Monday, December 11, 2017

MY WITTLE you like being dog bait, you different Jesus believers!?

Back in the saddle again!
Howdy y'all.

Monday we got our comps and left to our new area.  We passed through hot Springs and I saw brother Jordan again!!!  His first words out were "MY WITTLE JACKWABBIT!!" Hahaha what a guy!  We got to Glenwood and immediately got to be in the Glenwood parade!  It was great.  And the Stevens were there and we went to dinner with them!  It's so awesome to see some of my favorite members again!  Gosh I love being back.

Look y'all, water!
Tuesday we unpacked, but before we unpacked, we got a call at 8 am from a guy named Jimmy and he said he was outside.  So we went out and he showed us around and took us to meet some people.  He's not a member but was nice.  We got back and studied and went out walking to see some people near our apartment.  We also got the chance to be followed by every stray dog in Glenwood and barked at by every dog in Glenwood.  Literally one dog broke off its chain...needless to say I still hate dogs.  We walked about 4 miles cause we were forced down a dirt road with a bunch of sketchy, broke down mobile homes by the dogs.  We walked and no one talked to us and we were met again by a German Shepard off its leash and barked his head off at us.  As we got to the corner where we were by the highway, a huge mutt started barking at us which was again off its leash.  His owner came out and wasn't interested.  We got back to the apartment to find another stray dog chillin by our back yes, I think we're being hunted.

Wednesday we did service at the senior center and packed lunches.  After that we saw a less active who is super anxious to meet with us.  We read D&C 4 and 5 with her and got to explain everything as we read and she was so pumped haha.  Literally every appointment after that fell through and no one was home...

Thursday was better.  We went to Murfreesboro and saw a former and he still wasn't interested only cause his wife threw out his last Book of Mormon and he didn't want family contention.  Fair enough.  We saw some less actives who were sick but nice to us and said we could come back.  Then we got in contact with an investigator who the sisters found when I was in Hot Springs.  So it was cool to meet him.  We taught him about the Book of Mormon and why it's important to have faith.  He told us about the trucks he fixed up and we got some pictures with them.  I'd buy one if I wasn't a missionary.  We drove back and visited an Indian place and got pictures.  We had dinner at our Branch Presidents house after that.  They're dope!

Viciousness at its core...10 pounds of evil.
Friday we weekly planned and saw a couple people who dropped us after we drove out to the boonies.  No complaints though.  Elder Miller and I had some killer conversations (it's a pun cause we talked about horror movies).  Again, no one was home but we got to see some former investigators who were totally dope.  Their names are the Hearns and they're sick!  We only got to get to know Mrs. Hearn but she's super sweet and invited us over Saturday.  Sister Crow came with us to that and bought us food so that was number 1.

Yeah, he is GQ.
We all want that truck.
Saturday we went to the church and downloaded a bunch of videos for spiritual thoughts and added members on Facebook.  We drove up the Norman and Caddo Gap and had literally zero success as everyone we tried to see either didn't live at the addresses or the address didn't exist.  Also some lady followed us cause we drove past a street like 3 times to be sure about a mission address.  She asked what we were doing and when we said we were Mormon missionaries she got silent and said we believe in a different Jesus.  So I told her we believe in the same one in the New Testament...the only Jesus to live, and she said "you may say that but you don't" so I'm thinking "yes lady, cause we read the same bible as you and worship Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the same who died so that you could exercise your agency to say stupid things like this, but we believe in a different Jesus...". But instead of being sarcastic I just held my tongue and said bye.  Like I get it if you don't wanna believe in my religion, I get that daily, but to say something so absurd and unintelligent as "you say you believe in the same Jesus but y'all don't" just can really get under my skin.  But whatever, we had a great lesson on the plan of salvation with the Hearns and we brought up eternal families and how we don't believe in "till death do us part" and they got PEAKED!  It was awesome cause we left with that cliffhanger haha.  We briefly explained sealings and Mrs. Hearn was like "just tell me!" Haha it was awesome.

Sunday we went to church and we passed the sacrament.  Not any priesthood here.  We went home and studied and then some members, the Robbins, took us to see a less active who needs a lot of service...ALOT.  And we met her and filled her bottles at a spring and got to know the Robbins.  They invited us over for dinner and we had breakfast for dinner and it was awesome.  We talked to his nonmember parents and they're super sweet!  We shared the video "The Will of God" and they loved it!  We came back and our appointments fell through so we finished studies.

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

You see, this is a record of the people on this continent...
Making friends all over the place.

Hernando De Soto met the resistance.
Can't wait to get out and tour his mission and see these places.

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