Monday, December 18, 2017

Hmmm, something happened...shhhh, it's a secret , but cookies were made.

'Tis the season...
Howdy y'all.

This week we had some pretty crazy things happen that we can't really talk about, but we're okay.  No need to fret haha.  But I spent most of the week in Hot Springs!

A fun experience happened as well.  We went to an investigators house and we walked up to a guy screaming and yelling and swearing at this other dude cause his cats were being taken by animal control.  Well the other guy is yelling back "I don't even live here man I'm just working!" And this sets the angry guy off and he starts to go after him and his son pushes him back haha.  So what do we do as missionaries?  We talk to him!  He apologized and invited us in and we had a great lesson on the restoration!  I got to see brother Jordan and Sister Gibbs and she wrapped me in a big ole bear hug!  We talked and we set up service for the next day.  Which was hard service haha.  The Hugentoblers fed us and we talked about Nathan their son who's on a mission.  We were really good friends while I was here.  We did service all day the next day and it was tough stuff.  Moving fence panels and helping another member move.  Lots of heavy lifting.

Ladies, he bakes.
I also made cookies from scratch for the first time in my life!  That was exciting and nothing lit on fire!  We gave them to members who have really helped us out and they loved it! We also drove all the way out to a place called Mount Ida and past it.  We drove like 100 miles so that sucked.
Other than all of that, I got a pair of American flag boxing gloves on impulse.  That was my last purchase of the year for me so I'm happy with my decision.  But yeah, our appointments fell through like all week and we didn't get too much member help so it's been a Gethsemane week but we're pushing through.  Love y'all! 

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild
Elder Adair with Paula and Kelly Braxton.

Elder Adair and kids - on the same level.

He's coming for you Drago...

More of the goodness that are cookies...

The proof is in the batter.
Look at that apron.

Hmmm, boxing vs lightsaber...seems legit.

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