Monday, March 5, 2018

You don't need Twitter to follow God...but He still wants the follows, am I right?

Howdy y'all!

Well, today I'm not feeling like writing too much cause It's a chore hahaha.

Anyways!  High lights of the week!

We got a referral for a lady who is super prepared!  Now, get a load of this story! Her name is Fran and here's a little story on why I've been more stressed this week than any other week in a while.

I feel like a horror movie could work here...
The Hot Springs Sisters sent us Fran cause she has been going to the Hot Springs Ward for 6 weeks now  (since the Uchtdorf and Holland visit) and cause there's a member from Hot Springs who drives her.  She told us to our faces that it is true!  Everything!  It was great!  We started asking questions and then she told us that she wants to only go to Hot Springs.  We informed her that as good as it is to fellowship with them and get to know them (she's moving to Hot Springs sometime, we don't know when), she needs to come to Glenwood because that's where the jurisdiction is.  Well she accepted to come every couple weeks, which is fair.  President said it was okay and to count her as a sacrament Meeting.  So all is dandy.  Well, we call the elders on Sunday to ask about church (President told the elders to call the member to ask to bring her to Glenwood) and apparently the member who gives her rides, absolutely refused and says she is never going to Glenwood.  We got confused and called the sisters.  Apparently, the member of our branch who is her neighbor, never invited her to church and she got offended over that (even though they talk like, daily) and so she doesn't want to come to Glenwood and how she loves Hot Springs and wants to keep going there only.  She is also under the impression that we are going to keep teaching her when she moves.  So on Tuesday, we're going to have to clear up A LOT of things.  Prayers please.

We also got to see Jessie!  We watched the restoration video and explained about faith and church and the Book of Mormon!  It went well!  He fed us pizza afterwards!

Good ol' Shiloh
We got to walk around Glenwood for a couple hours and while contacting a less active (wasn't home again), there was a dog.  We of course named him Shiloh and kept walking.  He would follow and then walk back and we didn't think much of it.  Well...this dog decided it liked us.  It followed us for a little less than a mile back home before walking and wandering away for a bit.  As Elder Miller and I talked and walked, we heard trotting and who did we see?  Yup.  Shiloh.  We felt bad cause we had led it so far away from its home!  We ran to the apartment and waited a few minutes before I looked out the window and see him...AT OUR FRONT DOOR!  We were baffled!  Elder Miller then took it upon himself to put on the pug mask he bought and run outside and bark at Shiloh.  That didn't work.  We ate dinner and thought no more.  We haven't seen Shiloh since.  Pray for the pup that he makes it home safely (Disclaimer, there was no collar on him, so we didn't steal him, hopefully, from a loving family).

That's about it for the week!  It was rather slow, but my heart has never pumped so hard.  Looking forward to a good week this week!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

The beginnings of a good meal...
Not Shiloh
...or that?

Is there chicken in that...

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