saw Dezeree and Daniel.  We just talked about their day and had a home teaching visit cause Brother Canady is their home teacher.

Sometimes you just gotta catch some shut-eye
Thursday we had a Zone Conference in Little Rock so we drove there to exchange back.  Elder Robbins of the 70 came and talked to us and boy was it great!  Although, he talked about marriage and our future families a lot so that was kinda funny.  But he had a lot of good insight on the atonement and how Christ suffered for literally each and every one of us personally, one by one.  He got pretty deep with it so I'm not gonna go into details, but it totally gave me another look at Christ's suffering in Gethsemane.  He also talked about casualness and how evil it is.  He also explained how whatever we want in life, we're going to get it whether it's happiness or sadness.  Which is totally true cause if you're positive, you're going to be happy and if you're always negative and in self-pity, you're going to be sad.  It was a really great day!

Driving off into the sunset
Friday we weekly planned and saw Brother Traylor for a bit to see if he could give Gretchen and Greywolf a ride to church.  We went to Chris's house, but he wasn't home and we saw a lady raking her yard and it was a tough looking yard and she was alone.  So we sped home to grab our rakes because we were slothful servants and forgot to put them back in our car.  So we helped and she knows a member, Brother Traylor haha.  Ms. Peggy was so thankful and tried to give us money like 8 times but we rejected it every time.  She was in tears and I felt so freaking good.  She showed us around her art studio and it was awesome!  She's a friggin artist!  She took out names and told us that she was "going to tell on us" haha.  She just told Brother Traylor about the experience.  It was good though!  Very good haha.

Look ma, me...and flowers!
Saturday we did service at the Methodist church serving breakfast.  It's so humbling to do that service every other Saturday.  But it's also sad cause a lot of the people there are violent and they'll cuss each other out while eating or they'll fight after the breakfast.  It's sad.  But it was good this day.  I felt so cheap cause I was wearing my Under Armour hoodie.  Seems simple and small, but when I see what other people wear, I don't even want my name brand crap anymore.  We also went to an appointment with someone we found on Tuesday and he of course gave us a bad address.  But we're Mormon missionaries and find everyone cause as we drove away we saw a house with his last name on the mailbox.  So we went up and knocked but no one answered so I left a card kinda in spite like "you can't run from us."  I shoulda known that was gonna happen cause the dude said he didn't have a phone or computer.  Oh well, we'll be back (Arnold voice).  We went home teaching again with Brother Canady and saw Brother Thompson.  He's a great guy.  It was just conversation for a while then his non-member dad started asking questions and brother Canady bore testimony on his conversion story and on the restoration.  He then asked about resurrection and we got to explain life after death!  It was solid!  Next time we go back we're going to see if he wants to take the lessons.  We had dinner at Bother Traylor's and then we got the transfer email. the name of love.
Of course I'm leaving haha.  It sucks cause I friggin love Batesville!!  6 weeks wasn't enough with Elder Cundick or for being in Batesville, but I'm with Elder Miller in Glenwood which is in the Hot Springs district!!  So there's 3 positives over 2 negatives!  So I'm happy!  I'm gonna miss the crap out of Batesville and the members here.

Sunday we had church and then we said goodbyes.  So both of the sisters and I are leaving, Elder Cundick is taking over the area completely.  Growing up fast.  First he slept on the ground for 3 weeks and now he's taking over the area haha.  He'll do great though!  We taught Gretchen and Greywolf  and got news from President Vaughn that they need to be married in another church cause Greywolf went and got a ministerial license.  So we explained that to him along with a couple other things and asked him to leave all his street preaching and his old ways behind (keep in mind they aren't well off and they spent $200 getting this license) and he told us that he has left behind bigger things than that.  So he's solid.  They came to church and told us that they need to pray over what we taught and we told them to please do haha.  I'm so happy for them, but we told them to clear things up with the president and he'll be good to go.
...when I have grown a foot or two.

Like I said, I'm super upset that I'm leaving Batesville, but I'm so happy to be able to go back to Hot Springs (well, close enough).  I love y'all and can't wait to hear back from ya!!

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